watch over me
when I am not looking
I'm glad for that.
And that's something.

But sometimes I wonder if I am
forgetting to return the favor.
oodles When I got glasses for the first time, I looked up at the trees and I was amazed. I never knew how beautiful they were until I could really see them. Everything and everyone around us is beautiful--sometimes you're just not looking through the right lenses. 000128
Barrett Get in the way when you're disc golfing. 000728
fran A favourite little rhyme from a Jeffery Eugenides book.

The trees like lungs filling with air
My sister, the mean one, pulling my hair
tourist No fooling oodles, I had the same experience when I got my first pair.
I couldn't hardly believe the detail!
It was as if I had been living in a cartoon all those years!
stark trees of green
some trumpet-blowing guy said once
The Truth Trees are a beautiful reminder of the fractalic patterns of life. The sunlight is absorbed by tiny leaves or needles which connect to the stem, then to the twigs and the wispy branches, then to the large branches, then to the trunk which is connected to the massive network of roots underground. The tree is then connected to the forest, which is connected to the ecosystem, connected to the balance of nature, which is an integral part of the planet...the solar system...the galaxy...the supercluster...the universe...the polyverse...and so on.

Trees are the metaphors that instruct us about the systems of life.
amillio as tall as they are when trown from the tips of a red wood the eskimo will only bounce off the sadness of pitfalls left behind. he may only drive buses but he's a humanbeing like the rock used to drown the mice in defeat for it will never see the top 011110
distorted tendencies I miss climbing them, and sleeping in them, and reading in them... It's been years, in Colorado, all you have is shrubs. 011111
Aaron stinky trees, get yer nice fresh stinky trees, all size packages, get yer sticky green trees. 011111
whoknows are fun to climb 011111
ClairE Pine. Always.


I like them. They are rockin'.
lisa are one of my most favorite things. they hold leaves... (of which i have a tatoo on my foot of one) and in the winter they get bare and pointy) 011127
ClairE trees seen through brand-new glasses are scrumptious. 011127
jestificatiobn i can rest in your lap and sleep whole afternoons away in your comfort.
telling you my problems and resting my back on your strength.
finding messages within your canopy.
feeling stories rushing through your being.
i peacefully exist because of you.
pontifier Trees! My son won't eat brocolli if you call it brocolli, but if you call it a tree, look out, he's like a chipper shredder! Hail Paul Bunyan! 011211
girl_jane So I've hugged a tree. Is there anything wrong with that? 020207
jane i hugged a tree in paris...there's a picture of it in my photo album. 020612
jane through dark trees speared by thin, bright light

through eyes against which hair blows.

through gold in a puddle. silver covered by clouds.

i have guessed at you in wakefulness.

i have dreamed you in sleep.

words whispered down the wind.

shapes against the daylight glare.

or shadows, merging with shadows, spreading into night.

where touch is more real than sight.

and the trees are emptiness behind the glades...
girl_jane Perhaps Janes have a thing for hugging trees? 020612
jane probably...i wouldn't doubt it...i think i respect trees more than most of the people i know... it has to do with the whole "respect your elders" thing 020615
Gilraen (s.h.o.t.h) And he had the word 'TREES' written on the back of his hands. 030325
minnesota_chris In savage Northern Minnesota, the trees are fell, feral creatures. They invade all available space, roots crawling through the ground, pushing through lawns, invading septic systems (they LOVE drain fields) spreading everywhere. The leaves shade out smaller trees, stunting them and killing them. 030411
Whitechocolatewalrus I look at the world with new eyes
From my feshly built tree house
Up high in the sky
Free from all the people
Free from all the lights
Free fom all the life
I breathe in the clean, crisp air
And let out a slight sigh
All my life I've dreamed of this
A paradise in the sky
I start my life here
i start my life now
RedArmageddon bees. beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees.

xyz In the past few months I've destroyed, crumpled, and disposed of an obscene amount of killed trees. 031207
falling_alone i like your trees...

i've only painted one that i liked so far and its on your wall.

so if you ever move, take that wall with you. or donate it to me, i'd be happy to find a home for that blue tree of yours.
phallusdei they're so huge. I mean damn. the greatest living creature.

*boycots paper*
kx21 Tigers in Human Space... 040412
chloeNtheSUN magnificent

My feet tug at the floor
And my head sways to my shoulder
Sometimes when I watch trees sway,
From the window or the door.

I shall set forth for somewhere,
I shall make the reckless choice
Some day when they are in voice
And tossing so as to scare
The white clouds over them on.
I shall have less to say,
But I shall be gone.
- R Frost
ferret the trees are all merging into new freeway lanes 040622
falling_alone *wails* oh my dear you painted over my blue tree!
i can see it still it's tip is on the ceiling, grasping and reaching out for us to peel that purple off...doesn't it look so trapped.
leaves 041129
fix 041129
Lady Rhiannon We met you there among the trees
And, later, lost you there too

"Did we do right?"

"...Go find out"
revo titanium, yeah! 060713
tyloer patience what have you become
you are still here for me
patiently beneath the sky and above my dreams ...
i am here now with you for the afternoon,
what shall we do sir :) consider the sky or consider the caterpillar who just became a butterfly when ambiguous was most distrought
what's it to you?
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