Kirk A finger points in all directions to a path feet may never tred. In the dawn the last light of the moon illuminates the nexus. The soul may enter the body lays chill and quiet the silver thread of self delicate and exposed. The body viewed as a cage brings sorrow and fear.
Freedom has a great cost Most fear to pay it. It makes you responsible for the self to others, brings responsibility, Do you dare make yourself or is it better to stay Inbetween
Thing Unknown And I know I was wrong
When I said it was true
That it couldn't be me and be her
Inbetween without you
Without you

-R. Smith
Tiffa She lays there with her hand opened up and a ball of light eminating in many sharp directions. The flesh of her soul is wanton and exposed. She sits on top of the world and lets out what she's feeling. Honesty and honor, without it she's all alone. Sharp points of light eminating from her hand, like the concentrated emotion in tears. 020206
yummyC shades of gray
indecisive shrugs.

in between.

i hate in between.
mostlybyear in between---in between jobs--in between lives, and old hats. there i lie/lay, in between it all, and that's no more than i can give here. settle my mind and remember her smile; our condemnation, the warm receptive womb of woman's affection... 020910
question_mark it's my favourite word... if you say it over a few times, it sounds really weird in your mouth... inbetween, inbetween... then think about it in a sentence and it sounds even stranger...
My other favourite word is "pseudo"... I love the way it castrates every concept that comes after it... nothing has substance if it's pseudo-anything.
duckling a sheet. 050708
5and everything and nothing 070727
5and you and me 070727
f hello,
is that the same thing then ?
d-oh and bread ?

FA113N Lovers and enemies
Saints and sailors
Light and dark
Black and white
Poetry and prose
Sleep and waking
That's where I find you,
That's where we live.
what's it to you?
who go