anchor baby as was brought up in a discussion the other day...

"I wonder if blather is really only comprised of ten real people, and the rest are nom de plumes"
deadpilot eight 000107
deb i've come to the conclusion that
blather is no more than
genius minds
floundering here
gulping wildly for
some purity
within the
muggy air

it's getting easier to breathe,
i think
silentbob Well i must be one of em, cuz i've got more blathers to my name than.....


but you guys have a ton more than me.
syncraticK ten times ten is a hundred, but it would be hard to convince me of that...it feels more like infinity since the ten times ten days i saw him last. 001106
Thyartshallshant I have ten testicals. 001226
Tai C. the zenith of pearl jam. 010404
owko ten,
apes turn into men,
and grapes turn into wine.......
Miner She aint got the time to speed. 010511
ZeN 9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1...0...-1...-2...-3...-4...-5...-6...-7...-8...-9 010614
nocturnal at work wow, you're more bored than I am. 010614
god my, that's a backbreaking futon. hit the road! 020221
HeatherBrock Jeremy was lonely again, from the tender age of ten. He was nobody special except to me. What was that meaning, he asked himself one day, as he flinched his teeth in anger once more.
I could do nothing to quell his inner most desire, for I was a ghost to him, nevermore.
icy ahh, the all-important double digits. from a time when you were just maybegetting over measuring your age in halves, and perhaps other fractions if you understood them well enough. my godparents (who were my grandparents, too, but it was exciting. they lived double lives and always gave me grandparent presents, and then one special present as my godparents. i miss that, only because i miss them so much...)... but, anyway, my godparents gave me my first diamond ring when i turned ten years old. not only was it my first diamond, but the ring had a heart so i knew i was loved. overall, it was to remind me two very special people would always be there for me, they would always love me, always have a plan for me and believe in my dreams. two people who would be there for me, watching over me.
i lost my grandfather first. before i drove, all alone, the two hours to his funeral (which isn't a lot, but understand i loved him so much and i felt so guilty), i went to my small jewelry box, in its special, hidden place, and found the ring my godparents had given me. it was a little big, but i put it on and wore it for him, so he could see that i would not forget. at that time, i fully believed he was watching us from "up above"...
nearly five years later, i lost my grandmother. i still feel almost all the pain and loss from when i first found she had gone. i haven't really cried for her yet. that will come...
but never will i forget their love for me, their caring and understanding, how they took care of me and still are. i have a solid reminder, from my godparents, my first beautiful diamond ring, when the world was promising, they were there loving and hugging me, and i was ten.
nighean_siofra just ten
they're gonna go by
so very very fast
and you're gone
i've lost
i lose
game over
just ten days left
to see you smile
one last time
That Andy Serkis fanatic again Andy Serkis 061116
what's it to you?
who go