Recoil and rewind.
Take a look at your behind.
Let it rock and let it roll,
and fix the wrongs you've left in the soil.
ewe dirge of dirt and climate.
mild limes and light onto other dues
or dirges, soils; in vaulting
vaunt and vouchsafe dunces
safe and soldered.
Slough of mild pink smell
grassy swamp and mist.
moonshine I wander what it would be to drown in your own saliva. 010121
me sticky. 010805
lucid I feel his warmth against my body.
My skin tingles under his breath.
His tongue is strong inside
my mouth.
I feel it all over.
It is all over.
Now spit.
anon taste me. 020101
Keys This is related so stay a while. My teeth, my teeth are rotting. The one in the back, right-side molar on the bottom. Half of it is missing. It became so rotten that I was eating a piece of liqorish one day and it just broke in two. I have no money to get it pulled. It makes my breath smell terrible. You remeber that I told you that this was related? Well, my mother told me when I was young "do not spit, it is disgusting". It was implyed that only lower people spit, toothless drunk trailer people. You remeber that I told you that this was related? Well swollowing toothpaste makes you sick, it's almost better to not brush them at all. 030406
pipedream don't drink all of my lemonade, im thirsty

yes i will

ill spit on it

go ahead, i dare you to

pthooey, but there wasn't enough so most of it stayed on her chin.

both of them laughed, she was a little embarrassed but its all right with them.
niska cheech 030523
patience when i loved someone, we would take sips of water and then spit it into the others mouth like we were birds feeding each other.

i yearn for that kind of intimacy again.
Me That's mine. My own. My precious gob of spit. 061116
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