deb finally i rip myself from
this computer screen
and plant my groggy head upon a pillow
only to lay there for another hour
without closing my eyes...

'nite world, i'll be back tomorrow
like mad, i'm sure
jennifer good rip or bad rip? 000103
good people rip the system

violence is golden....
~gez~ never rest its unefficient.
in is too smaller word to define but if you take my advice, dont get hooked. stay out. keep your life alive
peace is a myth made by government officials and people who work for worldwide enviromental organisations
*silent screams Rip my heart out....i only wanna bleed for u... 030206
Epsilon During the summer before seventh grade, I went to field hockey camp. I was finally old enough! I felt so mature.

One day during practice, I hit my ball and it went under the fence, and so I voraciously ran to the fence, gallantly jumping over it to retrieve the wayward ball, when in midjump over the fence I heard something terrible -


It's one of those moments in life that could kill a 12 year girl, standing in the midst of all these older cooler girls, and you realize you have practically ripped your shorts off in front of them.
oren Rest_In_Peace 051124
oren Rest_in_peace, Natalie. 080914
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