Q Let Freedom Ring

Open the traps of bodies, souls, relationships, lives, the world!

For every woman and man and child, let freedom ring! Let freedom ring!

Let freedom ring from every hill and every mountaintop.

Let freedom ring down every valley and in every hamlet and every city square.

In every shopping mall, at every airport, train sdtation and bus stop.

Let freedom ring across every stream and lake and ocean, every isthmus, every island, every beach.

Let freedom ring through every woods, every forest and every jungle.

Across every field, every desert, with every wind.

Down with every rain drop and lightening bolt.

In every bath, and shower, and hot tub and sauna, freedom, freedom.

Let your wondrous hair hang down, whatever color it might be tonight.

In every classroom, on every factory floor, in every board room and research lab and research ship and union hall and stock exchange and gambling hall and bank vault, freedom, freedom, freedom.

In every hospital ward, er, nursing home, freedom is the word.

Let freedom ring.

In every mosque, and synagogue and church and temple, shout freedom to your god. Demand it!

In every court, and legislative chamber, and executive mansion, every castle, every police station, every jail, every gas chamber and gallows, shout freedom.

From the Poles and the Moon and the poles of Mars, shout freedom.

In every house, in every bedroom, in every bar and every bowling alley and every baseball stadium, on every soccer field and rugby field and every pitiful tennis court and golf course, freedom for every body and every soul.

The streets too, all of them, belong to the people!

Freedom now.

Let freedom ring.

Praise whatever lord or body is on your mind, and pass me another joint.

Copr. 1999
Free Freedom is a state of mind. 000406
amorfus pissing with the bathroom door open! 000514
moonshine " When you ain't got nothing, you got nothing too loose.."
--Bob dylan
tivenan the point of this atoms planets game
in my own time, in yours too
most wear there freedom, ball and chain
give up efforts toward freedom
and see
you already are it.
Verdulum abstract concept. There can be no freedom while anybody thinks themselves superior 001109
us My best friend and I just had a heated
conversation comparing Communism
with Anarchy...
I was for Communism.
She for Anarchy.
We both came to the same conclusion...
Both are impossible,
in debt to Human Nature.
cyb does not exist.... 010215
hemitasse the last light black trees clutching for the sky in the agonizing certainty of their immutable position;
a tightrope race with death;
the last inch of our integrity wherein we find the courage to say "no" and take whatever comes of it.
imitator a paradox,
an attitude

that does
melvinwang according to royal crown cola,

freedom. . . to choose the best tasting cola. That's what Royal Crown has stood for since it was first opened in Columbus, Georgia back in 1905. The freedom to decide who you are and what you drink.
So, be free.
Drink RC.
Eris ... Is an illusion used by the puppet masters to controll anothers reality. 010602
kingsuperspecial I aspire to vagrancy
a vision fueled by
a succession of
nexts discovered on
two laned highways
one way tracks measured by
endless blurbs of
treesmountainsoceansprairies hemmed in by
I yearn for the comfort of
trailer parks and motels
where I live next to
neighbors with hard-earned expressions,
whose faces change with
who don't expect or care
if I remember
their names
who won't remember mine
because I leave

If only I could avoid
the security that
spawns the paranoia that
locks my doors.
If I have nothing
no familyfriendshome
then have I outwitted
loss then
am I free to
chris truth love beauty... freedom 010910
unhinged finally free from my hateful aversion that you caused. finally free from terror when i look at you. finally free of the responsibility of guarding it like it was the last bit of my childhood. finally free to protect myself. 010910
Artemismagus Let freedom reign!!! Today we had our trade towers destroyed and the cry of freedom was heard. Oh the pain and suffering of those innocent lives. Justice, revenge, no matter. Let pride guide our way and prevent this from happening once again. 010911
reitoei free for ever!
break the chains
stretch the atrophied limbs
can you walk?
or will you fall into the manacles?
freedom brings change
freedom brings reality
can you face them
are you ready to be FREE?
or are you trapped by illusions of freedom
of wanting freedom
trapped in the system
bound by ideals
silent for eternity
jestification is not the same definition as my neighbors.....making that my mantra..... i can finally see where freedom rightfully rests. 011204
roomite... freedom is that state of being wherein you are granted enough rope to hang yourself.

perhaps that gets us to a higher state of freedom...
whoknows in some cases, freedom doesnt exist 011204
kx21 in most of the cases, indeed...

How much time did you spend to free yourself?
In most of the cases, indeed...

How much time did you spend to free yourself?
roomite... kx21, why do you always post the same message twice? is your internet browser stuttering?... 011205
LadakhBuddhess a sigh of relief for my aching soul 020330
Angelwings Don't be daft - not a modicum permeates the solid shell society sets. 020330
starry eyes if i could only find beginning to think that nothing of this world offers it.

perhaps i should have known that.

God tells us that.

if i had been listening to Him in the first place, most of this oppression wouldnt be here anyway.....
jayseehc we live in a country that's covered by greed and the people've been supressed so long no one will stand up and lead this is the land of the green and the home of the slave we need a change in the system we need it today...

there's a war being fought by the tired the poor the huddled masses innocent bloodshed on the ten o'clock news while the rich man relaxes with his evening booze
who's buying in?
no one lives free in poverty when freedom is measured by success and greed the system is designed to keep the rich man rich and the poor living on the streets

women in afghanistan can't walk the streets alone or they'll get stoned shot or beaten down for stepping outside their homes and bosnia's a hell-hole of death and broken bones while the leaders of the modern world are building better bombs.
leaders of the modern world are building better bombs
me2 land of the free 021011
greg i am free 021011
p2 not i! i charge for my services! 021011
Open Minded America, Land of the Free
*other restrictions may apply*

USA love the land Hate the system

Freedom isnt just through the government. Its socially free as well. Being able to go to school or workplace, voice your opinion, and not be harrassed or teased for it.
everyones reflection free. now what do i do? 030106
mike A made-up state of mind in which you are totally controlled 030224
yep open minded, your being teased has nothing to do with the system, you stupid hippie fag 030224
The Spork i disagree with Open Minded about the extent to which freedom runs. in a free society you take the good with the bad, all things in balance, this includes teasing and ridicule. the individual must freely decide. so for good or bad, this meand we have to tolerate inbred incontinent shit-belchers like "yep"

ain't life just a kick in the head?
The Spork you might think this negates the arguments i made with Dafremen back before he and i buried the shit-rakes, but not really, i didn't begrudge him his right to say the things he said, but of his puzzlement over the negative reactions he got out of it.

just so you know
User24 freedom is impossible to achieve, aim for relative freedom and you can actually achieve it.

one can never be truly free until you are dead.
tyler1984 nothing to do
nowhere to go
makeda i wish for one thought to lead
to where i ache to be
a peaceful consciousness
can become elusive
in this world filled with smiling faces
that serve to cloak
the true nature of the beast within
as the pain simmers
underneath this facade
veiled rage rises like steam
from the pores of passersby
manifesting into an insatiable
lust to quell their fear
fear of hunger
fear of loneliness
fear of death
i yearn to find a place apart
a world away from the madness
of loving and losing
of despair smeared like jelly across
the faces of neglected children
i long to free my soul
Dafremen censored 030823
falling_alone there is no such thing as freedom

the world is just delusional...
Lemon_Soda There IS freedom.

American ideaology on the word is just that: an ideal. See how well those are doing these days?(ideals that is)

Like all ideals its probbly not really going to take off, and if it did, it probably wouldn't be long before it got corrupted.

You want freedom, true freedom, start looking in the little places, people. An all encompassing "freedom" is the dumbest idea I've ever heard. This is one subject that you don't want to stretch over everything and its mother(not to mention the kitchen sink). I enjoy the little freedoms, the stuff I think is nifty I can get away with. I can quite my job whenever I want. I can go to school. I can pursue whatever interests me. I can talk to my freinds. I can eat everyday(most of the time). I can call up 1-800-dicerzz and buy a set of knives that can cut a lead pipe in half and still stay sharp. I"ve got more freedom than there are seconds in a day. Sure there are things that you can't do. Stuff your not allowed to do. Stuff thats illegal. Stuff you just haven't figured out yet. SO WHAT? Oh, whoa is us, we gots it rough. Whatever. Think through time and tell me we haven't gotten anywhere. We haven't expanded our freedom repetoire. Or we're a repressed and subjugated people. Nobodys got chains on your necks. Noone is throwing you in the stocks for not bowing to the king. You don't have to work for a shilling a day and hope that tumor on your face doesn't kill you by next friday(and if you DO happen to have that tumor that may kill you by friday I'm honored you chose to read my post in your last days).

Buck up kids.
Yay, its rough.
Yay, its all you've known.
Yay, you don't know WHATS coming tommorrow.

But you've got to admit its getting better.

Getting better all the time.
. . 031205
misstree you can roll around on the lawn
and think of dogshit and grass stains
or blue skies and bursting clorophyll scents.

thou art god.
treat your universe well,
and give it every opportunity to expand.

become a neophile,
and see how many doors
you can pick the locks too.
most are pretty simple
once you set your mind to it.
Smurf Freedom is one of the most misunderstood words in North America, right behind Karma and Knowledge.

In my opinion, it's also over rated.
vituperus A gaunt Wolf was almost dead with hunger when he happened to meet a House-dog who was passing by. "Ah, Cousin," said the Dog. "I knew how it would be; your irregular life will soon be the ruin of you. Why do you not work steadily as I do, and get your food regularly given to you?"

"I would have no objection," said the Wolf, "if I could only get a place."

"I will easily arrange that for you," said the Dog; "come with me to my master and you shall share my work."

So the Wolf and the Dog went towards the town together. On the way there the Wolf noticed that the hair on a certain part of the Dog's neck was very much worn away, so he asked him how that had come about.

"Oh, it is nothing," said the Dog. "That is only the place where the collar is put on at night to keep me chained up; it chafes a bit, but one soon gets used to it."

"Is that all?" said the Wolf. "Then good-bye to you, Master Dog."

Better starve free than be a fat slave.
minnesota_chris spoken like someone who lives with his parents 040503
vituperus Actually, Aesop shared a studio apartment with Phaedrus. They split utilities. 040503
sixstop what the hell does that even mean? like someone who lives with his parents. . .

he was talking about freedom despite hardship, not comfort despite subserviency. Would someone who lives with their parents be on the former or that latter?
minnesota_chris exactly my point. The people who shout the loudest about freedom and independence are those who are depending on people, walking on them even. 040507
Smurf I believe freedom's got to come from within, yes it does,
not from the barrel of a gun
freedom's the ability to feel love for everyone.

-Mason Jennings?
black_jesus we're not free at all.
we can't even imagine how life would be if we were free.
spiffy making my own choices, my own mistakes. learning my own lessons. experiencing my own life, the way i choose to.

not being a puppet, or a dog, or a robot.
gock the stars of the skies above us have seen everything from the beginning of time are they indifferent to our presence who knows of the depths of the information that is encapsulated within their souls a starry night as beautiful as a sea of diamonds envelopes me i feel small i feel insignificant but i feel free take my hand can we share this freedom together isn't it ironic that freedom is not free for the oppressed 040806
Anti-Moore Coalition Franks_US_forces_could_be_in_iraq_for_5_more_years... 040807
. Bush_'I_said_I_mean_full_sovereignty' 040807
Israel Freedom is another word for death.
No matter where you go it's all the same. There is no true physical freedom, It's not a state of mind. It's a state of being. Ironically I've found you can't live free while in Love. Don't ask me why, you tell me. Live your life to your own rules. Live Free

Btw Minnesota_Chris,
Aesop was a great scholar. He was quoting him.
reue not my words, just a song i heard by a band of which their name fails me.

When pressures up and the stress is high
and I wanna bid this world good bye
I'm gonna bury my frustrations
grab some of life's satisfactions
yeah I'm gonna live before I die

I try to find some peace of mind
when my life's treating me unkind
pain will be my motivation
I'm gonna use my imagination
yeah I'm gonna live before I die

So close your eyes, and embrace your memories
leave your troubles and your worries far behind
stop contemplating and start celebrating
yeah you gotta live before you die

I think of chances I didn't take
i try to learn from my mistakes, yeah
I'm tired of being pushed around now
life ain't gonna drag me down now
yeah, I'm gonna live before I die
Tenra Freedom opens the heart 050322
the kid you' ll see
its only a time that stands beetween
a flight i will fly
Maple Tree i wish i was free, but then again, i like the state of mind i am in now 060219
Seraphmodel.03 NOT




aero-i isn't great when it's forced.
like failing your university year because you're more interested in taking photos and climbing walls.
and your parents smile and tell you it's alright, it's what they expected.

I don't want this freedom.
I want to be trapped in a classroom, because at least then my life would be accounted for.
jane all we have to see
is that i don't belong to you
and you don't belong to me

ues the moment the music and the light becomes you
(yeah, i_know)

string cheese at the beacon
Lemon_Soda Serving our fellows will give us freedom. 070712
thy 10 years ago tonight, i was sitting in a cell, looking out a tiny window, watching some small neighborhood fireworks peaking just over the tree line. alone.

tonight i spent the 4th of July with friends, kicking back, drinking some beers, laughing my ass off, setting off my own fireworks.

today will always have a special connotation of freedom to me.

and yet, as thankful as i am for today, so much so its hard to put into words, i will never forget how thankful i was that night,
for that small neighborhood fireworks show.
thy ...i was just a kid then, just another juvenile delinquent/fuck-up. 110705
dafremen ..or a human being going through the learning process..guess it depends upon where your loyalties lie.. 110706
REAListic optimIST In an existentialist world, it may be perfectly OK to encounter a sleeping person while wander along, and decide to poop into their open mouth causing them to suffocate and die. "Who is that guy? Is he me? No? Fuck that guy!"

However, in a community of individuals who all wish to be free, it is a delicate balance between owning one's own freedom and not infringing on the freedom of another. Since being politically correct leads to a lack of authenticity and richness of culture, it is incumbent on people to communicate when they feel oppressed or marginalized, and it is incumbent upon others to determine whether that new information should change their behavior or not. This means having uncomfortable conversations sometimes, and being willing to assess whether one's own behavior supports the freedom of everybody.

The path to freedom involves coming together around things we are for and things we'd like to create rather than things we are against or things we'd like to destroy. It is much more constructive to offer a suggestion for how one's own needs could be met within the construct of another's freedom than simply to proclaim that one's freedom is being oppressed. It takes a certain level of courage and sophistication to know and express one's own needs in an accessible way, but more people are developing the capacity to do so, and I believe that this will lead to more overall freedom.
REAListic optimIST privilege is one-sided freedom. 120703
what's it to you?
who go