Menglod could be a prison
or a relationship
landruc a state of mind
of people who think they're bigger than they really are
or that the world is smaller than it really is
ellen cherry charles the passage through which you suck the marrow
is narrow
Brad Saying Hey from God You want to know what I am thinking I am telling you a story, You hear the word narrow and what do you think...a little bit of blabber...or how about blather. What is blather. Why don't you try Or another source of it. If you have gone this far then you have gone too far. Too many times will you see the way in front of you but you will just miss it. It seems to come so close but yet it seems to be so far away. You have thoughts inside your head and you wonder how real they really are. How real YOU really are. What is this all about is individualistic. And EVERYONE has to realize that. Once you can be satisfied with the things in your world are you can be satisfied with every single thing. Your world is the MOST IMPORTANT THING...RIGHT now...the present. Nothing about the future or the past...the FUTURE????....what about it. How is it going to be? Well if you were satisified about how your life at this present moment was you woulndt even be wondering about it. Because its not important right now. Its not important because You are NOW. You are WON (spelled backwords) WON=ONE....ONE with GOD. God Dawg. Don't say Damn because Damn is damning your self away from HIM/HER. Its not a man...its not a women...its a GOD. Thats how it goes. With the do you do you know so? You dont and you won' can't wonder...about the slumber...your starting to experience after this thought...trying to plot...the experience within DO what you have TO....alright? 020801
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