riot "Honey, I ain't eating no more taste test dinners at Kroger. You're gonna have to take me out to a real restaurant." 000113
oodles "Couldn't love you more,
you've got a beautiful taste."
I'm sure you do as well, Gavin.
birdmad What do i want?
You wonder.

to be lost in a moment
and to find the whole universe
in the taste of a kiss

if you really must know
thera when i close my eyes I can taste you inside me 000724
josie I was thinking of you and then my mouth watered as I was overcome with accented heartbeats and swallowing knees.
I stumbled down the station stairs into that greasy old man who turned to yell at me in some asian language.I didn't care to look, or apologise or pay attention to anyone else really, and I'm usually one to observe traffic flow a little more often than not. He noticed my insolence and realised anymore effort on his annoyance would've been wasted, silly kids, never paying attention & always dreaming away!
I smiled although I was somewhere I wasn't cause at the same time in my mind i had found the taste of you.
Xipe Totec and scent in conjunction

the rhythm of the senses
nancy the taste was innocent with a tinge of destruction....angelic yet demonious...could you be epiphany? or my death? 001127
Barrett without the taste of you, on my lips, on my skin, in my clothes, what's the point. 001127
quotree "i don't mind the sun sometimes, the images it shows
i can taste you on my lips and smell you in my clothes
cinnamon and sugary and softly spoken lies
you never know just how you look through other people's eyes"
Barrett Butthole Surfers kick ass! 001128
grendel one i will apparently never know:

the taste of her kisses.
gibby kuntz kuntz kuntz kuntz hay hay hay hay hay hay hay hay hay hay hay hay hay hay 001209
human cannonball pardon me, i'm only bleeding, cause you cut me...to the bone 001210
Thanatos I want my eyeliner back. You never had the right taste for makeup. 001210
lovers lament . . .you in my sleep... that faint ache beside me, bodies coiled around each other. how could i ever dismiss that from my life? your taste, you make me three dimensional.

to tom, i love you.
[R5]Syckle taste? the taste of a kiss?

it burns with so much pain .. i can no
longer feel anything

it burns ... the taste of of lonliness
so damn you all

all you can speak of about taste is a kiss? you forget life, flowers, family,
friends, and god ... but you do not
forget lust

fuck lust ... i am sick of it and its
fucking taste
ellen you lean over..for a taste..I lay back...and enjoy..hands in your hair..I close my eyes..and smile to myself..you feel really good tonight 010302
vampers taste me.....do i make you drool and yearn for more 010325
Denna "And if I can't have everything well then just give me a taste."

-Nine Inch Nails
keeper i want more, more of you to taste

i cant get enough of your kisses, and ive only had a few
dB hmm... this is interesting. The title is taste, yet it continues on this tangent.
Continue, by all means.
Mimi i can still taste you 010819
unhinged covered in sauces of imaginary complexity and projected image, once they get to the simple meat of me they turn away. no one can eat love anymore without it being covered in hate. no one can swallow honesty without the slightest tinge of insincerity. no one can stomach the purity of intent without marring it. this ain't no white light you're staring at but life does taste a little bit sour. 010819
creep my blood that shoots from my diseased erection you filthy fuck hole! 020329
Rosie i dig this.


you da shit
jewelZ your lips
taste like
Substance ive never had your taste in my mouth, its new and good, so fucking good. 040328
puredream I can taste your hear through your lips. 040717
puredream that is to say your *heart 040717
Borealis the taste of rain
and dirt
and fog and sky

of sun in muggy weather..
and sun on a cold dry winter morning..

the taste of clean snow..and dusty snow
and grass.


the grit of dirt between your teeth, as you keep your stance on the field.
Oops... French_Wine to calm the Human_spaces on Earth... 040718
:) Amen. 040718
Borealis on crack taste life

get it at discount blowout prices TODAY!!!
Syrope my first in a while

as long as its not dripping, runny blood, i like it

the metallic taste has the same primal appeal as sweat, but with more of a ritualistic feel to it

appropriately enough, on halloween
How can * Manjusri's_Gatha_Teaching *

Taste exists not of itself, but is
Perceived when flavour’s present.
Since sense of taste is ever varied

it to perfection lead?
Staind_And_Souless Do you remember when I told you what you tasted like?


I can't eat those any more
sanguineous i touch, a tingle, a tease.
a tiny unwanted encounter.
a little peice of something so much greater.
something i want
and can't seem to find.
but my taste buds yearn
they long.
like an addict.
i want only you.
misstree crystallized_ginger

the tongue is a happy place
z i am paid for my taste (even though it is often ignored) 070411
H. L. Mencken "Nobody ever went broke underestimating the taste of the American public." 081130
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