Aimee walls of lies built up to keep people from hurting me. Filled with false passageways, and dead ends everywhere. So few people have made it even close, and one actually found out who I was, accepted me, and slowly began to hurt me.. it's amazing how large it has grown.. 010307
mikey that which is my mind. 010308
silentbob Worm: Ello
Sarah: Did you say Hello?
Worm: No, i said ELLO but that's close enough!
mikey BRAVO BRAVO! my favourite movie! one of them at least 010309
twiggie OMG bobby! i say those 3 lines all of the time!

the labyrinth has been my favourite movie since i was 3. i love it to death.
Aimee Sir Didymus: Stench? Of what speaketh thou? The air is sweet and fragrant! And none shall pass with out my pa-mission. 010309
Aimee Sarah: now let's handle this logically, what exactly have you sworn?
Sir Didymus: I have sworn with my life's blood that no one shall pass this way without my pa-mission.
Sarah: Well, may we have your permission?
Sir Didymus: well, um, i don't, um, yes?
mikey twisting thoughts
of burning shadows
wander this madness
of sprawling meadows
haunting your passage
at every step
dont look back
as much as you wish
for if you trip
and fall once more
your heart will stop
and fall to the floor
sabbie i twist
i turn
down this passage
around this corner
surely ive been here before
continue on
walls and walls and walls and walls
corners and corners
choices that seem endless,
but really are so limited

as i run
and run
down immeasurable passages
i have never really stopped and asked myself
what will happen when i finally get to the middle?

the passages have become so all important
that i have never really thought about when it all ends.
next line please..... you remind me of the babe 010409
Aimee What babe? 010409
next line please..... babe with the power 010409
silentbob what power? 010409
nocturnal power of the voodoo 010409
Teddybear Great movie 010410
next line please..... DAMN IT YOU SCREWED IT UP!!!!! 010410
coral i love any movie that has mr. david bowie in tight pants.

dance magic dance
freakizh david bowie.

the same street over and over with your eyes blinded by light, darkness or blood.
kinkazoid not to sound like a copy cat or anything, but when i saw this labyrinth thing the first thing that popped into my head was the "ello" "did you just say hello" thing...i was gonna post it but bobby already did :(

...i like the baby...
TalviFatin Turning turning, no way out, like a labyrinth I walk about. Goblins and gruemls come after me, but you're not here to save me. 010802
unhinged i will never be able to watch this movie again without thinking of the night the three of us spent in her bed taking turns with him while he tried to get me to take my clothes off. i guess we couldn't watch a serious movie with all of that going on. 010802
Toxic_Kisses David Bowie looked totally hot on this movie! 011011
lets try to finish this... next line please again who do? 011205
whoknows you do! 011205
ClairE All right, guys, I have something to say that may shock you.

I've never seen it.
go toot is she had going down that way, shed a gone straight to that castle. 011205
go toot *sigh* i fucked it up.
if she had KEPT going...
Effingham Fish You are in a maze of twisting passages, all alike. 011206
WingedSerpent THE CLEANERS! 011207
Mahayana: Zakah: Sangha Jewels of Refuge its all rather cyclical

1. airlifted into labyrinth
2. mission::: locate exit
3. execute action exit, upon allocation

cyclical rather all its

[what if there was no exit & you didnt know this... how long would it take you to destroy a beautifully manicured grassy wall to exit?]

nevermind answering, i wouldnt hear you anyhow, im still searching

its all rather cyclical
no reason you have no power over me. 020114
DannyH blathermaze_entrance

Casey since i screwed it up:

you remind me of the babe

what babe?

the babe with the power?

what power?

the power of voodoo?

who do?

you do!

do what?

remind me of the babe
phil simple maze, purple and green. 020116
Freak In the middle of the movie there are those pink creatures that take off their own heads....those things are so creepy!!! 020430
Sailor Jupiter One of my top 10 fav movies. David Bowie in tight pants! 020430
labyrinth master the pit_of_eternal_stench 020430
bethany on sale for 10 bux on dvd at walmart
adn that's in CT
...uuummmm was anyone else traumatized as a youth by the size of that package, i mean those pants are really tight
little wonder not traumatized, but i remember noticing at quite a young age. 020501
kill rhythm this was my favorite movie till i was like 10. i loved the labyrinth. im gonna have to find it and buy it because i havent seen it in years! 020501
josie what kind of magic spell to use?
slugs and snails? or puppy dog's tails?
Perspective_Of_Soul "Thunder or lightning, and baby said....?" 020828
silentbob *goo goo goo*

dance magic dance
dance magic dance

cast that magic spell on me
slap that baby! make him pay!
User24 the labyrinth was a cool movie, but, please, silentbob, do you -have- to remind us of that damn song? 030701
smurfus rex you can't get lost in a labyrinth. only the maze is out to confuse you.

and they're not the same thing. a labyrinth is unicursal, which means it has only one path...the way in is the same as the way out. a maze is multicursal, which means it has more than one path...the way in has as many turning choices as the way out. but you don't have any turning choices in a labyrinth, which is why you can't get lost in one unless you jump a wall and even then you'll end up at the beginning or the end no matter which way you go.

and as far as the Labyrinth movie, the two things I liked most about it was 1) Ludo and 2) Jennifer Connelly running. the muppets tossing each others heads around still creeps me out even now.
BoogieTroll U_guys_rock ,Trust me! (c; 031122
thighs this movie is about david Bowie's codpiece, as Legend is about the inside of Tom Cruise's thigh. 040307
white_wave blather = highly_entertaining_word_labyrinth

zanna i ask for so little. just fear me, love me, do as i say and i will be your slave.
upside down and lemon flavored I find it amusing that this particular blathe is so contrasted... Deep thoughts about the idea of a labyrinth, and then... ramblings on a funny movie involving muppets.

Which isn't to say the movie isn't absolutely wonderful. It is.

Oh, and one note:

WHOEVER PLAYS SARAH CAN'T ACT!!!! And I wanted to just HIT her the whole time. But the muppets saved the movie and made it wonderful.
♣ me like a baby seal Sarah was played by Jennifer Connelly who was 14 at the time, and if you haven't seen her in Dark_City or Requiem_for_a_Dream or A_Beautiful_Mind or House_of_Sand_and_Fog then you don't realize how far she's come as an actress since then. 040427
lou :One of us always tells the truth, and one of us always lies.
:HE always lies.
SARAH:All right. Answer YES or NO.
Would he tell me that THIS door leads to the castle?
SARAH:Then the other door leads to the castle,and THIS door leads to certain death.
:He could be tellin the truth.
SARAH:But then you wouldn't be, so if YOU said he said YES,the answer is NO.
SARAH:Then he'd be lying.The answer would still be no.
:Is that right?
:I Don't know, I've never understood it.
lifay this fearical lyrical 040917
god the girl i'd been seeing had a tattoo of all the characters from this movie 040917
lisavilisa I love how how movies like this and the princess bride have been seen by almost every american under the age of 20, but I don't remember them ever being in theater, they were just always showed to us when recess got rained out or something. 050516
TK I was watching our movie alone eating popcorn and missing her

It's odd how she knows just when to call out of the blue and how she knows when I need to smile as the world feels like it's crumbleing from underneath my feet

superleni 1. jennifer conelly (fave actress)
2. db in tight pants being bossy (mmmm)
3. sir didimus (best eyebrows)
4. triumphant heroine (isn't that what every man promises? love him and he'll give you the universe?)

one of the best movies ever.
and one of the brightest blathes.
AMANDA LYNN S I wonder if I will ever find myself there is so much of me, myself and I, hiding deep inside unable to seep out.
My rowdy cowgirl wants to ride her horse into the sunset after a long day of two stepping in the barn and yodeling some blues,
My hip-hop chick wants to bounce to da beat with her J-Lo look and stylish ways
I want to meditate in a circle of herbs and spices with salts and crystals, to worship the earth. For she is the truth we all seek for in religion.
I want to rope cattle while listening to Nelly in a witch-infested forest
And sit with an Indian shawmen and smoke their peyote while dancing to the earths spirits, hunting buffalo
I would like to become a Buddhist and learn the discipline of the old ways
I want to go to Ireland and find a pot of gold, swim with the mermaid, run with the unicorns and find fairies in Iceland
Finding myself is with-in these beautiful boundaries
I am a dazzle in distress and a great female warrior
Will I ever express what’s inside?
In need the means, some encouragement. Perhaps your blessing to be me. Tell me its ok to be me!
The best word to explain myself is labyrinth. And in the center is my soul.
But how to get there?
The journey should be magical, a journey full of fantasy but in reality it is all death and pain, sorrow and hurt, loss and regret, lies, disloyalty, cause and effect
You would think to cheat and climb the walls but they are thick with thorns that pierce your soul
Dangerous creators I have met with out warning
Obvious but oblivious!
They came, they hurt. I go!
I came, I hurt, and I still go!
Maybe if I stayed and fought the world in front of me I would be able to pass,
But hiding is what I do best inside of me, myself and I unable to seep out.
I wonder sometimes if there are people here, trying to find me.
Once upon a time when I was only a few years into the maze, I realized that one day Id be completely lost inside of myself and I would hide away
I told someone this and they replied with a promise to always find me
I guess the fierce dragon that fallows me everywhere has used his fiery breath and has burned to many bridges
I could trace my steps back but the pain of getting burned makes me stay
The same reason they will not come find me is that it would burn them too
But a promise is a promise
That bridge is still there standing still green with ivy
I have never broken a promise with that one and I have never spoken words that was a lie and the words that I did not say is what makes you stay away
But that bridge is not burnt my dragon has not crossed. Just in case someone wants to keep their promise
The goddess that lives inside of me is the reason they all fall in love with me, because I cannot find her is why they all want to destroy me! Will I ever find her?
Ouroboros We hiked through the desert shrubs and slowly climbed the hill. Someone had made a marker of stones, and we decided to build a walking labyrinth from the inside out. We saved the prettiest stones for last, and as the final stones were put in place, a group of young tripping kids came walking up and in their altered glee, fully understood the power of the moment and the power of space and walked that sacred labyrinth and then carried on.

A day later we returned with a few new friends in tow, and a large quartz/amethyst crystal-- and sat by the labyrinth, each taking a turn to hold the crystal, with the slow afternoon music in the air, and all the Mojave laid out before us.
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