klairchen You tried to drown me with all your lies.

I am no one's fool.

I can see the surface above all of this contrived congestion.

The surface is the truth.

And I am skimming it.
((opiate_womb)) drowning in a sea of loneliness and alienation all these fish are following the same thing but im going against the tide im going down im falling down into another depth of depression will you come and drown with me? 010627
Casey The waves overtake my fragile body as you stand right above me. I reach my hand out for yours, yet you refuse. You leave me to die. As the H2O rushes into my mouth and fills my lungs, my life fizzles out like a lightbulb burning out. 010627
fallenhero Funny how we're just sort of tossed out amongst the savge animals in life, with no necessary combat expirience to be the victor. But gradually, as we get torn apart, we strengthen. Weird how decisions become harder to make as we age,and everything becomes so complicated. There's choices that'll change the course of your life. One's that there's only one right answer, no matter how you look at it. You don't have to make a choice, but if you don't, you're still choosing to leave yourself in the past, and waitnig for the next chance at progression. If you choose to try, you're tosseed in the water and forced to learn to swim or drown. After you learn to swim, it's just a matter of learning to swim faster than the sharks. One thing about life is, hat you'll never stop learning. 010628
paste! no matter where you are, i can still hear you when you dry rape other wiggly niches. 010629
yummychuckle i read an article about that woman who drowned all her kids, and who was suffering from port partum depression.

made me crave murder. it was reeeal creepy...wanted to drown something.
Norm If I had to decide the way to die, I'd choose to drown in beer. 010901
bit drowning in a sea of things to do 011205
ClairE YES.

If I think about it, I will stop.

A shark drowning.
Annie111 When I was five I jumped into the deep end of my grandparents pool with a rubber ring on.

And my young, limber body slipped through the ring and into the undertow.

There was some yelling, muffled of course. And I think my uncle saved me.

It was fun. I jumped straight back in.
whoknows lol! annie rocks 011205
Annie111 and rolls!! 011205
ClairE and doesn't drown.

children are more buoyant
than anything else.
honey i sunk the kids tell that to susan smiths kids, or the ones in texas 011205
Carcharodon carcharias They're crunchy, too. 011205
bit My spirit ws ment to be free.
But they keep demanding of me.
While I drown in their sea.
Can't anyone see?
That my freedom is key.
I feel like a bee.
working mindlessly.
Tell me what is the fee?
So you will just let me be.
And I can keep my sanity.
micky jo I knew a boy
that became a man
who everyone thought was invincible
he told me once
he would never swim
for fear of drowning
"you can drown in a cereal bowl"
he said to me
this man who stood six foot three
fear of what you can't control
he died, that boy
but not in water
he died when he drove too fast
he wasn't invincible after all
the point remains the same though
water fills your lungs no matter who you are
head trauma leaves you brain-dead no matter how strong your mind
and a bullet tears thru everyone's flesh the same way
tryyoga suffocated by soft H2O inside a pool of nightmares 040314
tryyoga suffocated by soft H2O inside a pool of nightmares 040314
tryyoga suffocated by soft H2O inside a pool of nightmares 040314
(_) drowning
on dry land of course. where
would i get the nerve to
fall into the water, heavy
as rock and sink
but not resist?
instead the room fills
with steam of hot
tears from my heart,
red and so nice
to drown in all the blood.
if only! but instead
choke on the veins,
filled with iron,
of my tired arms
as they swim
against no current
and float up to my salty throat.
monkey out in space breathing ineffective and leading to death
children have drowned in buckets and toilets.
drowning warning signs with sea
on the background
a flotation device.
what's it to you?
who go