me? eating instant popcorn and thinking about life 991114
helias Hot butter on what? (say what?) the... 991114
okayplayer-h8r pass the what? pass the popcorn,
say pass the what? pass the popcorn.
Shugarhi The girls here think popcorn is such a rare commodity that they pick it out of the ditch to eat it... 010515
Photophobe Making popcorn is the best job for everyone. Everyone claims to love it.

Luke says that its the best job when you're feeling seedy; you don't have to talk to anyone or be sociable, like when you're serving customers or making choctops.

Paula G says that she likes it because she can hum and talk to herself and be as crazy as she wants, without feeling she has to justify it to whoever else she's working with.

Paul says its good because you can have fun coaching the popcorn, singing to it and egging it on, until its ready.

Craig (the floor manager) says we need more popcorn; we're down to only three bags.

I hate making popcorn. Its like being exiled. Alone with the heat and the flavorcol powder and the scoop and the noise.

I'm too lonely to make popcorn.
ClairE My mother makes the best.

Before the Microwave

My mother
popcorn in the pot
hot drizzling butter
at the drop of a hat.

After the Mircrowave

She likes to buy bags.
She bought me some.
It's sitting on my radiator.
I don't like airy, microwave zapped

I want your popcorn, Ma.
i simply cannot stand the smell of buttery popcorn permeating the air!! the smell of butter makes me nauseated, which is why i never partake. the same applies to salt. however, it's the taste of salt that has those effects on me, as opposed to the smell of it.
buttery popcorn & salt we are all deeply offended, rhin.

kettle corn what about us? you haven't said. 021204
Rhin as long as i can taste the fluffy popped kernels, without adornment of any kind. 021204
User24 is a really good song by Essem & Aitch 030621
twisted_existence popcorn gives him a headache. 070705
shpaaaaa *munch munch munch* 141206
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