typhoid im melting off to sleep..
this really is so pleasant ;)
lotusflower chocolate to make the perfect creamy, silky smooth fondue. 000615
syncraticK an illinois activity... 001106
Fire&Roses that chocolate bar you bought me. I didn't want to let you, but you insisted. I never finished it. It was so hot that day. I left it in my bag. you found it later. you held it in your hand... the way you held me and your warmth melted me... just like that chocolate bar 010723
Invisible Butterfly ur eyes are melting me...they're so beautiful...and evertime i look into them , i always seem to see sumthing that once was inside of me...the missing peice... let me melt away in your eyes one last time 020523
sylvia plath i felt myself melting into the shadows like the negative of a person i'd never seen before in my life. 020903
thespacebetween into the floor i go
as usual
im desperate to be gone
in a puddle on the ground
dandy I was serving the food in the lunchline. Latin music played and I felt eyes on me. I turned and saw an intense appreciative look and realized I had been shifting my hips to the bongos and that with his black eyes watching I had to stop, my knees melting to rubbery wobbles, jelly intestines twistedin my stomach. As I broke eye contact, I broke into a sweat and scooped the next plateload for reaching hands. I glanced back but now his back faced me. My breathing gradually returned to normal. 050108
Q13 hate 050731
pete a new day, shifting from the quiet night with the fury of the alarm clock, unused for months as the summer slowly simmered away in the humidity, waiting, and remembering.

a new dayjust like the others, waking up, going to work, drinking beer, going to bed, with only the minor details of what to prep and what to cook changing.

a new day, a hidden sun, the heart of time swept away from my mind's eye to lay naked before my soul, battered and bruised as it is, offering itself as a sacrafice worthy of the gods.

but still a moment is never really enough, mixed without the leaving pressures and diluted emotions, played down by the combinations of faces and sounds, tastes and textures, lessons and humiliations (of which their have been a notable few).

sweet smells of coffee fill the air, tempting the resolve that has lasted for months, though the reasoning behind breaking the habit and addiction no longer exists, french vanilla rising in a steamy dance of seduction, the reasons flow back.

i feel my soul melting away as the summer nights grow shorter, the liquid waits to be reformed by the fall days soon to come and sweep me away in new loves and smiles, long hours spent at the taps with good friends and the periodic trips to the party trees for meetings of the culture club...
triplesix scorched by the heat of the sun
like Daedelus
wings of wax
plumetting to the ocean
into an abyss
of fear
and drowning
what's it to you?
who go