bijou there must be, at least. all over your face, your whole body. a million freckles, big straight teeth always bared in a growling stupid half-grin. 010825
MollyCule I tell you, I love you maybe a million times more than you will ever love me, and you don't believe it, but I do. 010826
eViLrOdEnT a million to me is alot of numbers 030407
Miles! an amount of dollars that i'll never have 030513
oli its like 6 zeros, relativly small compared to say 600 zeros, which is still small, i mean 1 million zeros would be big. right? no i know what you mean, infinty is big right. 030716
queen of darkness saying 'i love you' a million times doesnt mean it's true 040127
silly - "you know that song, if i had a million dollars?"


-"I HATE that song."
Stephanie hembroff a million leukocytes
that one inpenetrable foreign body
but it resists
and blows us apart.

a million is nothing compared to infinite.
hsg 6000 million people.
about 5% of ONE PERCENT even caring where they poop.



we will continue to shit ourselves to death until we see many-a-Katrina-like toilet flushes giving us an incredibly rude wake-up call.

level six flushes on a 1-5, oh shit!!! scale!

forget number TWO. Nature's gotta her own war on terrible diarrhea.

she'll serve a million at a time, with giant ice cubes & a shake.

mmmm. yummmm. consumption.
what's it to you?
who go