floors it's happened and keeps happening.
English shrinking through my unbelieving eyes.

Inanna descends down down and down, the back of my mind falling out towards what's behind me.

i've touched ground before, why should i do it again. right now i only want a toehold.
G_wiz13 my best friends dad's girlfriend(he caught her giving his dad head[sorry shawn]i had to say it) 001226
Barbara Worcester I would like permission to use your poem"IM Spending Christmas in Heaven". It was in my mothers bedside table when she died and meant so much to us.

Barbara Worcester
u24 hmm.. people in hacker movies always talk about 'getting in through the backdoor'.

well. I never put backdoors in (though I often hide my username in admin systems, so I can't be deleted) and I've never seen anyone that has. (not that it's impossible) it's just that surely a) going via a backdoor is cheating, and b) knowing programmers, the backdoor is likely to be more arcane than the front door.

just my 2.4 cents.
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