silentbob i asked her if she was a woman of many masks
she told me no, just one that has many facials
i said ive seen how cool it was when she dropped that mask
she said she didn't like that, it was an act of vulnerability
i said her secret was safe with me
she told me that she hoped so.
Natori We all hide behind them. 010314
vampers i have many, more than you know, more than youve seen, more than you will ever know, i hide behind them, hoping you will not see the true me, my mask has broken, so i choose to put on another 010325
Eris So many masks cover our souls.
To hide our reality from the cold world.
We let no one in and appear to them as they want us to be.
But we forget who we were and become lost in our own labyrinth.
A million people whom we have pretended to be.
None of them who we want to be.
birdmad i forgot where to stop and took off my own face too 010930
andru235 part of his ego
depended upon his knowing more than you
which he didn't;
he couldn't.

you know as much as him
as does an amoeba
or a fungal spore.

there is no quanitification
of knowledge.

i will pick on someone
to illustrate my point:
the down's syndrome guy
who we pity - what wasted pity -
for not understanding?
he understands things
you will never even suspect to exist.

this drives ego-man mad with bizzility!
he alone wants to wear the mask.
he alone wants to wear a crown.
so he resorts to this and that,
anything to dominate.
with each domineering gesture
he succumbs to his own sense of inferiority.

and so ridiculous, it is!
for he is not inferior;
it isn't that he knows less,
nor is it that he knows more.
he simply knows something else.

as there is no limit
to the masks one can don
why the desperate need
to put superiority's mask on?

"i know more than you,"
he said with faux-braveness.
i respond that that's nice.
i ask if such thoughts comfort him?
what's it to you?
who go