me? the other color that is not a color, like black. why is white always associated with purity? i always think of death... corpses, paper, solitude. it 's still nothingness, but it lacks the warmth of black. 991216
amy blind love 991219
amy pardon. that was wrong. replace: consummated love 991220
deb recurring daydream,
had it from the start,
it went away, and came back,
but why...?

i stand at the beginning,
center, edge, i can't tell
of a room of white
with children,
on the floor
with toys and smiling eyes
they seem to be so happy,
as an angel-woman stands,
white robe flowing,
blue eyes caring,
blonde hair curling in mystic wind,
she looks about
opens her mouth
as if to sing;
i smile,
but her voice grates inside my mind,
worse than nails on blackboards,
for she screams
rip my hair out to make her stop,
but she stands there,
more powerful than before,
looking at me,
through me,
as the babies all around me
scream for help

and i wake
full of shivers
and dread
of what must have happened
while i was
pussycat sometimes i wish my hair was the colour of milkweed threads. 000512
aschool what is race?

the bane of peoplekind

does colour matter what is the difference between white chocolate and milk chocolate to one who cant taste?
The Schleiffen Man so is god a giant chocolate connoseur watiing to devour us all? that's a scary thought. it'd also start a "we taste better" faction of the KKK. that'd be more amusing than the "we're better cause we're a certain color." we could have KKK taste tests.... get blindfolded and lick a black man and a white man and say which one you liked! who knows, i couldbe the choice of the new generation 000522
aschool is there a god? 000522
MollyGoLightly oh man..THAT question again...how many metaphysical cans of worms can we open in one night? 000522
frenzy how many knights can metaphysical worms open in one day? 000522
moonshine Hey Mr..spare some change? 000523
retrograde chocolate.
purity, innocence.
grendel one colour of clothing i cannot wear for the life of me...gets dirty too damn easy around here 000705
MollyGoLightly i've been told i look nice in white. i have a white dress. its cotton. it makes me feel like i'm eight years old when i wear it. 000706
FoxFire No Culture, No meaning.
Im just a White boy in the crowd.
If i try and look back.
I see nothing but mixed faces.
The average single white male.
Im not white.
Im pail.
More of a reason to look past the dead.
And pick apart my mind
Leave behind my skin,
see what else you can find.
j_blue not a race, not anything. yeah i'm white, despite anything but my skin and bones. and the mixed faces only see these things, their minds ignore what else they know when it is confronted with the site of me. i am white, but i am not white. i hate race, i hate the races. 000929
Noise is the face , flesh is the swine 001024
tourist Albino Power!
pink eyes rule !
you say you're superior.
I call you a fool!
As you posture and piss,
Well just think of this.
To the Devil you're only a tool.
phil open 010424
it would be beautiful
that everytime i hurt you
your blood could be white
instead of red

rather than liquid passion,
or rivers of fire
the white of sky,
the white of everything,
and the white of an orgasm seen from your eyes
distorted tendencies Pure, like you and the things you do to me. 010919
pETAH Beautiful, clean , superior 011124
ClairE Not_me. I'm not supposed to care. 020104
angie As time goes on...and I come face to face with these stupid, racist, white hicks...I get more and more frurstrated. I start to despise my race's past, present, and future. It is one of the saddest things...EVER...
I hope...that someday...peace will be achieved.
zenfishsticks white hands she moves like swimming
swans of pure arrogance distilled into beauty, black masks hiding only a desire for immortality and a certain unscrupulousness.

this swan would slit your throat and never get a drop of blood on her wings.
AzAber I've heard that being stuck in an _EMPTY_ white room has psychological effects similar to dying.

I've heard that the test for visions is to sit in an _EMPTY_ white room, hooked up to an EEG, monitoring your visual centers.

Either way, my house will have an _EMPTY_ white room.
stid you know
they say
there is no difference
elmer fudd Do we want to take a white or a wheft? 020621
PEACELOVESHEEP white is pure
white is cowardice
white is human kindness
white is death
white is yummy when its condensed milk...
dashbchick White collar conservative flashin' down the street
Pointin' their plastic finger at me, ha !
They're hopin' soon my kind will drop and die but uh
I'm gonna wave my freak flag high, high !
Oww !by jimi hendrix, doesn't he rock???
josie white_light 020920
Shane white days like this I'll never miss, they only come once a year 021105
ferret replacement reaction
you're tendrils reaching gently up towards my twisted skull
you deface me and then bind me to you're will
you're nothing more than a seamstress
the color of evil which you have chosen
frozen forever inside!
inside the ice! the ice of you're heart
you mutter your incantations to no avail
you can no longer see me
i tower high above you, you will die someday, then you will be just as pale as me
just as white
ust as white
st as white
t as white
as white
s white
Mahayana - Vairocana 030813
sing in my pjs a dove is white, but so is a piece of dried up cat turd. Why do we give so much symbolism to colors? 040205
k-dizzle White to black, then back right through grey theres where you'll find me 040206
emmi you know, in the south asian culture, red is the colour that is associated with purity. white they see as death.
i suppose we would associate red with death, since it's the colour of blood and all.

what is the lesson here? purity, death...either way, it's a blank state. can we then conclude that purity is equal to death?
tessa white is not a race 051016
oren white hot
white knight
white house
white lightening
white queen
white wash
white sale
white wall tires
phil white sands
white powder
white snow
white water

white whale
white wolf
white rabbit
white food

white chalk
white board
white cross
white school

white robes
white flames
white church
white bishop

white dove
white rook
white castle
white king

white bread
white mouse
white smile
white Jesus

white cop
white guy
white fuck
white dude

white chick
white panties
white cock
white socks

white shoes
white gloves
white shirt
white hat
In_Bloom White roses
White lies
White spot of pain beneath a bite
what's it to you?
who go