sage is what i say when i feel like shit. 980823
haplo A range of possibilities. "ugh" is among the 5 most useful words/noises in language. 981019
Carolyn Duncan "Ugh." Shrug. A nudge from Doug. "Crud." "I'm mud." There was blood. Red. "Is she dead?" A head. It bled. Enough said. 990916
Junior Feeling I have when I can't help others. 000926
god an exclamation of utter delight 021010
sam the sound of me drowning in my homework-ugh 031112
phil it can mean:
he hit me
that is too hard for me to do
I want that one
leave me alone
look at that
look at this..ect
get off
shutup and watch as I hit you in the head with this rock
that is pretty
do something with this
cook this; clean this; check this; hold onto this for a second
I don't like this
I don't think this is clean
are you sure you checked this?
what is the matter with you, can't you hold it without dropping it?
simply ugh
notme a confused hug 031201
stork daddy at the wrestling tournament, the large overbearing mom sat matside shouting encouragement. when the top wrestler threw legs in on her beloved child she, bent over in front of us, shouted "backdoor! backdoor! backdoor!" it sounded in my tired mind like an invitation. like she was waving her large ass in my face and shouting...come and get it boys...supper's ready, the key's beneath the's on the table...BACKDOOR..BACKDOOR...BACKDOOR! 040208
andru235 argh 050515
no reason i fucking hate writing like this and i hate being made to feel guilty for feeling upset and other things but i have nowhere else to say things

no reason i can't
i can't
what's it to you?
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