phil this is what happens to you right after you get fried. 030202
amy in blue an energy vampire has come to take all my lifeforce. either that, or I'm monstrously depressed.

The justification:
1) people with children and investments in our interdependent system of life are starting lose their shit over something.
2) i seem to be ignorant and unsympathetic to their life project and cause. Unequal sharing of the "burden" and "payback" of the interdependent life system = second class citizenship
3) i should be cannibalized. resources are scarce. It's life's prowess.

Like i said, too depressed. Our culture doesn't want to know about alternadecision making and living lightly because that's wise, given bad genes, etc etc. i tried watching tv - it is so normalizing, it's scary. i've never had a dog only cats and am not comfortable around dogs. I've hardly been around other people's dogs! This doesn't make me a "horrible person" just different, in a developmental sense. Why am I defending myself so much? Because people losing their shit are going to find a way to use me without paying me, until I die. Socialism, communism, or capitalism? Slavery? Only the fourth one is the actual enemy~
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