amy but... if i wrote of my emotions,
my opportunity to lie
upon a giant's knee
and feel the giant finger
rub my back
would be dashed.
... . 010218
... giant is me, is me without doubt. there are rumours i'm not about. some other has groomers throwing this around. dropping hints, notes internet bound. as if votes made truths, dimension, site, sound. as if stat.'s defined the individual beyond the pronoun, into verbs and adjectives. lout. 010305
Kristopher I'm HUGE!! 021221
hopturntwotape giant spiders of shame are making a CD. you should be grateful for that. trust me. when has hopturn ever lied to you? when has hopturn ever spit in your eye? 040114
emmi the giants of my childhood are the big oil tanks down the road from where i used to live. my dad and i would go for evening walks there and he taught me about the constellations while he smoked his pipe. he was a different person most other evenings.
i also used to go there with my friends and tell ghost stories after was the perfect setting- the huge shadows and the maze created by these massive round ugly tanks. giants.
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