Death of a Rose this! 031127
notme intrepid 031127
minnesota_chris it's not the listening that's hard, it's the interpreting. Not the words they are saying, but the meaning behind the words. 080428
. agreed, m_c 080428
phil I keep my hand open
all of the time
it does not matter who's hand
is closer to mine
my mouth takes off
these rockets in my mind
I hear the sounds of shouting
and I can't make out the line
so I just started talking
and what comes out is mine
I suppose
can you hear me talking
or are these walls getting close
rip off all my clothes
my mask, my face, nothing seems fake
it all comes back
listen to me sane
I keep talking and the words will come clean
in and out of my body like a thinking machine
what's it to you?
who go