ClairE Remember
I couldn't have been more than sixteen
and it was near midsummer
and we hadn't even gotten to peeling off our clothes yet
and I said ugh, sorry, I'm all sweaty,
even though I knew you didn't care

it was so hot
I was voicing my thoughts to the air
and you said,
"I don't mind. I like it. It makes me feel like you're hot for me."

You poor boy. Didn't you know?
phil Sweat covering your face, to me it tastes like my sweat, stingy. I have never touched your sweating face. It appears ready to pop, the strain on your whole body as you carry the anvil up the small hill. Then I look at your eyes, sweat dripping from your eyelashes, I see how good it feels, the cool flowing moisture, a scent of health under your nostril. That anvil is not heavy at all on your back. 020307
cheer-up-emo-kid tasting the sweat from your neck is a turn on. 020524
splinken standing outside a parked car, leaning over, twirling the ball of your earring around with my index finger. 030510
meg what are you doing?!
why you going?
im leaving im crazy
who you with?
im not yours anymore

you gave me away
and still charge the pay
of me not to be with anyone else
leave me alone
im on the phone
cradle my head
id be better off dead
whatever sweat stinks, really 040404
thieums In the Sahara desert,
People of ancient ages used to drink the sweat of each other
So that they do not die of thirst.
This led to very interesting scenes
Of licking.
(_) hot so warm
sticky i can
smell myself my
skin the taste
in my nose my mouth
my heart all
around but they can smell
me too the people
hunters maybe
they aren't but i'm
scared sweaty
slow down
breathe in scent
it's fine
calm nice
hsg fun 061129
what's it to you?
who go