psyki If life gives you llamas, make llamanade. 000312
Brad Always go to girls for this... they know best in 9 cases out of ten. 000312
silentbob Swoon.

I'll catch you.

crazychick where's lucy
when i need her?
"the doctor is out"
mr bad advice set yourself on fire 010223
birdmad column 010223
Dafremen I made the you don't really HAVE to... 010224
ladybird oh but it's much more fun to make them yourself 010514
kinkazoid ever have trouble sleeping at night? i was an insomniac for over a year in a half till that one special guy tought me a little secret...relax.
seriously if you try to relax and try to make your mind think of nothing for a little while you'll fall right asleep it works for me.
soul i wish it was that easy for me.
To stop thinking.
I think its hard giving advice. It's hard because everyones different.
ooklu just do it.
you know you're going to hell anyway
princess I understand about the thinking thing. My brain goes a million miles a minute all day long. And then at night all I think about is the fact that I can't sleep and then I'll start thinking stupid shit like about old boyfriends or my family and things that I wish I could change or how fucked up my life is and before you know it a couple hours have passed like that. Then I stress out more. I find for me if I lay on my back and try to relax, sometime I find my eyes will get tired....if I'm lucky. 020614
i made a mistake don't tell the person that you truly love and want to be with about blather.

don't tell people who might tell them.
phil today 020729
chiocken advice for robots

if you feel that/low again.
please try. remain
friends./see next instruction

all in its right being

it willpass
onlypart/not last

saltwater good for cleaning

sentient beings/cold(soothing)


will only want to come back.

not just circle
not just being
(our radiance/andmeaning.)
sorry that didnt write(be there)
when you wanted(be there)
now writing
now saying

please remember all the good things

File/Print.../Print(on my wall stuck for remembering)message ends
di luce Yesterday during a long trip in the rain I listend to a friend. He gave me lots of advice. Of course, he had no choice. I couldn't shut up about it. He just had to say something, anything, to get me to let it alone. So he says, "Act like it doesn't bother you. Otherwise you'll just seem pathetic and petty." I said, "OK." But, fuck, that requires me to lie to myself or put on the performance of a lifetime. I'm no actor! Crimeny, I'm always honest, that's the damn problem. So now what the hell do I do? Just what I feel deep down inside of me, that's all. I gotta follow my heart. She does. She could probably relate if were friends again. But instead I get ditched, sidelined and annoyed looks. Gah. Who in their right mind would ever want me anyway? You'd have to be crazy to love me. 030227
wrappedinplastic I give myself very good advice, but I very seldom follow it. That explains the trouble that I'm always in. Be patient, is very good advice but the waiting makes me curious.. and I'd love the change should something strange begin. Well, I went along my merry way and I never stopped to reason. I should have known there'd be a price to pay someday. I give myself very good advice, but I very seldom follow it. Will I ever learn to do the things I should?

-Alice in Wonderland
secret4185 One day, I had a nervous breakdown, I talked to you later that night, all stressed out and still shaken from having cried in school. You told me "Don't worry so much about your future, you're still a kid. Have some fun, calm down, hon"

... and I was reassured.

Then last night I told you I just blew off studying for a chemistry test and my lab wasn't all that it should be. So you, being the beautiful hypocrite you are, said "Can I offer some advice? don't blow stuff off, you'll regret it and it'll bite you in the ass eventually."

.... and it stressed me out.

Your advice always seems to conflict exactly with what I'm thinking, and under the guise of caring, you make me feel stupid. STOP IT WITH THE ADVICE DAMMIT, you complicate my conscience.
white_wave Just for the record:


thanks and have a lovely evening
BitterSweetDream It came from a great guy - Stu

My life story? I was born. And I'm waiting for death
nonlucid so easy to find, everyone's an expert

find a quote, call it an aphorism, succinctly express some ageless advice, always applicable, file it away somewhere in your mind

lost under the papers, toss out the paper, useless crap, and never follow

sometimes there's just too much good stuff out there, can't hold it all and lose it all
jane when life hands you lemons, clone them and make super lemons. 050725
oh dear! it's always interesting when the person dispensing the advice is the youngest in the room. imagine my horror when i realized that person was myself... for the third time this week! oh_dear! 070305
does it ease the pain? occasionally I have a lucid moment and can see what changes need to happen in a friend's life in order for them to get out of whatever particular hole they've dug for themselves, however there is always such crystal clear vision when one has a more objective stance on a subject, and there is always this huge mitigating factor that prevents me from imparting my "sage wisdom", i.e. that I'm in a rather large hole myself and feel would be utterly hypocritical if I even dared to think I was qualified to advise on anyone elses life. So please, my kind fellow blatherers, do not listen to a word I write. 100601
unhinged i realized recently thanks to a fight with my brother, that just because i have advice doesn't mean other people want it.

unless directly asked, i might wanna shudup on the advice front. i guess that's how i come across as arrogant.

what's it to you?
who go