birdmad call into memory 010126
blue_ash you remind me of then 010714
Casey Remind me of why I stay here in this hell hole 010714
niska it's nice that you are reminded to call... i was unfortuately not reminded to be here.

i like that i had a night out without you. i hate that it was without you. does that even make sense?

you remind me why i made this journey. for that i love you.

i just thought i'd remind you of that.
nighean_siofra you remind me of
hand-made mittens
tye-dyed socks
banana flavored candy
and piles of rocks
sunshiny daisys
buttered toast
crunchy lasagna
and a marshmellow roast

blenders and ice cubes
soya sauce and rice
i miss you
like a cat misses mice

something to toy with
watching in rapt attention

someone to smile with
when all the things go wrong

hand-picked tomatos
a four leafed clover
tall tall trees
and sparkling water
greasy pizza
bunny tracks
bad eightys movies
and jumping jacks

i want you closer
i like you so much

you remind me of everything
just seeing you makes me want more

more twilight walks
and over-ripe plums
fluffly snow
and sweet-smelling mums

don't leave me yet
i'd be so deprived
no one else can make me remember
make me want
all the things
that make life good
dreamer to mind something again 050314
Sarah what's a memory but something to remind you of regret? 050610
what's it to you?
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