Rainer in middle school there was this sudden fire alarm. our teacher forced us to stay and continued the lesson. he told us this was just a test alarm. half an hour later two firemen rushed in, banging the door against the wall. they weared heavy gas masks and air tanks. with them came a big cloud of thick dark smoke, sucking the air out of our lungs making us cough and shuckle like fishes outside the water.

i remember how the firemen looked at us. it changed from 'what da hell are you doing here' to 'you are dead'.

luckily we got out alive, runnig down corridors full of smoke and flames, having molten carpet stick to our shoes, balancing over rooftops, jumping down twenty meters onto inflatable cushions.

what a pity you cannot fire a teacher in this country.
Butterfly Collector That kind of happened once to me. The fire alarm went off, and the teacher announced it was probably a drill, and that she was going to carry on the lesson. Eventually, we went out anyway, and it turned out it was a drill, but imaine if it hadn't been. 010814
lost in my head I'm alarmed about my arm and the harm that has been done to my arm? No... knee! My knee is ugly. It's fugly. and unkind. But may I remind... you that it was not my intention to do what has been done and let me tell you it wasn't any fun. To have my knee sliced apart(my ligaments looked like a work of art.) You want to know the funny part? My dad yelled at me for an accident that should have made a dent in my brother instead. 050329
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