auto cross reference system A calm wind at times.

See the_wind_is_blowing_so_calm.
dB All things must wear terrifying and monstrous masks. 011209
optic discretion We all have a mask of outer sincerity but we're all just hypocrites ... except when we sit in front of blather, then the real us comes out. 020127
green eyes "Mask Of the Red Death"
Edgar Allen Poe
Sintina so many good movies and books have this word in the title... what is our fixation with masks? Why do we attach them to everything we love? 020523
phil not treating you like you pretended to need to be treated. 020725
phil treat me like you pretend I wanted to be treated. 020725
phil today 020729
Rachel Mask your true identity
For it the world will not accept.
Hide your face in the depths of night
Wear you mask with shame.
Jungle Girl A mask is placed upon the face, yet envelopes all of me; for, with no disguise how would your eyes handle what they see? I am yesterday, tomorrow, today; I am all that will ever exist...the tears you fear, the noise you hear, a long awaited kiss. To you I bend, to you I extend my million tentacle hands; they grab you, feel you, show how to heal you, so you may understand- why- I wear the mask so you may ask Truth to seep into your mind; I Am is all all you need to know, and eternity you will find. 040802
Ivory Cover my face. Don't watch my eyes. They tell the truth behind all of my lies. I only lie to myself, but I want no one to know. It is painful to be honest with myself. I rather like living in my fantasy world, hiding behind my mask.

People wouldn't like the real me.

I'm a bitch even with the mask, sure. But I'm a respected bitch. The mask is powerful. The mask is carefree and unafraid.

The cowering little girl behind it is scared to death of what may come.

Can anyone shatter my fake face? Does anyone want to set me free?
Adam There will come a time
when you put on a face
to meet the faces you meet.
monee persona 041231
WMD 123: 350_million_vs_15_million 041231
112005 Bush Raises Tsunami Aid Tenfold to $350 Million - (Reuters) 041231
icy i reach my own perfection
my addiction and protection
you think you love me, hate me
you think you know me, irritate me
look through me is all i ask
do not look at me without the mask

oh, but do you see?
it's not a mask for me

is on a roll tonite...
what's it to you?
who go