typhoid a chance missed.
(oh reader, im not speaking of you)
two paths orbiting around each other, but always keeping distance, not to merge. information is exchanged, but it doesn't change the state of the reaction.
a tiger bounds off into the night.
marjorie three different degrees.
a cupboard of gourmet coffee.
peanut butter candy bar wrappers on the floor.
and a half-written book
with a cover made of sophistry.
girl_jane the time spent thinking of how to get you...

I don't want you anymore-and I'm glad to put different people in my thoughts
shatazap wasted words.
all of them mine
stork daddy what i was when i undertook singing karaoke in a language i don't really know. What i was prior to waking up next to my best friend. The dictionary's definition isn't as fun. I state the waste of self much more clearly when i'm slurring. You can't understand me? too bad...breath wasted i guess. 020522
blue star I'm wasted. and I'm getting yelled at for it. sweet. 020522
- . 020803
blue star I've wasted half a year. How disgusting.

I am full of self-loathing.
randomness_of_humanity The night was cool, clear, and crisp. The liquor was Korean. But as the bottle's contents diminished, so did that of the night's clarity. Untill, I awoke to find complete strangers in my kitchen making chocolate chip pancakes. The moral to this story: never drink from a bottle you can't read. 020917
god at least they weren't reaming one another with your tooth-brush. 020917
elk sunday night
on rum and hawaiian punch
there was a man here
he left me
to be with someone else
but that's cool
we're just friends
but i need someone
i've been alone for too long
joda What a waste of time.

Double Entendre.

(Did I spell Entendre correctly, or was that a waste of words?)
community_service DOUBLE_ENTENDRE:
1 : ambiguity of meaning arising from language that lends itself to more than one interpretation
2 : a word or expression capable of two interpretations with one usually risque

I you interpret 'wasted' to also mean 'stoned', then "He had wasted time." would be a double entendre.
joda No, it doesn't mean that at all.

Perhaps now it could be a triple entendre?
taintedluv i am tired of wasting i am just wasting away
I feel like i cant take the tests anyomre;
thats what they want though
i will not give up, i will stand strong
my head shall be held high and i shall bear what i must
to reach my meantful destiny
what's it to you?
who go