pan Certainly we must be guessing for nothing, really, is certain.
And for the crossing there is but one direction... it is to feather the nest you are flying from...

Simply, warmly, joyfully, patiently, and by the most sever penalties, one cultivates one's genius.

If it is contained, and not poured into one or another vessel, or dissipated in spurious pastime, its potency will multiply and spawn a generation of creation.
emma "feeling death ass".

i really love that thing on the main page that gives out three random words. it's great.
emily a star that burns a little brighter and usually runs out quicker. 990122
michelle mathematics, rocket science. sweet lovely nerds with horn rimmed glasses and uncombed hair. 990205
adam the narrow and poorly defined category where you stack those of us who understand the futility of life enuf to want to die. 990303
emma does anybody who really understands the futility of life actually actively *want* do die?

and if so, how paradoxical is that?

everybody always called me a genius anyway.

at least i think that was the word they used.
Owen Ty Kahle that one escaping moment
right after the thought
when the words
come out . . .
nikb acuity in reality; talented beyond standardized testing. someone who lies down on the floor with the music in their head. 990327
marjorie when we want a tutelary god and think we've found one 991203
whatever "I'm a misunderstood genius."

"Why misunderstood?"

"Nobody thinks I'm a genius."
Brad coltrane 000310
Brad langston_hughes 000312
MollyCule i prefer people to call me "brainiac" 000521
Steve Beethoven
Van Gogh
George Lucas
ubliss Mr. Bill Clinton(Bill_Clinton),
US' president:
A genius or victim of

phone_sex, which is used by human being who dissatisfied the state and affair of genuine love or sexual relationship?
power through passion una trampa, a curse
they say ignorance is bliss
for once they are right

technically, a genius is anybody above a certain measured IQ
they even have different
levels or categories of genius

but they are just psychologists
with too much spare time

they labelled me a genius
and on that day my life was over
in its place rose an idealized phantom
with which my poor soul cannot compete

Can I beat you at Chess?
If I bother to try hard, yes.
Can I create music for the ages?
If I thought the ages deserved it, yes.
Write a book? Give a lecture?
Share the benefits of my "gift?"
yes yes yes
but whatever
I didn't ask for this responsibility

a hundred faces, all smiling and eager
holding out their smooth and shiny paths
It's not like gentle Mr. Frost
the road less taken is only meaningful
if it is a clear and simple choice

but if I commit to one path
I see so many fallen faces
it breaks my heart
but I have but one life to give
so I must walk my own path
then I see perplexed faces
but at least they are not mourning

we do not have an obligation to society
do not treat us like delicate flowers
or like bricks of gold

ours is not a "genius" friendly culture
some think it is
but it shall never be
so long as people can be commodities

so what do I want?

maybe a sunny life
on the beaches of Polynesia
the simple charming life
envisioned by Portuguese sailors
of times long past

maybe a social life
taking tickets to a West End show
real mass contact
with hundreds, then thousands
of wildly varied souls

maybe a roughneck life
feeling the rush of adrenaline
mitochondria working overtime
as coworkers discuss
last night's sexual conquests
brilliant flashes
of ephemeral primal pleasure

or whatever

but it will be my way
or I will sit and waste away
like a victim of a hunger strike
but instead a void of a empty soul

quiero salvar mi alma
pero no estoy seguro
como pueda hacer esto
es possible que todavia
este lejano, demasiado lejos de mi

pero espero...
jane who is more of a genius: Einstein or Shakespeare? 010618
dB Apparently I was a "special child", that's why the education peoples in england decided to do all sorts of experiments on me as a kid. "Let's see what the 'subject' will do if we set these parameters and give him these tools" they had said.
Turns out I was not 'special' or gifted. So that fucked me up for many years to follow.

What defines a genius anyway? There are so many people who others would call genius for so many reasons. There seems to be no strict guidelines.
shan is genius a potential or a demostrated level of ability? who knows. and does it really matter?

strange how words like 'genius' and 'normal' and such are so common and yet so hard to define. they tell me normal is like lightspeed, it's there but nothing else is.

maybe genius is like lightspeed in a different way...
stu oh i wish i wish i wish i wish

no know
jane i am a genius 011028
calypso calling a genius is a person who first dares to question, then dares to find their own answers. 020104
bethany your hands and feet are mangoes 020606
~gez~ a genius of sorts
but in many more ways i am not
as what i am
[.:..The SeeR ..:.] A genius, by definition is someone who has an IQ score above 130.
A genius, by objectification is one who is exceedingly gifted in one area, but, by the nature of genius, is also lacking greatly in other areas.
Jeca *chuckles to herself*
no, that's asperger's syndrome. the geniuses who are not lacking in certain fields go for political power. (the real stuff, not the place where Mr. barely got through college Dubya Bush sits now)
p2 "exceedingly gifted in one area,
but, by the nature of genius,
is also lacking greatly in other areas"

halfway there
now i just have to
become exceedingly gifted
at something
[.:..The SeeR ..:.] I'll bet you already are...

p2 perhaps
but not
exceedingly gifted

and if simply
being gifted
then we are all geniuses

and if we are all geniuses
then there is no need or meaning
for such a label

it doesn't take a genius
to deduct that
i am no genius

proven by the fact that
i have deducted this
[.:..The SeeR ..:.] Well, it DOES take more than the objectification issue I mentioned earlier... that thing about lacking/exceeding was just an observation (objectively) that my 7th grade teacher told me many years ago - and still seems to be relevant.

For instance: Albert einstein could not tie his own shoes, and he flunked out of math in school! He couldn't handle the Algebra! Although the physics were obviously not a problem...

But the actual term genius is used (correctly) when refering to those people who have an IQ score higher than 130 points.

If you want to know if you are a genius go to
they have a reletively accurate IQ_test for free... and it's only 40 questions long!
Rickster What is genius? How can we define genius when so much is possible yet we cannot pass the smallest barriers. We have had our genius' of our time, but where are they now? True wisdom comes from creativity! 021225
Sigh Genius of our time: Pasta Pot inventor, hooray for imbred retarded redneck's who can't use more then 3 brain-cells to think about any given task. 030407
beorn i am going to tell you about a genius i know. His name is james, i first met him at the sophmore retreat at the begining of this year. I was then in the winter musical with him and now we are sailing together.
when i first met james he seemed like one of the normal smart kids not too hot with the social skills and all. i knew he was smart because i wasn't in any classes he took and i am average.
during the musical before preformances james would play the piano for everyone. he played so beautifully all 40 or so of us involved with the play would shut up and listen. he would honor request whenever someone felt the need to share what they wanted to hear. I noticed that when he would start a song someone requested it would start of kind of sketchy with some wrong notes and slightly of beat but within 30 seconds would be flawless. What occured to me after he did this about a dozen times is that most of the songs we requested he had never played, he was reforming them from memory some he had only heard maybe once or twice before. His amazing gift of being a born pianist was only further confirmed when while the lights were being tested on stage they were all turned off. the house lights were also off and james played perfectly for a minute in the complete dark.
two days ago i learned that james was going to leave my school a year early to go to college, last year he had taught himself calculus and got a 5 on the AP exam. After next year my schoo has no more courses to offer him and he must move on. I will miss james, and hopefully keep in touch. Its rare the you get to meet a genius don't let yours go.
melvin geniuses are those who recognise they are not geniuses. 030430
Inanna A genius is more likely to have a child with psychological disorders. 030430
Inanna Abnormality is not a bad thing, but people of average intelliegence tend to isolate the abnormal ones. 030430
neesh on the matter of IQ, i thought firstly that it was a quotient, and secondly that there were countless different tests possible to take. so scoring 130 in a test may be amazing, but i've heard of tests out of 50,000, so it could mean pure idiocy too. it is meant to be done as a percentage, and the necessary percentage in a test to be classified a genius is, as i understand it, 98%, or at least that is the level at which mensa accept people.

also, if geniuses are talented in only one thing, that may mean people like einstein, who's talent is one particular field, can't tie their own laces, but what if that talent is learning, or understanding? then they'd appear multi-talented.
The Sound of Silence There is no great genius
without a mixture of madness.
tyler waters I remember for the longest time, I didn't know how to spell 'genius'. Some people would observe that and say "wow, he's a genius" i dunno how they got that connection

genius' are those who understand the benefit of life-long learning

[btw, scored 133.. so naner naner naner, i'm a genius in both regards.. ha!]

as for that piano guy, holy crap on the AP exam ==5.. that's amazing! the test is designed so you can't finish it, and if you get enough right you get '5/5'.. i knew only one person who's got that and he sure as hell didn't teach himself calculus [he is a genius though.. micheal]
oE dad had an IQ upwards of 145 or so, two sisters IQ's around 140, a nephew with an IQ of 142 and un spectactular me...comparitively i suck..and oh yeah an uncle who is a professor at U of Penn and HE is not as smart as my dad could site several cousins high IQ's and such but then it'd be pretty much pointless..the genuis genes seem to have skipped me..unless you count the facility with improvisation and extemporaneous composition of lyrics and araangements that just come flooding into my head at strange times..and i have to scrabble to get it all down..that and i guess my comedic timing...NOT!! no i'm kidding..about the comedic timing...oh did i mention that several of my sisters, my dad, nephews, uncles, several cousins have a photographic memory?

my memory sucks..*smiles ruefully* most of my family kind assumes this pained expression somewhere in between pity and condescension when I'm around or dare to opine analytically or anything that sniffs of academia... so there..i suck in so many quarters
one in 2500 Genius is as genius does - that is to say, what good does one's genius do if not given to the greater good or edification of humankind?
Tens of thousands whose IQs place them above the rather arbitrary, (though commonly accepted) magical 98th percentile will come and go as easily as others.
Love of truth is the ultimate demand of genius.
Thanks be to the super-elite few who recognize this fact as it is proven in the cultivation of their respective disciplines.
Examples you say?
Leonardo da Vinci, Shakespeare, Newton, Einstein, Edison, Socrates and Jesus.
Jimmy Jackass shig blug mono shite thragflesh. 050110
oE yeah but did socrates love truth or justregurgitations of his truth

my nephew by the way has an iq of 160 not kid is considered mentally gifted and attends a school for the acedemically gifted blah blah...aside from being an uninspired student and a consumer of waaaay too much sci-fi i'd say my iq was well sure not genious (see bad speller and everything) but i guess around average for anyone whose spent a few years in college or read voraciously for the first 25 years of his life...since then..i gotta say the reading has petered out..i can't stay interested in anything long enough to finish anything....
not a genius just weird) 050226
stork daddy werther, was an unusually sensitive young man. he was the true genius of goethe. 050227
andru235 ~ everyone has it

but does one use it?

can one use something while denying one possesses it?

just don't be fooled into thinking others totally lack it! they are sleeping. let them dream a while.
stork daddy the flame of genius often burns its vessel. 050810
z wyle e cayote 050810
z wyle e cayote 050810
mous is underappreciated and overrated. 050810
Andrew Genius is technically decided by a simple IQ score. But yet, the IQ score means so little in comparison to the many other qualities of a person. It's scope is too limited. But that's aside the subject.

I, according to the above posters, am a genius but I can not believe this. Sure, I may test at genius levels at math and logic, but there are so many different things that I lack greatly in. Like common sense. But as said by others, lacking in other areas is the plight of the genius. *chuckles*

But to all you who have said 'genius' is defined by an IQ score of 130+(98th percentile), I've read differently. It is 145+ according to older IQ test booklets and other websites.

So yes.. You read my words, and you call me an idiot, even stupid as many other people who have heard them. And by judging my words, I don't doubt you. For even me writing this was rather, stupid.
z mingus 050825
z warhol 050825
grendel wile_e_coyote 050825
daf I look at this page and recall a time when I couldn't have thought of anything to say except maybe to maybe unconsciously brag about my IQ scores like Andrew or unconsciously brag about the family's phenomenal scores(Cancerian love of home and family shining through. : )

I remember that time and realize that it wasn't but 10 seconds ago. Twelve seconds have gone by since I thought of writing some clever, glib little something about Mensa...blah blah

Almost, but then I thought...what am I doing? What do I care about the capacity and procssing ability of another's meat computer? What do I care about how it compares to mine? How do I know you'd even do something with it that would be of value? How do you know that of me? How do I even know what goes on within the depths of that mind of yours? From what I've seen, we could all stand to avoid comparing ourselves to one another. What in the world are we comparing ourselves to? Eww.

Are we comparing ourselves to the other "clever" little brains that want to rehash the same old "two bucks crashing in the forest" crap on a mental level? We might as well ARM wrestle. There is no difference. If you don't believe that mental brutes are every bit as unsavory as physical brutes then perhaps we don't see eye to eye on this. Can I somehow bail out of this discussion?

Bye. (
Andj The world is ugly.. which is so very fitting for brutes. 051008
a "point" IQ + EQ + AQ + QQ + ... 051009
a "point" IQ + EQ + AQ + QQ + ... 051009
oldephebe 7 different kinds of intelligences.

Me, my intelligence is mostly right brain and mostly has to do with verbal acuity or creativity and and this anal retentive fastidiousness and of course an intuitive/creative ability that when it is unleashed is not a thing of computation--it just happens...if i were required to sit and do something left brained under great stress i'd fail miserably...
g for genius 051010
Tirnan hitler was one, so was stalin, so like, quite an evil and sinister word really 051013
Ballz Genius and Madness, do they go together? I don't know, but they sure fit me well. :) 060530
hsg giving a kind ear to all points of you.

to see things from
another angle,
a shift in perception defines a miracle.
another angel gives you wings as you're willing to live for another life.

just outside of fear is perspective once again clear.
just outside of here a free picture of infinite consideration.

love outside the box. tricky particle waves goodbye. elusive creativity. thisouleaves the body. our spiriTruth is free to be.

all life gets free from seed to seed to seed. ever expanding lightheartedness grows a deeper andeeper willingness to be. free the golden ratio as she spirals out zero won one too and three. sunlight directs, as you're willing to guide as a father so too will you be free.

there's no way to point to the path except the nicest way at last.

"eternal patience is genius" so says mickey B.

keeping an eye out in all directions, protecting the winders from down below. take a peek at the pyramiDont let the view-do scare you. if you're head's at the point, then the whole point is that IT'S ALL YOU. and it's all good. nature'structures are designed so that when the pieces fit, you wake up and function.

malleability is the new gold standard.
hsg "A person starts to live when he can live outside himself."

-- Albert Einstein
unhinged 'there is one word to describe anthony....genius' 061225
hsg "the best thing about life is knowing that you put it together." -trent_reznor, a_warm_place

"we have one and only one chance to be the best. what else is there?" -notre_dame locker room.
(also in nin video of a_warm_place on closure halo_12)

see thee above: this is your one chance to put it together, to KNOW.


143, Tou
hsg priority is thought.
penetrating the situation like an arrow. singlepointedness and leverage.
the mind is the surface of the heart & the heart is the center of the mind.
the heart reveals the priority such that the whole system functions as one. like putting a clock back together, know peace is left over. clock-wisdom.
Pazma Not an object or a being but a state of mind. 070514
zəd a backhanded compliment
to remind me
how much potential
i did not live up to
what's it to you?
who go