silentbob i love them. i love images and dialog and good acting, but most of all i like sexy scenes. and the memorable ones. Duh-duh...duh-duh....duh-duh! SALSA SHARK! man goes into cage, cage goes into salsa...shark's in the salsa...our shark.
i think i'll go watch that now.
grendel i have about 92 in the current edition of my collection 001214
kelli crane i can't even get the bitch pregnant...she's so fucking poluted!
freakizh a movie is like entering into someone's mind.

like always 'being john malkovich' and other people too.

it is a great way of provoking thought about how would you like to be seen (color,angle,focus,time,space,narrative,scene,ambients,characters,animation) by others.
Human Behavior A continuation of the oral storytelling tradition, the evolution of cultural mythology. 020711
outov I made a movie at college about Ninja's.
My girlfriend makes movies about short subjects. She is an international award winner.
2Cool4Skool 10_things_i_hate_about_you is a good movie 040313
z blade runner
touch of evil
down by law
the shining
angel heart
the king of hearts
twelve monkeys
2001 a space odessy

not in that order
oldephebe taken from beowulf - gather round lads at the curdled cheese smell of my gnarled feet...sure beowulf, which i have not read in it's entirety, and or poems like it served, and still do, as an achetypal kind of blue print for a poeple, a culture the story that contains an ethos, an epic song that holds the soul of a culture embodies in these sagas preserved by the oral tradition..that is why they are so important...if we do not know where we have been..i really do believe that we are fated to repeat the errors of past generations. Here's another thing..for a basically heterogenous country that has been herded into a kind of homogenous meta-culture of acquisition/consumerism - the subject of heroism, of nobility, of totems and talismanic representations of humanity rising and showing its best face in running the gauntlet, or rising to the flames of a crucible, are few and far between...aside from the few cinematic and mostly inaccurate explorations of heroic exploits..we can we must find ourselves again in the epics.

because we are barren people..i believe that..and sure maybe some of my schizoid digressions are disorienting and distressing to some..but in this I'm beings sincere. The soul of the world is dying. One avenue by which I sometimes choose to try and recover myself from the depradations of the age is to turn to the great epic tapestry's of not just western but all cultures. To be inspired, to be throttled, to be taught. So..... 040324
oldephebe Should exaggerated and cellulitic cinema that insidiously manipulates and orchestrates our emotional responses become by some kind of intrinsic default, by some interior lapse what now constitutes for us an emotional ballast?

I mean because really. Again I say the flight into exteriorization and overt self-consciousness have become part of this impediment to empathy. I want the kinds of words that like an oar lifts high into the air and plunges deep into the water and propells me through the water. I want to be lifted high into the air. I didn't want this to be some turgid and dense expedition into a faux kind of tautology. But I think this kind of choke me in the shallow water state of being feeling is an emotional emblem of experience that resonates with the nihilist and the overtly optimistic, the overt optimist maybe is even more brittle, farther out along the precipice, because the overt optimist seeks to cover the caves walls with collages while the shadows writhe beneath it.

Please, if you have children introduce them to the temple, or church or holy writ, or the deep reverential communion with the natural world..
grim faced feminist *shakes meaty fist in qualified assent* 040715
minnesota_chris Last night I watched Blade Runner (again). The Director's Cut, without the silly happy ending.

I was moved by what a lonely movie it is. Every character is so unhappy and alone. The only way to be happy in that movie is to be a non-character, one of those people walking blithely down the street, carrying a glowing umbrella. Or some kids bicycling down the street. Or people leading ostriches.

The whole movie happens at night, It is a movie without any good guys. A world where everybody dies alone, in the rain.
Steph Are you going to see that movie tomorrow. It looks really good. 051130
Lemon_Soda Everyone does die alone. We're born that way aswell.

I'm more interested in the inbetween stuff.

loved the movie
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