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Thyartshallshant As i strike the keys, telling my girlfriend i love her, i cant help be sad. As because i cannot be with her. Our love is exactly 2115 miles apart.
That cant help but make me sad.
silentbob at least it's not 2116 001210
Thyartshallshant Yea. That would REALLY suck. 001227
New York 12212005 10 hours ago

Transit strike shuts down

for second day
25 ... the city's first mass transit strike in
years by a union that faces a US$1 million-a-day ...
if New_York union says
pensions resolved strike could end...
over ...Unionists face jail
New_York strike...
pete .... t minus 1 hour til the faculty union goes on strike.. that is if a last minute agreement isn't reached (as usually happens)... i don't want a strike because that'll fuck things up, but i don't want the profs to get screwed over by the management (they are some of the lowest paid and most worked faculty in the province).. plus i'd rather, selfishly, not write my exam tomorrow..

ahh the life of being a student/teaching-assistant (that means i have to cross the picket line to sit in an office four hours a week while no one comes because the professor is on strike and the class is, thus, cancelled).
pete of course they settled just after 5am. i wonder why every two-three years both sides bring it to the brink only to be saved by il presidente riding in on a white horse.... hmmm... maybe so he actually looks useful? hard to be a bureaucrat in a university. 061115
past i can either stay up til midnight to see if the bus drivers are striking and i fall back to 'plan b' (i.e. carpool in much later than my normal start time and compensate on the other end of the day) or i can go to bed now, wake up as per usual, and go back to bed if the strike's on in the morning. thank you mayor. thank you transit union.

i think i blame the mayor more, though.
past the carpool fell through, worked from home, restless, shiftless, how did i forget the one and only important assignment of the day, only to remember it now, when the day is over? 081218
In_Bloom Now and then
I do
rhin i am a master at forcing a preemptive strike. destroy before being destroyed yourself, right?!. your ultimate decision to cut me down is inevitable. why shouldn't i force your hand? lack of confidence, faith, hope and too many damn memories fuel my desire to self-destruct whatever this is. why do you guys always allow me to do this? no one has ever grabbed my hand in mid-strike, which always confirms what i believe. i just want someone to say "fucking stop it rhin. i know your game, and i am not going anywhere!" in that instance i would probably just deflate into nothing. for someone to call me on my shit is exactly what i need. 130527
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