deb i'd love to lose myself
in the inky evening sky
be stuck in its thickness
like the stars
i'd shine upon the world
and watch the way
you look at night
when the world all around you
seems to fall apart
and i'd twinkle in the distance
making sure that you see
and i'd whisper "it's alright"
into your ear
and you'd smile
~just a little~

and i'd live
psyki looks suspiciously like the word id with an apostrophe stuck in the middle.

i'll have to investigate this curiosity some more when i have some free time.
Wayne apostrophetic ids
maybe the worst kind (said whisperingly)

selfish ids, quite normal
wanting attention from miscellaneous punctuation symbols

unattached apostrophes, rather pathetic
craving to be lost in the middle

something greater

"id, meet apostrophe"


* my God, i've created a monster *
Rebecca I'd like to live my life unafraid of my existance, unafraid of those who would harm me, unafraid of going new places or trying new things.
I want to live in the present, unafraid of the past, unafraid of the future and soaking in the sunshine of the present day.
Rebecca I'd rather be dead than oppressed. 020121
ClairE I_had, or I_would. *raises eyebrow* 020122
sarah i'd rather sip cyanide from a crystal wine glass than let him shred my heart for the sixth time. 040322
five hundred thousandaire... halfway there.... If frogs were like pancakes, I'd be a millionaire. 040420
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