silentbob a big fat white guy that's afraid of change 041214
bobby makes me laugh heh! 041214
realistic optimist i yearn for the days when people who called themselves conservative actually were. the root of the word would lead one to believe that a conservative might have some interest in conservation. clearly, that is not the case anymore. i yearn for the conservatives of the 1950s. where are the tom mccalls and teddy roosevelts of the world? 041214
realistic optimist not that teddy wasn't a bloodthirsty imperialist, but at least he set aside national parks and forests and seemed to be concerned with the perpetuation of the human race. 041215
realistic optimist when he wasn't out shootin' em up, i mean.

man, sometimes i just sound retarded.
minnesota_chris Teddy Roosevelt, Richard Nixon, and a Republican Minnesotan governor called Elmer L. Andersen were all wonderful people, very giving and compassionate, for many reasons.

What did they have in common? They weren't Southerners. Those Southern Republicans are real fuckers.
realistic optimist tom mccall was also a great person and leader. he was governor of oregon during the early seventies. also a republican. 050207
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