m_e she's right. the same thoughts run through my mind everyday. "let's get some variety up in this joint!" 010521
m_e but i like the bottom 010521
sweetheart of the song tra bong em = me 010522
burden Ed Martinez. 010522
burden Emily McConville. 010522
burden Erin McManus. 010522
burden Erica McMonigle. 010522
burden Elizabeth Mooshegain. 010522
burden Esai Morales. 010522
burden Erection Machine. 010522
m_e too bad you're wrong. 010522
nocturnal r
those are my initials...emr.
who wants to guess what they stand for?
no one? yeah, that's kinda what I expected.
burden EMR... let's see...

Elden Makes Robes
Eat My Roadkill
Elizabeth Mae Robinson
Every Man Reads
Eternally Missing Right

I'm done, at least for now.
burden Hey, m_e, which one am I wrong about? All of them, or just Erection Machine?

I'm a teenage boy; what can I say?
My mind drags through the gutter most every day
Making little tiny pots out of smushy clay
I love Atari in a crazy way

*hold your applause... and your someone*
nocturnal burden, you were mighty close with the elizabeth mae thing. just spelled it wrong. elizabeth may.....?
you'll never guess my last name.
yoink wilson.

hey burden, it's sherman.
burden I knew it was Sherman, but thanks anyway, Ron. 010522
m_e kudos to reddneck 010522
psychobabe hmmmmmmmmm :s 010923
peace ah EM'.....could you please get off of me!!!! 011001
birdmad pokemon god_collection 011226
Ari i remembered walking over the broken glass once before -
there's so much i have wanted to write down. beyond the manifest content....
i rembered her in the back seat, drumming at the exact right time, thnking of a few minutes before when it seems someone else had done the same thing.
or maybe it was ten weeks ago.
the pieces of smashed guiness bottle, glass tarnished with the footsteps of farwells, refelcting their sorrow and reprosessing the light of the fading sun. it was a reminder of all my streams of consciousness, and it was a decision to write them all down.
but nothing like that makes any sense. too many crazy conversations at one time. it is being, it is purification, becoming the arche, understanding the cat.
it was something we had both agreed on.
"handmade with the freshet ingredients according to Suzy's great grandmother Nonna Fine Rosellini's recipe....baked with love in San Francisco."

we used to practice on the fallen leaves in november, trying to perfect our silent walks (like the indians). now we sit around at tables, on porches, in little cracked out towns and say fuck that, because its a powerful fuckin word man. and i guess thats what we want, huh? power. we laugh, and take pictures, and even have some pretty good fucking conversations, but i think inside we are all struggle with fear. we're scared man. scared to let go and see what its like, scared to become completely open to someone else, but wanting to so bad. wanting good sex and real love and a smile that doesn't come with questions and doubts...
i want to feel myself, and not be afraid. before i find you - if i find you.
i want to be twelve again and not care about the earthquakes and the religious battles and the struggle for the self. go on rides about them.
another piece of glass.
"matt wake up, are you there?....i wanna talk - pick up"

i want to be alive. i want to become the stars with you and see the way your reflection affects mine.
we steal ideas and we create, but are we original? Zoe says..."only in our dreams..."
i am the drums, and the cat, and the Iraelites and the Palestinians, and the fat girl, and the publicist. i am the maker of patchwork skirts - and i sell them with love, (you are a patch). i am the earth and the hinduism and honor societies. i have a jar to fill with coins, i am going home.

scribbling phish lyrics and trying to recapture the hypnogogic world that was once inside my head. sad that i have lost that creativity - still shocked that i once belonged there.
Santa barbara, mozzadilla,
find me and tell me that it is ok.
find me and tell me that i am a smile and everything around me is love.
tniuqs uoy 020925
ls . 060829
the amazin disappearin *me em was my lovers name

who I never got to kiss
or hold

he called me sapphire

he was my emerald

but maybe

he did not want to be mine?

or wait?

what's it to you?
who go