Fluxphile Flux, flux (no, not "fucks").
Rhymes with "tucks".
Don't cost much bucks.
It don't not sucks.
But it does pair
With Aeon
valis the most overused goofy word in sci-fi history. 991207
silentbob i'd say instead of bucks or fucks, it more or less rhymes with what a chicken does: clucks. 000618
chemistry bird the acidic solution that makes weld and solder flow cleanly 000618
miniver Ouch.

I think I just sprained my universe.
grendel worst i've ever done was to dislocate one of my spheres of influence 000619
miniver Well, was it one of the concentric spheres? :-) That could be serious.

Hah. I shakespearean humour I.
ketonicla continual change 001217
Ahmad as i remember it, this is the pink stuff that ppl use when prazing to keep shit cleen.

u can also find it in 5 strands inbedded in school solder..

its a cool sounding word... hmm, it brings to mind the FLUX CAPSITOR.

i think that was out of back_to_the_future or sumthin!

flux influx defluctuation eflectuator!

(thats my little invention, other ppl call it a ...PAPERCLIP!)
Glory Box state of emergency.

watch me waver and i am like ice melting, panic over you and will you love me with your smile?

i built this you so grand and now comes that you.

i can see from here the poor fit.
/ Cousin who probably never used it in his life tries to convince me,one who doesn't leave home without it, that the word is really 'Flex'. It makes the metal 'flexible' enough to solder.
See : Topper
bangaaeter waves of change
fluxx: a good game
just me a NFB produced animation

one of those where you only understand it near the very end
it's damn cool
geekg The number of electric/magnetic field lines passing through a surface.

Change in electric flux within a closed loop induces current that opposes the change , to conserve energy Lenz' Law.
what's it to you?
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