dallas I could of course do anything I want, but then again, I would if I knew how already, and I know I should figure it out, but things just aren't that easy. 980826
daxle there's lots of things I could do
but what matters is what I should do
especially when I don't
ceorl could do anything, can't do everything, better do something 990420
Asylum I would not refrain from what I should not do because I could not. 990616
getting over it could have been....
u wouldn't let me in.
you were scared
and so unwilling to fight
for me,
for us.
those of you He/I could have gone... could have had everthing or nothing. Might have taken it all, but instead I/he just blew the ladybug off of their fingers. 010225
keeper could you do me a favor, and tell me how you feel, its all i need, in writing so when i start to think this way i can just remind myself by reading it over 010408
Chrity go to:
passengerpigeon I would if I could,
except that I can,
so I must've already --
but maybe I didn't,
which means that I should,
but I shan't, cause I can't,
but I would if I could.
angie if i could i would...but i dont know how...
qazual it could be that you have a familiar soul and we've met before lifes ago and i cant remember when i know you from... i dont know. i do know that its become a goal of mine. hope to bump into you maybe smoke with you. 021111
catherine this word is full of hope. it's nice to think that the future is full of possibilities, even though that might be somewhat unrealistic. 030321
phil Why would you quote phish?
I'm not saying you couldn't, just why.
charlie all good fun 040701
narcisstic_grapes this is just to rediscover self. 110813
what's it to you?
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