misspent youth something no one wants to talk about today, or even think about practicing. it is a lost art. it is something i wish i had more of, or followed better. for me....to die with honor.....that would be my greatest achivement. i would traid everything i had just for that. 010322
saucerful of beer A toast to drink to:

"Here's to honor,
once you're honor, don't get off her."
Shinji16 honor is misunderstood nowadays... 011021
Casey I always thought I had it, show's how much I know. 011021
Sonya is but a myth no longer recognized by anyone alive today. 011021
kelli crane thy mother and thy father 020115
sphinxradio you looked so different in the strange brown uniform. i saw it once in a dream. then, again, as you swore yourself to service.

i don't know what to think of you. what have you done?
Alakaz honour or honor
I have spent my whole life living for it, and am now coming to terms that it is only obtainable for brief moments in any humans life. Still the pursuit is worthwhile to me. Well, at least only for brief moments in my life. I would like to shake the hand of any person who can live daily, because God knows I can't. He also knows that the person who can is stronger than me.
Dafremen You do honor to your people by simply STRIVING to achieve it. 030913
realistic optimist placing such a noble thing at the cusp of one's projected waves of aspirations: to pursue, to grasp at, perhaps even to enbody is its own reward, shouts clear and true the resonance of hearts connected through brotherhood. honor without hubris is humanly divine, something worth dying a little bit for. what is death really, but part of the morph into our godselves? 030913
oldephebe i like that honor without hubris is humanely divine - "make the words exhumed from the page come alive" There. I'm quoting my own extemporaneity in flux..

Honor. This is the vehicle, a little battered, trundling down the rutted and pock marked road by which a life can redeem, reclaim itself from the devouring flames..it is to allow the self to be liberated from the defeatist tethers, or cognitive illusions, and the enemies of our lives that we've empowered, they have NO power save that wich we have cravenly, in our darkness conferred upon them. And in so doing we have allowed ourselves to become absent from our lives. Honor. I am slowly beggining such a journey, to take back what is mine..to deliver to the loves of my heart (no romance involved here)
a part of me as a living sacrifice..let the plank rest upon these beveled shoulders, you don't have to carry this alone any more..

Look a man hard in the eye. When a soul regains the True knowledge of himself, the breaths start to come a little easier..
misstree it keeps my back straight through sadness, keeps me kind, keeps me striving, and keeps me from straying from my Self. 030913
andru235 twenty years passed before another person engaged me in a discussion about what honor was and what honor meant

our definitions were very, very different

but i was glad to have the discussion
what's it to you?
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