psyki i see the wallpaper
blurred as i rush past
i trip over a body
and discover my fate
vermouth I have forgetten how to imagine. The limitlesness of childhood dreams has been swallowed by the nasty sour vapor of experience. 000907
death horsemen emerging from the whiteness
soon forming constellations in blue
Fire&Roses The morning mist draped with the colors of sunrise hovers over the field... almost making getting up worth it. 011001
yourbasicgirl the warm mist of sleep surrounds me 011227
achenar something that floats about her form as she rises from a warm lake with a clock striking midnight in the background. barefoot and silent in the early morning hours, walking through an ancient garden. 030910
Keegan when you open a bottle of coke and that wweird smoke stuff comes out. or when it's really cold out and you can see your breath.. or maybe when you put your dildo in the freezer! FAGGOT! 031229
black hunter I peer through this darkness of light
Searching for that cowardly figure
You can run
You can hide
But once the mist clears
the hunter will prevail
nostalgiakid the carefree lilt of imagined lovers fading into studied indifference fading into the future fading into the life I should be living. All as insubstantial as dust at the end of time. 100723
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