bijou i am ready for this huge wound on your arm to be a scar. i don't want to see your wrist all wrapped up and fresh like it could still bleed if you looked at it the wrong way.

a long time from now when your scars are faded and pink, i'll touch it to let you know that i remember that night. and that i will always love you no matter what.
krupt they should take them all away from me... i cant do anything good with them... the scars they show the world how sick i am...the scabs, they hurt when my watch presses into them...but at the time it feels so good, the first cut feels like freedom, the next usually hurts, then the skin goes numb and i just cant stop... the only reason i dont cut deeper it that i want to live till tomorrow so i can enjoy cutting my skin again... 080116
Lemon_Soda I can't say anything that will help.

I did it to punish myself because I knew what I could be and I knew what I was, and there was no reason I couldn't change.
a radio-headed bird ...out 080117
radio-jane catch the mouse... 080117
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