jennifer a glorious tool, but oft misused

but, someday, it will be clear what the intentions are

for the clues....
A. Rice
Omaha, NE
May 1999-2000
emily ...if you don't want to talk on the phone and if all you're going to do is yell at me when I call and 'interrupt' your precious playing of video games--that you've been playing for 8 hours straight--then don't pick up the fucking phone... 000525
silvre some people are just meant to be phone friends. others it's impossible to click with on the phone, though you're the best of friends. the phone is best used late at night (when everything comes spilling out) or just to make plans. 000810
mmm almost every night on it for atleast an hour w/ her.... we don't always say much but it is still the best hour of my day 010326
kinkazoid mmm that is really sweet..

i dont know about you, but i hate it when people say nothing on the phone. i hate every single silent moment. i nver have a silent moment, and i try to make the other person not have one either by telling them what i do when i have nothing to say. i just say something stupid, i tell a story that is funny, or i say what i want, or what i cant have, i even tell stupid jokes sometimes. there is always something to say, you just have to search for it :)
daydream believer sometimes when i get lonely i call her, half hoping she will answer, half hoping she won't, just wanting to hear her voice. whether she picks up or her answering machine does, i immediately hang up and feel guilty. 010516
erin eternities are going by until u think of me ,pick up the phone and call ,god damnit!

*I always do this if he doesnt call or does its a test of if he loves me...i am pathetic*
Gerald That damned annoying thing that manages to wake me up every damned morening before my alarm clock can even sound. 020124
niska your phone is ringing. answer it. i know 'twinkle twinkle little star' was a great tune, but it's played out, so answer your fucking damn phone before I throw it out the window. or, you could just turn it off, and save us all the anguish of hearing it for the NINETIETH TIME IN A ROW!

it's ridiculous that people pay 30 bucks a month just to hear a midi hackjob of their favorite song, over and over, like the people around them are impressed.

i downloaded 'whip it', but you don't see me putting you through that, do you? have a little respect.

when you all stop worrying of what people think of your cool ringtones, we can go back to communicating face to face, like we should be doing in the first place.

somwehere we have all lost touch with our humanity. and some of us are so busy yakking on the phone, we let it pass us by.
plumbrook listening in dead pay phones...did you hang up just now?, it was a passing truck making that sheeting sound as it tore a puddle open...yes, it's still raining, or drizzling i guess...yeh, i'm fucking cold...if i didn't hate coats, i, i'm not coming home, i'm not coming home... 030301
jane phone

oh phone

why dost thou not ring?
dost thou enjoy tormenting me?

why dost thou not alert me
of text messages?

wherefore no man sendeth me

i am spent
Summer it seems that two days ago everything was fine and now that the foot is in the mouth, my life has taken it's toll and everything sucks. Why didn't that jackass jsut call and tell me that his punk ass was going to play golf instead of what we planned on doing???? 040513
bum bum olivia so many people used to call me every day just to chat. a daily phone call from a friend, the same friend every time and yet always something new to talk about.

now i get calls from my boyfriend on vacation in vermont while he's away.

but other than that the only phone calls i have are urgent questions or emotional crises. i fucking picked up the phone and started crying yesterday, not even knowing who was on the other line.
somerandomguy don't you hate it when you're talking on the phone, and they say something to someone else in the room with them, and then start talking to them in the middle of your sentence. i hung up on someone like that once. they never called me back. haha. oh well, their loss, i was giving them direction. 041228
Weyall I hate talking on the telephone. I hate using the telephone. Whenever it rings I say something unkind about the person calling me.

Except when you used to call. Oh, I looked forward to using the telephone when I knew you were at the other end.
no reason i have nothing against it, except that i have trouble using it for other reasons than the ones i do use it for. i think the phone is used for talking to people you know well, either for long conversations or short specific things, and for calling people you might not know as well, about specific things. they're obviously also useful if you're in a bind or are planning a meeting, and such things. but why would you call someone you don't know too well about nothing specific? why wouldn't you use other methods? i don't know. maybe it's just me, or almost. 060525
no reason maybe it's nothing 060525
no reason and just for the record, i'm not really including blatherers in this debate, or whatever it is. all blatherers know each other in a sense. 060525
minnesota_chris I don't like talking on the phone, partly because I'm getting deafer as I get older, but mostly because I read a person's body language more than the actual words that they say. 101221
janaewen come hither, or stay away 110430
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