charley A receptacle for pinecones and other seedy things.. 980908
alyssa when I see you I'd like to give you a big fat punch in the ear
maybe rip out a few of those false bolsters of self esteem
riot earnest folk
hear with their ears, see with
their eyes, touch with their
fingers, smell with their
noses, and
if it's not too vulgar
sometimes even taste with their tongue.

I hear with my soul & see with my mind & touch with my heart & taste with my existance and smell like dial soap.
Splinken this is the sort of thing i can't forget, no matter how hard i try.

he was older than me, much bigger than me. he put his chin on my shoulder and asked me if he could "fuck" me "in the ear."
ellen cherry charles nice to nibble 020106
oon big_ear


semaphore and floc
EECP I remember..... 020415
god a big_ear. filled with pine cones. 030525
How can * Manjusri's_Gatha_Teaching *

The hearing mind which reaches into space
Needs a great cause for its development;
But untrained men cannot realize it.

this help to achieve perfection?
what's it to you?
who go