psyki never happened.
it doesn't exist anymore.

May 3rd 1907

Friend Percy I am still on dear old broadway among cliff dwellers..everybody lives high here but they don't have me skinned yet. I'm camped above the timber and live by myself

I was down a Madison Square Garden the other day and met Cody...he's lost most of his hair in the London fog but his back locks are still long. The show was good...real Cowboys and Indians.

I have learned that Punchers wear red shirts and indians wear strung necklaces with sley bells. Bearing all these details...the show was alright.

Well Percy it won't be long till I'll be with you and I'll tell you all about it.

With best regards to your self and friends
your friend

CM. Russell
somebody i was bored and mistaken, i closed my eyes to forget my place and opened them to avoid the crash, i saw my face and wished i could look away, every day i find i hate myself a different way than yesterday and hope tomorrow i'll be able to work it out, ever hopeful and always believing that something better will come tomorrow 000919
blech love was such an easy game to play 000920
god april 1,1902 001119
monadh I ran outside
barefoot in
the morning mist
and yes I know
I should have been
trying to rest
tasting dreams
losing my regret
and filling my soul
with new days
now it is morning light
and I just heard
a bird's song
perhaps it was
a passing sigh
or a lover's tear
Aimee all my troubles seemd so far away. Now it looks as though they're here to stay, oh I believe, in yesterday. 010310
mikey no matter how bad or good yesterday was i need to learn to use the knowledge of it to make today better.

again wish i took my own advice.
skg ...was very much like today
you looked at me again, i know you did
i saw you as i walked quickly past
(although i tried to avoid your glance)

i remember when i first saw you
i knew we were meant to be
i just felt it...

you spoke a different language
as universal as it was...
but you were very patient
extremely so
as i learned from you...

i loved you and i still do

you stand there so proudly
as you should; i can't blame you
and i know
that there is so much inside of you
that you want to share with me

i've tried to close your eyes
by closing mine
but you speak to me at a frequency
that only i can hear
and i cannot do it...

i feel this is all so familiar to you
i know this has happened once before
but your patience, your undying patience
alludes that it has been more...

i loved you and i still do

please understand that i have changed
maybe grown too, i don't know
i still want you
i still want to touch you
i still want what we had
and we will...

but today was slightly different
from yesterday...

i saw you smile
and in my fleeting i heard you say
i will always be here for you and
i loved you and i still do...

my beloved
cb love was such an easy game to play. 010509
paul now it looks as if its here to stay oh i believe in yesterday. 010911
god yesterday is dead, tomorrow is blind 011219
Annie111 wonderful song.

ahhh. so good.
Anne Sexton Yesterday I did not want to be borrowed
but this is the typewriter that sits before me
and love is where yesterday was at.
kelli crane yesterday
there were so many things i was never told
now that i'm starting to learn
i feel i'm growing old
'cause yesterday's got nothin' for me
old pictures that i'll always see
time just fades the pages
in this book of memories
prayers in my pocket
and no hand in destiny
i'll keep on movin' along
with no time to rest my feet
'cause yesterday's got nothin' for me
old pictures that i'll always see
some things would be better
if we'd all just let them be
there were so many things i was never shown
suddenly this time i found
i'm on the streets and i'm all alone
yesterday's got nothin' for me
old pictures that i'll always see
i ain't got time
to reminisce old novilties....

R.I.P. Wes
lady lunchbox you were so good to me...
so nice, so kind, so loving.
you kissed my hand and held every door for me.
you told me i was beautiful and that you loved me so much.

today, it's back to the same old thing. you didn't call when you said you would and you left me alone again.
cock@cock.cock no.

digital nose bleed dot com
continuous ache yesterday is long gone, and tomorrow is too far away to imagine. i am truly living in the moment. today, right now, is all that matters. i have all these words to give you, but none of them have a voice. how will you ever hear my love in a world of noise? 020330
god yesterday is dead and tomorrow is blind 020406
IWishICouldGoWithDavid I finally spoke to the sweetest, flirtiest, most wonderful boy in the world for a long period of time... and it wasn't you. Should I be relieved? 021227
everyones reflection memory? 030103
minnesota_chris I think I'm the only blatherskite awake currently!

Yesterday was really nice. I installed a printer for a friend of mine. It was literally nothing more than putting on cords and following the install CD. Then we played Uno.

Then I went over to the house of my brother, sister-in-law and newborn nephew. I cooked feta stuffed chicken breasts with basmati rice and sauteed squash. I held my nephew for hours. I learned how to put him to sleep and to keep him awake (which is important I guess if you want him to sleep at a certain time).

It was a really nice day.
User24 mmm.. feta and chicken..

anon for no apparent reason, I suddenly felt as though I had lost all emotions, it was a real detachment from reality, like my brain had moved slightly to the left of my body, I could see the world around me, but it just didn't seem real at all, it was hard for me to move, I could feel a heart beating, but it didn't seem like it was mine, I was scared I was falling into a coma, nothing I thought seemed to have any impact, I was trying to think, but all that came was blankness, I knew I was trying, but my head was empty, maybe it was the cold, but I really did feel like I was in someone else's body, I could sense them, but not affect them, I was sitting in my chair rock solid, a look of confusion on my face, wondering whether I was feeling what normal people feel, or if it really was as weird as it felt.

eliese I had to much to drink.
I had too much to think about.
It was just that easy.
smurfus rex yesterday's a cancelled check
tomorrow's a promissory note
and today is cash
so spend it wisely.
fetal musings was a blur, so was my last birthday 031121
tragically introspective i'm stuck thinking about yesterdays long gone. help me.
the best memories do noting more than send chills down my spine
the future seems to be a gurgling sludge in comparison
i'm about to let this all become one big yesterday.
tragically retrospective also 040113
panic get the fuck over it 040116
kaibutsu if you want money in your pocket
a top-hat on your head
a hot meal on your table
or a blanket on your bed

then today's grey skies
and tomorrow is tears,
you'll have to wait til yesterday is here.

-tom waits
tchiseen most aboriginal australian tribal dialects dont have words that mean 'yesterday' or 'tommorrow' . their people have no concept of this as a marker of time or existence. they are the oldest living culture on earth. this leads us to believe that time did not previously exist, before someone invented it. who? or more importantly, why 040423
lou_la_belle so yesterday i got home and my mom wouldn't let me on the computer, she said "go to bed. do it in the morning." I replied, "It's actually kinda important." to which she replied, "Nothing can be that important at 1:30 in the morning."...I say "Well not to you anyways." SO go to my room and rip out a sheet of paper and began writing. Not only to spite her, that's just a bonus, but just because i have to let it out or i'll go insane. 040516
luminesence isn't it amazing how much insanity is incumbant upon perspective?? 040517
lou_la_belle i'm sure that throughout history we've lost great genius's because society thought them mad...think of all the revolutionaries in science!! 040519
Borealis you all know what my thoughts on lucidity are. 040519
pete the words came out of my mouth
as i walked those streets all alone
cursing the city haze
cursing the city
with calm, smooth words
for its ways, the blind and bind
for the divisions it causes
when it tries to unite

the words came out of my soul
as i walked those streets all alone
cursing the ways that led me on
cursing the ways
with soft, passionate phrases
for its city, the chained and sorry
for the markers it makes
when it tries to be clean

i am definitely not of the city,
what the hell am i doing here still?
ipi37 another tragedy... 041007
kookaburra i think i'd like to take a trip
back to the nineties
where my childhood waits
and the memories are quietly playing out

i think i'd like to take a trip
back to the sixties
where there was change and there was purpose and there was living and dying and peace and love

i think i'd like to take a trip
back to the thirties
and the age of sophistication
where the actors wore suits and had manners and the women were shy and seductive and strong

i think i'd like to take a trip
way way back
to the age of travelers and simplicity and hard work and inns that served you bread and cheese and stew

do you think you could build me into a memory?
i'd don't want to live here anymore
because i know something's_coming
and i think i like where we've been
more than where we're going
tr Yesterday I told you, I will call you today. What's sad now? That I didn't do it or that you didn't even recognize that I didn't? 050201
laurah i have a drawing from around fifth grade, the face of a boy i knew superimposed over an imperfect drawing of a cat and a sunset. yesterday is written shakily in the corner. 051117
the end is when stephanie told me she is heading off into the psych ward. 051117
amys too personal as i just noticed, eros progressed into sagittarius. thank god, that's all i have to say. scorpio doesn't exactly fit like a glove. i didn't even know that it was at the end, that's how much i don't notice what i'm not supposed to....

love was such an easy game to play. NOT.
. imagine if everyone in the entire world flushed the toilet all at the same time. 100227
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