psyki girls are always staring at mine.
and drooling uncontrollably.
doggy me too. that's why i usually pack it away in the closet. 000414
blown cherry the nihilist It's not big enough, not strong enough to cope with the feelings it somehow has to contain.
For all the screaming and crying and screaming I've done in the past half hour, it hasn't done nearly enough to release the demons locked in my cage.

The awful feeling of that cold and heavy stone of dread, panic,
and terror
sits so neatly in my stomach.
I feel like throwing up,
that might get rid of it.

But my throat is so sore from the screaming.

And my nose is blocked from the tears.
I can't breathe.
I can't even go and drown myself in a long hot shower because my parents have a crappy small electric hot water system that will turn cold after twenty minutes.

So much pain.
I think it's going to crack my ribs.
Halacious A ...of drawers..
Halacious A ...of drawers..
...unfit for human consumption
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stephshine heart container 070303
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