donaldson like ice cream, except without the taste part 990604
leslie oh, don't you think it's even worse? 990610
donaldson okay.

it's like really shitty ice cream, without the taste part...
Zed Ice.
Not tasteless ice cream.

Frozen peas, still in the bag
- thus tasteless too, I guess -
also can provide some
numbing relief to weary backs.
megan the feeling you get when you lose someone close to you 990902
Nate Higgins A horrifying fall into oneself: rage unable to vent itself anywhere but inward: regrets on regrets: denial on denial when all the pain fear love hate need fades and you realize you have only yourself to blame and instead of doing anything about it you create a gaping void in which to lose yourself. 991030
valis numbness hurts. you just don't notice. 991211
bee being numb makes me more honest. lovely herbal delights. 000108
deb i hate it when i move
only to find
i've been sitting the same way
much too long and
my butt's numb
marjorie if you have leprosy, your nerves stop working quite often. you cannot feel. you're constantly looking, checking, to see if you are okay. you could bleed to death without realizing it. and to some, this would seem lucky... 000124
camille Out of touch~ with a thought, a feel,a taste 000125
Tal numb, i just can't care. what does it feel like to feel? takes the pain away 000430
Tiffa strange moods
cover my eyes
blinding through the sunlight
odd ways of behaving
teach our children to
become numb
to the voices that are
moonshine Comfortably 000614
a fleeting glimpse damn...beat me to that one. 000614
skiblu "when the world turns it's back on you
you turn your back on the world!"

...That's the most intelligent thing I've ever heard come out of disney.
deb i hate that feeling
when i realize i've been
sitting upon my feet
a bit too long-
when i move just to readjust,
and find my feet absent from my body-
pinch as you may,
they respond less than
a cat lounging in sunlight...
and damn, there's that
tingly "i'm still alive" feeling
Shugarhi my brain goes numb in chemistry. a feeling i've come to love 010515
Mushroomman Disassociated with everything, i can't feel, everything is a blur, and nothing matters, my brain has become a shapeless mass,

i am numb
unhinged if only
if only
everynight the drugs kissed me to sleep
and i dreamed empty
and pointless
dismembered from reality
frozen feelings drifting your
even the steel edges left me something
laying my face on the cold window ledge
the pencil shadows of a dormant life
casting under the pale sunsets of
only when you're dead
10kai "It can only hurt for so long before it goes numb," is what she said as she wiped the blood from my brow. Why do I do these things?

People say that I'm generally a nice person, but they have a hard time reading my emotions.


Still, people really push my buttons. The only emotion people say that they can see is anger. I tell them that it's better to release anger quickly rather that keep it all bottled up, that way you don't explode like a steam cooker.

This guy tonite didn't realize what he was stepping up against when he tried to call me out. That sudden flash of anger is all he saw of me after that little comment about how he (an ignorant redneck) thought I (who he assumed to be a punk college kid) was a "pussy". I tried to be cool, but sometimes people just need to get hit.

Funny thing is though, I almost completely forgot what I was doing while I was doing it.

As the coroner's van pulled away with his lifeless body inside... that's all I felt was numb.
Sonya You left me a heart full of lies, salty tears in my eyes, and a tragic surprise.
You left me with sorrow, hate, and bitterness at fate.
You left me deaf and dumb, and now I'm just numb.
Norm I've numbed all of my emotions down simply to a consistant ball of angry rage. Often dulled drugs and booze it never gets in my way. Physical pain is something blurred wildly as though it were a memory from childhood. I learned a trick when I broke my ankle and I wanted to stay in the game. Think in seconds while you feel pain and it'll be really very short.

Try the thing about the pain. I'm very serious, pain only lasts a second and then its gone.
Rhinna me. 011031
Casey Is my heart still even there? Sometimes I can't feel it at all 011107
Boymansonbowie1 numb is one step farther than everything else. Pain, sadness, anger, whatever. It's always a little bit worse. 011225
ClairE It's the way I feel when you talk about her.

It makes me feel like I'm losing.

I always feel too much. No wonder it gives out sometimes.
Evil parallel Bono (naked again for no reason) too much is not enough 011226
Destination? I didn't know you saw
Your eyes seem shut
But there you are
Barely moving
But still alive.
I didn't know you heard
You seemed so lost
I thought you liked it
Should i have looked for you
I wouldn't have.
I didn't know
I didn't want to know
I only knew your eyes as vacancies
I only knew your voice as theory
You are there
I can see your chest move
Barely moving
Barely awake
You are there
You watch and wait
I didn't know
I didn't want to know
Cole How did I get here?
Could it be that I've felt too much? Have I forgotten how to care?
I swear there was a time when I felt
I could feel - not like you, but still -I wasn't so oblivious; it used to matter
Now, I disappear
my feeling
my soul
my caring
just numb
Maybe I quit -
maybe I just wanted to sleep
and I can't sleep when I cry

Then nights like these come around
I think of you
I miss you; the hurt kicks my ass like lightening striking - it isn't supposed to hit like this so often, so hard, but it does. I can't sleep for this current of hate for myself and what I am and what I'll be - God forgive me. He might.
Will I?
Will you?
The only way to not fall down is to be strong.
I'm not that strong. I wish I was; I wish I could be - the strongest I am is for you, not me. I'm protective and defensive of me, but I'm strong for you.

But you're not for me to keep; just on loan, for now, by Grace, by God, so I would know forever what it means to be loved. Still, I don't know.
I can't friekin' know.
Because I'm too damn numb to feel you -
even for just a bitterly brief but precious time... and I can't even feel what it really is... all because I wanted to sleep.
I wanted to stop crying.
So I stopped feeling.
Staind_And_Souless I'm feeling numb.
Am i taking your words the wrong way? Is there a chance? How come you can fell me with a single glance? Oh dear, the numbness I've been feeling, i can feel it leaving. No, please let it stay. I hate it, but it stops me from being hurt.
call_me_lydea numbness fools you with it's peace
Then the pain hits. What you thought was happiness gets stabbed to the floor.
It's the calm before the storm, the light before the darkness
cole I guess I'm getting numb
or maybe I just never felt
like I swore I did
Maybe it was never there
Perhaps it's never entered my life
Maybe I am still waiting
to be awakened from this hazy absence of feeling

I'm waiting for the joy -
I thought you found it,
thought you dug deep within me and discovered some incredible peace and happiness,
but it turned out to be just bitterness

For all your efforts and all my hopes,
I'm back to nothing, where I was before and where I may stay
I don't want to drag you down
and I don't think I can make us what we're not

I'll try to refrain from my greedy impulses to be with you
and try to not transform what little we have to a bliss I can't fathom,
but my desire to be what we aren't won't let me be content to be without all that is wonderful about you, everything I miss
drunkeemonkee numb is what you become after some bad news..numb is what you become after you lose..numb is...being let down too many times and knowing it. numb is a reaction, not a feeling. 030602
endless desire -oh-god-no-
shorlove comfortably... 030618
MeKoy numb- i think of the song numb by linkinpark i alwats loved the song but when i saw the movie i knew why because it was about a cutter, i have become numb.well anyways her are the lyrics you'll see what i mean.

im tierd of being what you want me to be
felling so faithless, lost under the surface
i dont know what your expecting of me
put under the preasure of walking in your shoes.....
caught in the undertow, just caught in the undertow....
every step that i take is another mistake to you....
caught in the undertow, just caught in the undertow....

ive become so numb, i cant fell you there
ive become so tierd, so much more aware
by becomeing this all i want to do
is be more like me and be less like you

cant you see that your smothering me?
holding to tightly, afraid to lose control
cuz everthing you though i would be
has follen apart right in front of you...
caught in the undertow, just caught in the undertow...
every step that i take is another mistake to you...
caught in the undertow, just caught in the undertow...
and every second i braced is more than i can take!

iv ebecome so numb, i cant fell you there
iv become so tierd, so much more aware
by becomeing this all i want to do
is be more like me and be less like you

and now i knnow i may end the felling to
but i know you were just like me with someone disapointed in you...

ive become so numb, i cnt fell you there
ive become so tierd, so much more aware
by becoomeing this all i want to do
is be mor like me and be less like you
ive become so numb, i cant fell you there
im tired of being what you want me...
ive become so numb, i cant fell you there
im tired of being what you want me..
kookaburra i thought that things were getting better:
it was only that i got used to all of that crap.
sometimes i think i could learn to accept as normal if you gave me a little time...
minnesota_chris accept what as normal?

Wait, are you talking about me again?
Magic 8 Ball Most likely. 040727
kookaburra accept anything as normal...
my brain doesnt work sometimes...
minnesota_chris accept Ass Normal. Private eye. 040821
Robin i think to me ive become numb in a way i dnt no who i am anymore 050902
no reason i felt two kinds of numbness today
of course one was far fucking worse
or better, depending on how you look at it
i don't know i don't want to look at it at all anymore i'd rather be numb
what's it to you?
who go