Q Is the "Superbowl" being played today? Does anybody know where and when? Who are the bowlers involved, and why is it "super"? 000130
sean the super bowl is anything but super, Q.

on a more pleasant note... "life is just a bowl of cherries. so live and laugh at it all."
ever dumbening noodle
smoke a/pack me a/arc a/pass me the
~ing green (with short italian men in white)
me over
-o-rama (homer, did you put your head in the shine-o-ball-o?)
movement (so gripped, i cain't even pruhnounce the 'e')
~er hat (unbearable lightness, clockwork)
erkis malerkis duckpin bowling rocks my world times 9 020221
wax tadpole packed 020221
tyrosine the empty meringue container lies next to my temporary bed. fish swim in me, rather they're just floating. lost in some whipped pieces of brain . maybe it's the fish bowl that screams to the wandering soul or contains it or encloses it for some determined cause neither you nor the fish can break. i want a fish bowl. i don't know whether to break the fucking door down, swim away or just get ready. i don't even know what i'm getting ready for. it itself is causal in the array of predictable probability. prepare prepare they always tell you to prepare, it's essential for success. it becomes a supposed tyrant whom you throttle from behind. a whispered fate. the illusion of control dismantled when you pierce the label of success and can't stomach it. you broken glass and swallow it's sandy texture only to bleed from within so no one will be obligated to clean your dilapidated brain fragments. 030807
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