andrea three little boys ages 10, 10, & 11 came into the restaurant where i work tonight. they had been sledding nearby and came in to warm up. and then they asked to use the phone to call a parent to pick them up. upon questioning them, i found out that a parent dropped them off-with no thought to how they'd get home. they told me where they lived. it was about three miles away. it was dark and cold and none of their parents were home. makes you wonder what they were doing while their kids were stranded at a restaurant and i played babysitter... 991222
valis let them give you advice like oracles, or learn from their mistakes like the humans they are?

a thin line to tread.
roxy "Parents just don't understand."
-DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince
amy my mom waited until she was thirty to finish her adolescence. boy was that fun... my dad was not sympathetic, and besides, he seems young too... it is both cool and uncool to have young parents... they got married too young and that is not my fault.

oh, they didn't talk to each other for ten years, and it was always understood amongst us that they would divorce as soon as my brother left the house. but now they've changed their minds. they aren't going to divorce afterall... i think it might be okay for me to go through adolescence now.

well that's my theory anyway.
Diorced Loid We here by form the Loyal order of the indoor Bon Fire squade.. where we only light fires inside Coffe cans filled with belly button Lint from our dead parents. 000718
what are parents really. are we what resulted from their hot monkey love or were we created in alien laboratories and were raised to be human beings? see how we run to somewhere else.. when some of us are stuck inside a deadbolted cage and are unavoidably detained from seeing the world while your life passes you by and you wish you could break out of that cage and scream like a madman. so what would you do if skies were blue?
daxle looked over the pictures on the wall in here the other day
looked at them and wondered:
"how could you guys do this to me, to him, to yourselves? what did you do so many years ago that made you dead today? didn't you know that you were wrong for eachother? didn't you know that even if you never hit me, you still made me wish I was dead? we're just another piece in the silly drama of humanity"
Chrity go to:
pergetory my parents are pschycopaths and i want them dead...but theres some biblical residue keeping me from killing them 010516
florescent light if home is supposed to be a place of happiness and warmth,
comfort and serenity,
acceptance and love...

why do I deem in necessary to sleep in my car
instead of with my fuzzy blanket and cozy bed

so that I can keep from developing ulcers and depression,
anger and resentment,
bitterness and pain?
translucent My parents are for the most part, pretty cool about stuff. When they found that pipe, they believed it wasnt mine and I only got high once and didnt like it. They take me to concerts. They let me baisically do whatever I want. But now all I want to do is see her, and they seem to be against that. Fuckers. 010909
Dafremen Thank gawd this place is here.
I hope it is in twenty years.
I hope the day comes when your crows feet crease deep as you read the words you've written here, and laugh with remembrance.
I hope you giggle until your old heart feels young again, and that you delight at the charming lunacy of your youth in all of it's self-centered glory.
I hope, wish...and, what the f*ck, I'll even PRAY THAT for you tonite, just to make sure that it comes your way, and that the words of your youth are here for you when you most need them, and make you smile with their silliness, naivete' and misplaced drama.
I hope they make you smile as they have done for me today.
Thank you.
soul indeed 010927
endless desire i wish i could say my parents were cool. they mean well. or at least i hope they do. i hope they dont mean to make me miserable on purpse. but honestly, they ruin everything everyone i love. and well, they need to let me grow up. theres 6 of us. . .but they choose to hold on to me. i guess its bc im the oldest girl. but, well i didnt choose to be a girl. i didnt choose to go up in this christian goody goody house where i dont fit in and i dont belong and i really dont matter. im just their object of control. my defiance kills them. my need to leave hurts them. i dont to hurt them. im not a bad kid. im really not so much of kid anymore at all. they need to let me grow up. i cant wait til i can leave. rescue me, let me leave. 030507
oh nora (no, nevermind, i have nothing to say.) 030610
birdmad thankfully not here to witness what an almighty fuckin' trainwreck their youngest has become 030610
lydabb Parents are the Beavis of our society. They have pudding in their buttcheeks. 031130
liz It's hard o become an adult when your parents never did. My mother and I are going through adolesence at the same time. 040307
Saxgoddess my parents are overbearing and controlling. Just let me grow up! Please! 060225
no reason we fight or don't talk or other such fun lately
today was a draining day
no reason so i have a mother who gets irrationally angry with me because i talk about why i might not want to take a job (that has nothing to do with her) and suggests that i'm now going to be "all grumpy" in the interview (which i wasn't, no thanks to her), and a father who brings up when i apparently didn't help with the dishes days ago like this is a big deal. it's so much easier to just not be around them. goddamn i need to move out. 100113
no reason can be such children 100113
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