psyki is that pink lemonade
or regular lemonade?
i suppose that regular
means made with lemons
moonshine Time is money. 010121
birdmad if that adage holds true, then i can only imagine what the last two years have cost 010122
lizardqueen Theres a science to the clock with every move and overlapping of the crooked golden Roman numerals. Out of everything in the room to live in, I always chose the clock. Maybe because it moved, or maybe because it made time seem to go by faster. That year i probably spent more time gazing into that clock than anything else. It was possibly what saved me.
Sometimes I would live in its hands, gliding across the fat golden Roman numerals, sometimes the numerals themselves, hiding behind the V's and I's, enjoying the arial view.
We'd play games. I would count as fast as i could in my head beginning with the second hand on the twelve, id stop when the second hand had made a full rotation back to the 12 again, then compare my number to the clocks 60 seconds. Once i nearly quadrupled the speed of the second hand. This made the time go by faster until he left. We called it racing. Racing the clock.
fallenhero The clock keeps ticking, and i'm still racing. You stole from me, broke me, but my hear's still ticking. 010602
fallenhero that's *heart's*, not hear's 010602
ClairE My dad just called upstairs, "Your mother couldn't remember the word for a clock, so she called it a tickety_tickety_tock_thing."

"Well, you knew what I meant."
shiva blink blink

power outage

i don't care

i will wake up when i feel like it

blink blink
kx21 Without Order, there is no Clock...

Without Clock, there is no Time...
ilovepatsajak everything is slipping away and i like to watch it go 020109
kx21 Heartbeat: The Clock of excitation or vibration of Soul(s) 020109
god gnomes' big clock click clack wooden arbor creak gear moss pad underling, no second hand, no second chance. 020405
god this one's for you, douggie.
you're going to college little guy!
Hallkwik i wish i had a Garfield alarm clock... 020629
abednigo find betterfaction.
eat sAtisFaction
p2 re: claire's mom's clock
tickety tickety tock?
sounds like you're missing a tock somewhere
how important is that tock?
do the math
her day is 1/4th shorter than ours
our day is 1/3rd longer than hers
p2 unless...

i've got it all backwards!
it's not missing a tock
it's got an extra tickety
in which case
her day is 1/2 longer than ours!
poor woman

(for consistency:
our day is 1/3 shorter than hers)
Kristopher "Hmmmm? Clock. . . Mortal world turned to ice, here be Goblin Paradise!!"

- Blix the Goblin from the movie 'Legend'
riskybiscut123 jellybean casserole is the breakfast of champions alarm clocks should be illegal 031024
Missy The Little Clock
Half-past-four and the first bird waking,
Falling on my heart like a thin green leaf.
If you are alive, your heart is breaking,
If you are dead, you are done with grief.
Half-past-five and the birds singing sweetly,
World washed silver with the rain and the wind.
If you are a saint, you have lived discreetly,
If you are a sinner, you have surely sinned.
Half-past-seven and the birds singing madly;
Sun flames up in the sky like a lark,
If there are things to remember sadly,
Wait and remember them after dark.
what's it to you?
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