shadowsong the filmy dark thing we carry around all the time and never notice. The blocking of light. hard to lose. without them, it wouldn't be nearly as interesing, no? try listening... 991126
ceorl subtle inference through occlusion 000118
camille the companion destined to walk beside me, behind me and most of the time in front of me... 000128
amy when i was a girl, we got a new kitten. my mom wanted to name her Gimp, after the cat in those stories about the girl who was a witch (?). i got on my hands and knees where the kitten was hiding under a chair and asked her, do you want to be Gimp? she shook her head. Do you like "Shadow"? she seemed okay with that. Mom, let's call her Shadow. 000206
bee i was sitting on a blanket. it was cold and i was burning incense, five sticks closed in my fingers, to keep warm. and there was this candle. and this shadow. his shadow. and it was shaky and very romantic. i think that was the greatest part of being sixteen. 000210
Tiffa My shadow, it faulters
This is the right path i think
i know it
My shadow of night
my sweet one, my companion
she faulters
but I know this is the right path
I think it.
Aaron feel the changes coming to, feel it creeping just behind you, step inside, come, see what's inside you shadow. 000805
mikey shadows come and go like people. sometimes its there when you turn and depending on the place it can be gone again. are shadows predictable? if one is blind there would be no shadows. is that to say everything exists only to each of us as a seperate entity? and that to one person something might exist..but to another it may be nothing. this could go on with emotions also... 010306
Sarika simple blackness, cast by the light of our own beings. an entity all its own, twisted into what you want it to be. shadow...a curse of blackness sent to us from the gods to watch over our pathetic mortal souls. 010307
mikey interesting sarika. 010307
chikken yeah, of course there are words about shadows. There's words about everything. That's the whole point of words. Just like shadows. They tell you there's something there. 010916
46 and 2 shedding skin 010916
zenfishsticks the chairman mao homie stands in shadow
wide eyes regarding the world
with disbelief.

okay, i believe you.
kx21 Knot, Problem, Chaos, Disorder, Entropy... 020127
kx21 The string of sense(s) & nosense... 020127
optic discretion Is there a problem, ma'am?
You seem to look at me funny,
Noting how I stride my peculiar way,
And take offense at how my hat is flipped sideways.
Not to mention how my hair is wafting in the wind.
You cringe at the pimple on my face,
And faint at the goofy glasses you abhor so dearly.
Kind of unprofessional, you say?
Well, how kind of you to talk to a shadow like me.
pushpins must i always be the shadow of myself that i hide from all else
in order to be praised and loved?
or rather should i talk as I normally do
and just be one of the
background chatters?

it seems
my poetic
(er nonpoetic)
attempts at abstract thought
grab much more attention and hope
than who I am to the average

(of course, i must turn this positivity inside out in order to keep myself artistic.)

i lack the nescessary skills to turn happiness into poetry. I can only manage depresion, anger, heartache and such other subjects. sex is another.
well anyways

this is me talking. and it is not beautiful. it is not "mellifluous" or any of those other words i dont use. its awkward. so there. so ha! so anyWHO, this is me. and I'm bored. lalala. ok ima go now. so over this. blah.
Casey son of a bitch always following me around and never going away. I call mine Tucker 020128
kx21 How many shadows can be strung around You? 020226
Tiffa My Shadow of night
My Mother-Sister
Loyal companion.
You belong with the shadows now, though I still feel you running in circles around my legs.
I love you, I'll miss you.
I'll never forget the weight of your tongue as I placed the penny under it.
The feel of your soft head cradled in my hands.
My wavering voice as I sang you to Styx and prayed to see you in Hdes.
My angel of night, Shadow Goddess.
I miss you.
Adyana It's the gentle darkness in the day and the frightening blackness in the night. 020525
blown cherry I shadow myself all the time.
Constantly by my side,
but always a step or two behind.
I stalk myself through the days.
Crouching in the shade,
sheepishly digging one toe into the ground and staring at my feet,
so that the shadow never has to speak.
Never has to stand first.
Never has to bear the full brunt of the light.
Shadow hides in the shade.

I'll stand here behind you until the bell rings, or until my friends come.
Can you stay with me?
Friends don't come.
Nobody notices shadows,
so shadows have few friends.
But time has no friends, and wants none,
so bell rings and shadow must step forward.
One step.
Two step.

But shadows are clever.
Shadows carry masks.
Masks as big as they need to be.
So here I crouch
behind myself,
behind my mask of neccesity.

Here I hide,
where no one can see.
A strange little shadow,
a shadow of me.
sylvia plath i thought the most beautiful thing in the world must be shadow, the million moving shapes and cul-de-sacs of shadow. there was shadow in bureau drawers and closets and suitcases, and shadow under houses and trees and stones, and shadow at the back of people's eyes and smiles, and shadow, miles and miles and miles of it, on the night side of the earth. 020911
kx21 M_Question:-

What is the mass of your Shadow(s)?
chiocken While spending another of my ever-decreasing number of days in a stuffy, sixth-floor office, I become aware that a young, moderately attractive woman is gazing at me from across the room. I meet her eyes with a fleeting glance and turn back to my work. From the corner of my eye, I can see she is still looking at me. Unprepared for such a situation, and a possible future encounter, I keep her on the edge of my vision, pretend to look at my computer screen thoughtfully and glance across at her occassionally, all the while formulating a conversation in my head.
It is only hours later that I realise the office is dark, empty and closed and that I've been looking at a vaguely human-shaped shadow in an empty corner.
small one Hiding in the shadows is the most comfortable place for me
I am hidden from the world
and yet all is plain for me to see
User24 Everything casts a shadow, however small. People tend to forget that. 030425
jane the brighter
the light
the longer
the shadow

--c.g. jung
xXShadow_GoddessXx Where the darkness crawls,
Where the shattered souls remain,
locked away,
deep within myself,
hidden in the darkness of the shadows.
ferret you need light (a good idea) to create a shadow (the opposition? a bad guy?) but to conquer the shadow, you need more than one source of light (opinions) to destroy the shadow, in fact, you need light from everypoint to destroy the shadow. 030703
identificationless i see the walls get darker in a flick candles burning steadily i know they are not at fault. winter imposible for it to be a fly or some other sort of insect my hair maybe just catching it out of the corners of my eyes but its behind me guess dunno im prolly just tweaking 031221
Prof. Gerald Robotnik Sonic's black predecessor...
He used jet shoes to run
used the chaos emeralds to save the world
then got burned up in the atmosphere
and was never seen again...
(until the sequel anyway)
naive artists sombre 040618
witchesrequiem The hard thing is which one is the shadow and which one is me............
I know Who I am! But Who am I to life revolving?
Most times the shadow is more attractive!

I watch them all at work..One by one the girls climb up in front of a silloete stage ..for every asshole and tourist to see there naked frame exposed to the masses on the bourbon street.

Forming Mind The soft sound of scurried footprints echoe the room. As though the world had been emptied and all that remained was remnents. Remnents of her presence, remnents of her past, and the undieing appreciation of existence. It's all left in this single, empty room of empty area. A shadow tribute to the lives we live that will never become anything more than the forgetten words on blistered lips. 041212
a thimble in time shadows of shadows
I reach out to grab
silent reflection
opens windows inside

I sink into
a river of light
and I become my shadow
and I'm looking at me
story of eau yours rules you, apparently. maybe you should get to know it more intimately... perhaps be fearless as much as you can. face the shadow. you have huge light, in my opinion. the deeper the shadow, the larger the light, yes... but if you know that shadow deeply you won't get as caught up in the throes of it. google plutonian, or pluto keywords-- that's what you are-- plutonian. utilize it-- because there are huge things to reap with such a societally unattractive attribute-- utilize it to to the best of your abilities... even with an internet bride (nothing's a sure bet). plutonian is frightening to most. it'll serve you well to know yourself as deeply as possible. this is the beauty I saw in you from the moment I met you. you call my perception crazy... I call it passionate. I'm plutonian as well-- not as much as you, but I relate. I authentically wish you the best in life. I shouldn't, but I do. 050625
badjonni a river of life
a pool of darkness
Piso Mojado could_you_love_the_shadow_of_a_life_well_lived 051026
vernon love this world is a shadow of the real
my thoughts are the shadow of the me i think i am
i am shadowed by my self and wonder where the light comes from that makes
every shadow visible
birdmad my other cat.

she who pees on everything.

if she wasn't so damned endearing otherwise she'd have been enrolled in any number of impromptu flying lessons
re_alisma disappearing lately, for i had said FREEZE!!! of course, i didn't know why said that, so no credit taken. nope, nope. FREEZE!!!! weather humor. nothing is sacred. 110304
unhinged i wrapped my cord around my neck. i couldn't stand the claustrophobia. i wanted out. it wasn't time yet. my lungs weren't done yet. that didn't matter. i wanted out.

my mother had anesthesia nightmares during my cesarean section. that a man was chasing her through the jungle with a machete.

i wanted out. LET ME OUT

my mother got an infection from my cesarean section. the hospital i was born in didn't have the care i needed. we were separated for twelve days.


the cord was wrapped around my neck. womb noose. they had to cut me out because i didn't want to struggle. like i knew this life would be nothing but crap and didn't want to endure again.

i must have laid in that incubator wailing. neonatal nurses can only do so much. i wanted my mother but couldn't have her. she wanted me so she gave her breastmilk to my dad who shuttled back and forth between us every single day.

my early life was so


i grew into a panicky sensitive child. my father pushed me in ways most people wouldn't approve of now.

i keep getting out of bed
even though i don't want to

i keep throwing rocks
into this deep subterranean lake
watching the ripples move


(what were you running from little one? what was so scary that you had to escape before your time? where did all the fear come from?)
what's it to you?
who go