psyki the earth is flat.
i know this because we had our picture taken together.
randomly recent hmm?
There's a flat earth society. and I say good for them.

sorry just me You mean they've been lying to me all these years? Damn. 050227
god my 7up is flat 050227
unhinged charmingly_flat 051003
phil Desierto las Palmas is an interesting study which was very carefully chosen and tests whether the world is flat or curved. A mirrored surface reflect light from a lamp on the summit in Spain, directing a beam 108 miles to an island observatory.

My calculations show that the beam of sunlight would leave the tower at an elevation of 2393 feet above the sea, clear the sea 60 miles from the tower by a mere 8 feet, and then hit Ibiza island 48 miles further from the tower at an elevation of 1558 feet above sea level. Impossible in the flat Earth model.

It would be possible for a 19th century French scientist to measure the horizontal angle of the lamp. A plum-bob works the same in flat or round Earth models and provides further validation. If the Earth was round then the angle would have to be almost 47 minutes lower than on a flat one; this would be a very noticeable difference as well.

It is also worth noting that during the day that the air above a sea or desert increases density with elevation, and any refraction from this difference would actually ADD to the curvature error (lowering the beam). The light would pass higher as the ground night cooled down and at some point it would rise above the surface and strike Ibaza on the other side.

You could also use a ship to catch the light and get a measurement at sea. The Desierto las Palmas site was certainly chosen for specific reasons; yet, it was cited in a flat Earth book as a proof (#13) that the world is flat, which is my source, but the author misunderstood that the formula to correct for curvature depends on a horizontal transit and claims it would fall over a mile below the horizon. I say, let's go there and see what happens.

The triangle has sides of 20905912 and 20905078 feet and a small angle of 1.563 degrees at the center of Earth. The short side is 570240 feet (108 miles). The equation of the short side (light beam) is Y=(-8611.10/570176)X + 20897301 and we use sqrt(Y^2+X^2)-20903520 to find the elevation at different horizontal distances from the lamp, which was found to bd approximately 8 feet at 60 miles.
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