jennifer close your eyes
let me touch you know
let me give you something
that is real
close the door
leave your fears behind
let me give you
what you're giving me
you are the only thing
that makes me want to live at all
when i am with you
there's no reason to pretend that
when i am with you
i feel flames again
just put me inside you
i would never ever leave
just put me inside you
i would never ever leave you

Freak I have a blue flame comforter cover and pillow cases. Also the interior of my car is all decorated in blue flames. Blue is my favorite color and FLAMES ARE COOL! 020507
Sailor Jupiter OMG, that VAST song makes me burst into tears everytime I here it w/out fail. It's so sad and beautiful. The cello is what makes the song 020507
good people in flames i wash my face
-hannin elias
silently_she_screams flames is a symbol for all that exists 020508
CJ flames burning and churning across the wood. I silently watch them dace across the log. Sitting there mesmerized staring into the hart of them. Slowly I pass my hand through them. Feeling the very essence of them. Feeling the life of something so deadly yet life giving.
The years of learning from them have taught me what to do and what not to do. Yet there is still so much to learn from them. No matter how much time you spend learning from them getting burned from every mistake you make. There is always something new that needs to be learned.
devalis burn
for the Mother
in drafty cathedrals
for the Light
in seven sacred nights
for the Innocent Dead
in red, white, and blue
for the Lovers
in their hearts, and in their eyes
for All
birdmad just a little glow

but you know the rest

oldephebe they should call this page poetry for pyros

i'm kidding, for i too have been entranced by the silent liquid dance of the flames. you watch it's killer kiss as it devours the paper, dead and flat and it suddenly becomes beautiful as it touches the flame, this dead white inert thing, it was nothing before it became a medium for the flame...
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