swlietehpoutyou --
wailer sometimes, when I'm near you I...I almost feel like I want to sink my teeth into your flesh and feel the warm feeverish of your blood as it flows from your heart around your body...
Maybe it's the stigma surrounding the unknown.
Or maybe it's something else.
calliope i wish i was a vampire
i think i could be a good one
i'd still be 'sweet and innocent' like everyone says i am
well i'd be a good vampire
i would live by the night
it would be the stuff that covered my white hands and white face
and neck
i wish i could be a vampire
go hunt with lestat
and fall in love with louis all over again
Wild Bill Vampire!

What is the power
that roams among the dead ones
do they ever know?

The power that roams
with the dead one’s is unique,
it is, Vampire!

A child of the night,
Some say I am a demon!
I, am Vampire.

I thirst for someone,
anyone, I’m not picky.
I need to drink blood.

Blood sustains my life.
Without it, I grow very cold.
The hunger drives me.

By daylight I sleep.
In a coffin filled with dirt.
My sanctuary.

Death does not phase me.
I can take life, or give it.
I have that power.

Such is my life.
The life of a Vampire,
I wish I could die!
MollyGoLightly Bela Lugosi used to dress as Dracula every year on Halloween to give out candy to the little kids in his neighborhood. 000412
lilly vampire, a word which means death to many, I walk with them, feel the rush of blood, the feeling of being alive, not dead. The word should mean life forever 000412
misstree Nawleans

In a town full of vampires,
each seeks to bleed the other,
leaching life from the lifeless.
Night's humid beauty stills the hunger,
drowns it in darkness and blinds
hollow eyes in ashen faces
so the living stars can come out to play.

People say New Orleans is a town full of vampires... s'posed to be some big goth haven or whatnot... but there are no real vampires, just people in black playing at politics and every person on the street who wants something, who'll take it without you noticing, and use it to feel the hollowness inside themselves... and don't get me started on the tourists. ;)
Kaskarkaminski The Vampire
Rudyard Kipling 1897

A fool there was and he made his prayer (Even as you and I!)
To a rag a bone and a hank of hair
(We called her the woman who did not care)
But the fool he caller her his lady fair--
(Even as you and I)

Oh, the years we waste and the tears we waste,
And the work of head and hand
Belong to the woman who did not know
(And now we know that she never could know)
And did not understand!

A fool there was and his goods he spent
(Even as you and I!)
Honour and faith and a sure intent
(And it wasn't the least what the lady meant)

But a fool must follow his natural bent
(Even as you and I!)

Oh, the toil we lost, and the spoil we lost
And the excellent things we planned
Belong to the woman who didn't know why
(and now we know that she never knew why)
And did not understand!

The fool was stripped to his foolish hide
(Even as you and I)
Which she might have seen when she threw him aside--
(But it isn't on record that the lady tried)
So some of him lived but the most of him died--
(Even as you and I)

And it isn't the shame and it isn't the blame
That stings like a white hot brand--
It's comeing to know that she never knew why
(Seeing, at last, she could never know why)
And never could understand!
psycho insomniac hiding in the shadow-filled ally ways waiting for the next innocent victem. a creature of the night who feasts on blood and is only seen for those last few moments of your pointless exsistance as he slowly drains you. at this point, you are too weak to fight, but for that last bit of hope you struggle only knowing that this is the end. a tear fills up in your dying eyes then falls to a trickel down your face, and you catch the grin of satisfaction widen across his face. you wish you could understand him so maybe it would make it easier for you to except. your weak and lifeless body in the arms of this parasite... and the choice is given. die, or become one of them... 000903
pink_panther mmm... got blood? 000904
lolita i wish i could be a vampire-
immortalized at 22
a giver of life, destroyer as well
i'm not sure i could manage such a level of power
ye gods, if i made some tragic mistake and was made to live with myself for eternity... suffering, indeed
splinken down with the swishy, euro-trash, talcum-powdered roleplayer set. 001022
laura upon reflection
one comes to realize
the followers of
are like vampires to him,
drinking his blood
as a reminder of their immortality
through his death.
vampers the beautiful 010402
ppokmj i am a vampire 010516
heather i think this boy i know named jesse is one... 010516
black-dyed gel product Blacula, the great vampire of all. He's black and a vampire. How is that not entertaining? Fucking good film! 010612
peyton "..and in the jewels they lay upon themselves, to encrust forever like scales upon their sides, they shall make themselves vampires. And they shall feed and drink upon the mortals, and mortals shall not fear them, for the progeny of Cain shall shower great glamour and beauty upon themselves, and in that dark mirror shall the mortals be enthralled. And it shall come to pass that they will go as fatted cows to the slaughter, and will live long life in a corral of vampiric design, breathing their first and last breaths in a holding pen for the immortal feeders.."

The Book of Peyton
Chapter 1 Verse 2
Micah you all have no words. ignorant... 011220
psychobabe did you know that most vampires have severe cases of diabetes. Since diabetics *like myself* cant maintain their own hemoglobin they need to drink the blood of others because they can make insulin and that way its taken down and they can maintain it. Interesting huh, i'm an actual vampire cept the part of drinking others blood i'd rather take shots of insulin anyways 011221
Rael OneCloud I used to think it would be neat to be a vampyre. I used to play one in the park- I'd be a MaLkAvIaN, cos I am weird like that. But I don't know...I never ever ever want to die. I think death is a bad idea. BUT...I'm not sure I'd be comfortable with the idea of killing others, dozens of others, just to keep this form alive. I'm not THAT crazy about my body, too curious about the afterlife, & reincarnation, and just got enough conscience to not want to kill so many people.
unhinged i always used to play gangrel...half vampire, half wolf, loner, territorial. i miss larp. something i always have been fascinated with. 020209
silentbob you told me that the daylight burned you
and that the sunrise was enough to kill you
i said maybe you're a vampire
you said its quite possible i feel truly dead inside.
onceidid I am a black hole sucking all the life out of you... 020210
blown cherry I have a friend with a vampiric pogo stick. I asked him what he meant by that, he said he didn't know and that he was probably delirious when he said it.
Did I say friend? I didn't mean that.

He wanted to taste my blood. I wanted him to. I didn't understand, but he did. To consume me, to consume everything I am, my soul. I tasted his long ago. Sadly he was too drunk to remember. It meant so much to me too.
I wish I could drink him dry. Or let him drink me dry, that would be better. Open my veins and let it run free, then I'd be a part of him forever.

Oh how I crave that taste on my tounge.
runningman maybe it is just a case of VD
I heard it makes you act like a vampire
*~K seems to me it'd be a sort of virus. a dis-ease of the blood... causing mutation. addiction. thirst.
i always thought there was a sort of simularity between vampires & ghosts, actually.
both forced to be on the outside looking in. never aging, never changing. watching their loved ones tumble down towards death...
ExiriaMalice the aspiration of every goth on the face of the planet even if they're cynical like me and don't like to admit it 020708
the Queen of Hearts oh please, ExiriaMalice, nail your hand to your fucking forhead and go mope in the darkness somewhere away from here. in fact, what do you have to live for? nothing? i thought not. heres a sharp shiny silver knife. go play.

your sweeping generalisations expose you for the fuckspace you are.

not all goths have your sad desperate urge to wallow in unreality. dont jugde others by your pitiful self. you will be found lacking.
nightcrawler ooo. that was harsh. 020708
Human Behavior I was obsessed with vampires when I was a kid. Lugosi, Lee, coffins, crucifixes, Kolchak. The subtext was powerful, but has been diluted by modern vampire myths that wear their symbolism obviously. Give me black capes, thick accents, flying bats, and the thick fog of dread. 020708
squint the vampire was a painting I saw in the metropolitan last weekend, and I being a dumbass, cannot remember who painted it...twas in the european paintings old painting...a womans face over a man who was bent down almost as if in her lap...her on his neck...
there was this little thing written about it by some guy decades and decades ago, and it was beautiful...

one of my favorite works of the museum. in that section, that is ;-)
~gez~ from the night i come, to embrace you and bite to tap into your blood supply. then as it oozes down your next i drink, and life force is restored to me. well you tell me a better way to spend an evening, apart from ... well. i know and she knows 020825
~gez~ from the night i come, to embrace you and bite to tap into your blood supply. then as it oozes down your neck i drink, and life force is restored to me. well you tell me a better way to spend an evening, apart from ... well. i know and she knows 020825
jane does anybody know any vampires who want to come to my house and bite me in my sleep? 020825
Reverend Lough we'll never say goodbye 030103
Lilac Brad one could make a sexier vampire. 030103
misstree as much as i avoid being chatty...

Brad Pitt was the worst vampire in the history of movies. He couldn't even talk with friggin' fangs in. Tom Cruise was expected to completely flub the movie by just about everyone who gave a damn, but pulled it off incredibly well.

Or course, that whole history of vampire movies is excluding both the blade series and queen of the damned. both of those have some pretty atrocious acting.

But Brad Pitt was an embarrasment.
margadant11 David Boreanaz is a sexier vampire then Brad Pitt could ever hope to be!!!

For those of you who don't know who David Boreanaz is he plays Angel a Vampireon the TV Show Angel
jane vampires are sexy, period. i have always wanted to be a vampire. i mean, look, i've got the hours down. it's four o three in the morning here. i don't know what i'm doing. i just got back from driving around davis aimlessly
either way, being bit by stuart townshend, brad pitt, or david boreanz wouldn't bother me a bit
[no pun intended]
werewolf i would've spent these hours with you. i would've crawled to you under night's dark canopy. i would've covered the pale moon of your neck with passing clouds, with warm breath and cold hands. let your blood slow slow slow, let it take me on a drowsy journey for once away from this earth. let me pass through all of this distance, this distance put between what i want and what i am. because as a hunter we musn't be seen, our smile must always be general, never direct, our prey must only be surprised when it is too late, as they become a part of us, when their cries are our own. 030112
phew dxl on a backroad, lit only by moonlight, surrounded by fields laying fallow in the winter, you are waiting impatiently in your car. you step outside the car out of restlessness, firmly pressing your palm against the door. you lift your head to look down the road and jump- a small gasp. i'm right in front of you. your fear is only a play because you came here for this and you expected me. shaking in the cold, you remove your coat and scarf... the first glimpse of your neck, placidly unharmed, smooth and softly glowing. with each step i take towards you, you take a step backwards,,, our eyes locked with a shared plan... feeling my breath against yours, you quiver with need. desire. want. submittance. i could have stared into your eyes forever but the lust that yours reflected back amplified in mine until i felt my heart drop. body charged and tense, but with a slight push i lay you on the hood of the car. you collapse as if to stand one moment longer would have been more than you could take. Always on the verge, with short gasping breaths, i kiss along your neck and burrow into your shirt. but i'm drawn upwards to the pulsating arteries that contain what i want so very badly.
One suppressed scream. One forceful bite. smooth blood in watery mouth, dripping along your body's terrain. Ecstatic waves pulsate though our bodies. through this ultimate sharing we've felt pleasure without comparison. Wanting/tension to getting/release... shuddering, spent, incapacitated.
. . 030112
. .. 030112
screwing for virginity if a vampire feeds on a vampire that just fed, will he get what he needs? 030113
^^ The only blood I'd suck is yours. 030113
sammael (vampire cat) aaaow

Alakaz The only person that I agree with on this blath has to be Laura. The rest of you are suffering from a severe case of mellodrama. Well I also agree with there really not being any true vampires just politicians who act like they are. 030420
not important my personal favorite vampire would have to be Armand from the Anne Rice series... not that I like to admit that I have read as much of it as I have... I agree with jane that they are just sexy creatures. If only I could find one here... 030707
misstree If he were more physically perfect,
I would have taken him.

We stayed up far past
when respectable persons sleep,
discussing blades, pain, elegance and violence.
His claims were within the realm of reachable,
especially when measured next to mine,
and the claim to a brief life in new orleans
was, at least true.

But I've never been one much for vampires;
the assumed elegance (though he cast much of that aside
when he realized he was dealing with a separate kind of spirit),
the ritualisation of what I think should be
hot, primal, unexpected, a contest of rending
where to vampires it is a dance of razors.

We talked philosophy, the bat and the wolf,
and while it was heartening to know that
Creatures of the Night still exist in goth clubs,
he would have left me depressed,
and i would have left him broken.

So we traded tales of dancing among fools,
each explored some of the other's hidden corners,
resolved to hunt together sometime,
and went home
very very
celestias shadow vampires are beautiful, beautiful creatures. it's not as surprising as it should be that so many people have a vampire fascination/fetish. count me in as one of the converts. mmmmmm, vampires..... 030830
peyton the world is a vampire 030916
smurfus rex I'm with laura too...

HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENT: when next approached in a college/library/miscellaneous public setting by an evangelical Christian for the purpose of "witnessing" to you, listen politely, then ask them to respond to the parallels between the ritual of communion, the practice of cannibalism, and the concept of vampirism.

I did this twice while I was in college. The first time, both of the witnesses turn white and walked away. The second time, the (different) witnesses stayed and talked. Refreshing!

On another note, there are, in fact, real vampires in the world. I'm not talking about the blood fetishists out there, but rather, the "psychic" vampires who feed off of your energy and spirit, instead of your blood.

You know these types of people. They're the ones who make you feel tired just by being in the same room with them. They're the ones who require twice as much encouragement to find their motivation to do something. They're the ones who are less interested in you and more interested in you being interested in them. You know who I'm talking about.
REAListic optimIST liek a vampire,
she sucks the life from me
i can't get enough og it
it's like an addiction.
i crave it when i'm away,
grow anxious for it when i'm near.
she's innocent, unaware
that she drains my very essence away.
and i wwait our next meeting
even as i recuperate from the last.
i don lover, her though... but
is it a love that heroin addicts
reserve for their dealers?
or is it pure, sincere love?
do i have love for her,
or do i live for her?
we are addicted lovers
we need each otehr to survive.
she needs me to feed her
craving for energy and
i need her to stave off
my craving to be drained.
it's a relationship that
is destined to end in death...

winter, 1995
Rael OneCloud Stephen Dorff as Deacon Frost in "Blade" =sexier vampire than Louis OR Angel.

For that matter, in the whole Joss Whedon mythos? Spike is way cooler than Angel.
celestias shadow except that spike has a funny accent. i can't help giggling every time i watch that show.

i really, really, REALLY wish i were a vampire. but, if I can't be one, the next best thing would be to find a vampire that wants to be my boyfriend. neck-biting, yummmm.... makes my knees go all wooobly.
u24 don't even mention the 'b' word. please.

but yes, spike was cooler, and he had a most excellent accent. not that I used to watch the show.

and I agree with not important, Armand is great, but I didn't like his personality, Louis, on the other hand, did kick ass somewhat.
u24 and Giles! I want to -be- Giles.

I mean, erm, yes, I never saw the series.

PS: the early ones where they actually dealt with vampires, not bionic psycho-men and invisible schoolkids, were much better.
x i'm quite boggled that i wrote that, although i know that i did. i am all over the place. 040102
hahahahahabiteme lol speaking of vampires
i've met the actors and actresses who are;

ANGEL (*melts*)

and probably some more i don't remember.

*listens to the hysterical laughter and jibes*

so what?
i used to be obssessed with the idea of being a vampire.
i still want a vampire boyfriend.

god that would be good
Anita Blake Vampire Executioner the anita blake series is awesome
sexy sexy sexy Jean Claude

that vamp is a sex god.

forget richard.
who needs a werewolf anyway.
celestias shadow Armand is really interesting, but he does kind of piss you off, doesn't he? 040104
Grayson Wolf Jarrell i would like to contact you i read all of your site u said you wish you could be a vampire....I could make that dream come true..altough after the richiwil if you let me perform it you will have no more dreams you will have no sleep you will not need blood as much as the so called "vampires" in the movies but you must pass a test if yu do belive i me i only let some come and i o say please belive me I do no lie!Pleaseemail me to get in conact with me oh yes one more thing this is my frinds....or shall i say blood donors..laugh it is her computr. 040218
smurfus rex I'm surprised no one has mentioned any of the vampires from Lost Boys...however, I'm also surprised that there is almost no deviation from the archetype of mystical, alluring, sexy, supernatural creature of darkness in everyone's posts.

You think "vampire" and you think of your favorite actor as one or your favorite character from literature as some kind of vampiric icon. I hope you'll forgive me for being a killjoy, but I'd like to include a less-glamorous portrait of vampires briefly. I also hope you'll grant that I have no direct experience with vampires, I'm just extrapolating from the mythology in general.

So you wanna be a vampire? You don't think you have any use for the sun, cause you stay up through the night anyway. You want to be dark and sensual, dressed in black leather and wearing Ray-Bans. You are simultaneously fascinated and horrified by the idea of living off of the blood of other creatures. You desire strange and supernatural powers, skills and abilities...things that mundane mortals do not possess. Well, okay.

Let's start with the night life. You get up at twilight, turn in before dawn. You operate outside of normal business hours. So where do you live? On your own? With others? In some kind of vampire frat house lorded over by the leader or head of the "clan"? How do you pay for the rent? The electricity? The utilities? The cable? Sure, you can attack some random person with a house of his own, but what are you going to do when the City wants some money? Go house-hopping? Leave a trail of dead homeowners for the police to find and follow to you?

So maybe you get a night job. Graveyard shift. Maybe it's mall security :) Okay, fine. Night job is great. How are you going to cash your paycheck? Open an account? Pay your bills? You might be working overnight, but the bank doesn't. You can only do so much through the ATM.

Then there's the Hunger. Oh yeah, you can't eat real food anymore...your digestive system lacks the proper organs for that. No chocolate ice cream, no pepperoni pizza, no philly cheesesteaks, no soda, no beer, no liquor. Only way you can come remotely close to ingesting these former luxuries is by draining someone who has recently consumed and digested these things. And oh, the hunger pangs you get for blood...what you thought were feelings of hunger are nothing compared to what you have now. Your gut is burning, your head is swimming, your appetite is ravenous. You teeter on the razor fine line between delirium and madness until you taste that sweet crimson elixir and drink your fill.

Which brings us to the killing part. You are a hunter of human beings. A cannibal. A predator. There is no fantasy here about taking the life of another person. This is the real thing. Someone has to die in order for you to live another night. Sure, you can gather a group of "ghouls", so to speak, so that you can feed from several without draining one totally. Taking this approach, you become a self-indulgent pimp of these walking blood hold them in servitude and bondage to you because of your need for their blood. You are a slavemaster.

And then, there's the small issue of vampire hunters. Humans are at the top of the food chain and are jealously protective of their position. As a predator of humans, you threaten their position and their feeling of superiority. Naturally, you must be eliminated. Also naturally, you will be hunted while you are at your weakest and most vulnerable: during the day. Which night is it going to be when you find yourself staked at four points in the middle of a pasture, immobilized for eight hours so you can watch the sun come up? Which afternoon are you going to lose your head and have it buried at your feet? For as sure as you hunt humans, humans will hunt you.

Think about it. Anne Rice and Bram Stoker and the writers at Buffy and Angel all paint a darkly pretty picture of vampires: fabulously beautiful, sometimes wealthy, surrounded by others like them. That's all well and good, but these people are in the business of making money, at the base level, which means they will tell whatever kind of story it takes to get you to buy the book or watch the show. In all likelihood, you, as a neophyte vampire, will find yourself homeless and unemployed, feeding off the shadows of the city (i.e. bums, winos, hookers, street criminals), sleeping in drainage tunnels during the day and wandering the streets at night. You cannot have the common comforts from the world of Man without participating in the world of Man, and to do that you need an accomplice who can move about during the day. An accomplice who, with the right pressure, can roll you over to a hunter and make himself a tidy profit in the meantime. Without accomplices, you suspect everyone, trust no one, and gradually lose your battle with the beast, slipping into a feral state where the vestiges of your human thoughts evaporate and your animal mind takes over. And if the hunter hasn't found you by now, his chances have improved so much more, because he's no longer hunting something that thought like a human, he's hunting something that thinks like an animal.

Continue to wish to be turned into a vampire if you want. Just know that you will not meet a peaceful or painless end. If you think about it objectively, you will see that a vampire's life is nothing like what is described in literature or filmed in Hollywood. It's cold, nasty, brutish, and (if you're lucky) long.

Having said all that, if I had to pick, I'd go with Ventrue. :)
Lestatsbiiatch. :P lol... Rex, sign me up for being a vamp. It all sounds great. You've won me over. 040219
oldephebe i wish i could write like joss whedon 040219
misstree *applause* smurfus. beatifully captured. and that's why i like white wolf's world so much; depending on who's running it, no glamourization here; tragedy and irony and desperation and everything you cherished stripped away.

and, my other two cents, see: energy_vampire
iNsEcUrE_GoTh_GiRl joss whedon has a shitload of money from writing buffy lol.
i was hoping to be a script writer.
oldephebe you still can..the writing on Angel has deteriorated..there's maybe 2 or 3 writers who leave their mark on the episodes besides joss..bah! i'm hooked and will keep watching until it's cancelled..hey if pop-culture absorbed and then propogated joss's metastatic myth's cum ironic social commentary and empowerment of purposeless youths and a vicarious ressurection of unresolved and maybe even heretofore untapped teenage angst in really post-post adolescent X-gens in really rabid and stratified and rigorously heretofore codified codes in the whole effete and lapsed life of suburbia (i mean as a dystopic kind of inevitablity, inertia, (pass the pringles and i wanna say shit on a shingle..'cause i've got no internal editor's all the strata of cultural deposits cum detritus - cum - the whole fatigue and ennui of post-modern exhaustion..soul sighs dopplering loooooooonngg and then hey (takes a really deep breath and where the hell did all THAT come from?) we're all ready and waiting to be turned out by the next clever permutation...if you got any of that..elucidate like nonchalantly..'cause all i'm gettin' is the vapors..

p-shaw :)
smurfus rex damn, 'phebe, I had to pause for a breath just reading that. :) 040219
iNsEcUrE_GoTh_GiRl wow.

hey by the way, Angel has been cancelled (in case you didn't know) and i've just been forced by my obsessed best friend to sign a shitload of petitions to try and stop the WB from stopping the show.
*sigh* ah well, i'll stick with posting my scripts on

oE damn! really? just like that?

OK i need to deal whith this...really think joss has an origional vision..
iNsEcUrE_GoTh_GiRl its unfair, i can give you some sites if you want to sign the petitions. 040219
oldephebe yeah..i ah already made the rounds..follwing the funeral procession and throwing my brittle boquets of decaying the toxic entrails of the hearses unleaded and really in need of a carborator exhaust..let me keep taking these deep noxious breaths 040219
oE thanx though..AAARRRGGHHH!! 040219
iNsEcUrE_GoTh_GiRl :P


ok that was really sad.
i'll shut up now.
oE smurfus - m' :) 040219
her royal highness the quirk my roomie just bought seasons 1-5 of buffy the vampire slayer. ive never really watched the show, but now im hooked. david boreanaz... james marsters... nicholas brendon *drools* :-) 040219
iNsEcUrE_GoTh_GiRl lol i've met them all.
they're hotter in real life.
grendel i'm quite pissed to have discovered this week that Angel is not being renewed for another season, so these remaining episodes this season are all that is left 040220
iNsEcUrE_GoTh_GiRl you could try signing petitions, sending postcards etc etc if you're really bothered about the show ending, i don't know if it will do any good but it's worth a try. 040220
Rachel I'm sure you will enjoy my neck
I just bought a new perfume.
It's brand name you know
Perhaps you are familiar with the name.
The scent is called 'le garlic'
By Cowvin de Cline.

My mother will be happy with the news
that we have a visitor.
I'm sure she would be happy
To serve you with some food.
A juicy steak sounds nice
With a silver knife and spoon.
... The Sabbat has developed its own methods and rites as effective as the
Masquerade, though, some might say less sophisticated. Sabbat vampires
accept Final Death, and they embrace their beast that the vampires of the
Camarilla reject, loosing all of their humanity. The Sabbat believe mortals
are food, not to be tip toed around as the Camarilla does.
Becoming a Sabbat is a trial in its self, they perform a rite, nicknamed The
Shovel Dance, where they drain the kindred dry and bury them in the ground.
If the kindred rises they have taken the first step on the road to become
true Sabbat, the result is the total loss of humanity. Some Kindred never
rises. This rite separates the weak from the strong. The Sabbat do not
except weak members as they jepedized the safety of the sect. Sabbat members
are nearly impossible to interrogate for similar reasons. This fanaticism,
which stretches far beyond the bounds of loyalty, is a main reason for the
Sabbat's rapidly expanding power.
All within the Sabbat are Blood Bound to one another for protection of the
sect. Additionally, the sect is highly organized and high standards exist
among various groups within a single city. Many Sabbat packs maintain
permanent havens, called pact houses. Sabbat are seldom loners depending on
their pacts to help maintain the strict laws

The Sabbat is a very structured sect. There are many levels and positions of
leadership. Unlike the Camarilla, the positions are filled only by the most
loyal and capable Kindred, regardless of generation. The role of leader in
the sect is just that: a leader. Leaders are not rulers. However, the higher
the level of leadership, the more Sabbat will listen to and obey the leader.
The role of leader is more or less claimed, not awarded. Thus, those fit to
lead find their places, pushing out those who are unfit.
The levels of leadership within the Sabbat are not always precisely defined.
The amount of power leaders have is based on how much they can rightfully
claim. If they can back themselves up through the support of packs, then
they have the right to that level of leadership. The Sabbat uses the titles
of clergy to denote the basic levels of leadership that exist within the
sect. The practice started partially out of mockery, but it has developed
into a useful representation of leadership.
The Structer of the Sabbat is as Follows:


The pack is a basic unit of structure for the sect, serving both social and
military functions. All Sabbat, even the sect's leaders, are members of a
pack. A Sabbat vampire does not have much choice about the pack to which he
will belong since he has no control over who chooses to embrace him. He must
remain a member of the pack that created him. Packs maintain their own
permanent communal havens. They travel occasionally, but one city remains
their home. Packs conduct their business on a certain night each week. These
weekly meetings are known as esbats. Often an Ignoblis Ritus will be held
during the esbat, but it is mainly used to conduct pack business. All pack
members must attend unless a good reason for absence is given in advance.
All Sabbat put their sect before themselves and everything else in the
world. They know what will happen to them if they do not. The Sabbat treats
disloyalty very harshly, and some members have perfected the art of torture
and disfigurement. Final Death is the only real choice for the disloyal.
This does not mean that all within the sect possess the same opinions. Among
the fanatics are those with differing views on all Sabbat activities. The
Sabbat leaders do not want mindless drones. They want strong-willed vampires
ready to face death for the second time. Only strong Sabbat can understand
true freedom, and they are the ones who push the sect on to domination.
The Sabbat provides protection, freedom and loyalty to all its members.
These gifts are not without their costs. The members are required to protect
sect interests, carry out missions and to give the Sabbat total fealty and
devotion. All Sabbat have what are called Vinculums, or special bonds of
love and loyalty shared with their pack. The Vinculum varies between all
members, but always translates into a strong love for and loyalty to the
sect itself. While Vinculum strength may vary with each individual bond,
Sabbat vampires tend to be stronger in their loyalty and devotion to the
sect itself than to individual members. Because of this Vinculum for the
Sabbat itself, its members are considered fanatics. Most are willing to
accept Final Death for the good of the sect. In addition, this special Blood
Bond makes the Sabbat's secrets especially hard to uncover.
From the day a Sabbat vampire is Embraced, she has certain responsibilities.
All Sabbat must uphold pack tradition and practices. They must choose and
support leaders who serve the good of the Sabbat as well as the good of the
pack itself. They must challenge weak and incompetent leaders as well as
those who serve only their own interests. They must perform missions for
their leaders. They must work to destroy all the enemies of the Sabbat.
Finally, they must be willing to give up their immortal lives for their
Unlife in the Sabbat is wild and dangerous. Most Sabbat vampires do not
exist long after they have been Embraced. Younger members are considered the
most expendable. Constant fighting with the Camarilla and other foes, such
as the Inquisition and Lupines, forces Sabbat to live on the edge. While the
Camarilla vampires fear Final Death and seldom take great risks, the
Sabbat's basic beliefs lead all sect members to do whatever it takes to
carry out the mission of saving Kindred from Gehenna.
The pack fills two important, connected roles for the Sabbat. First and
foremost, it serves a combat function. This military aspect is important for
furthering Sabbat plans. The second function of the pack is to provide a
social group for individual Sabbat. The Clan does not play an important role
in the pack. Each clan maintains its own ties, but these are secondary to
those of the pack. Clans sometimes hold their own gatherings, and members
often partake of the Vaulderie together.

Sabbat being very strict, and very demanding when it comes to loyality, the
punishment can and will be harsh if one breaks the strick laws laid down for
the good of the Sabbat.The Sabbat protects itself from its members'
wrongdoing through the use of a special tribunal. The tribunal is made up of
at least four prelates, selected from among the members of the Inner Circle
and the Arch-Bishops, with at least one of those members being of Cardinal
rank or higher.
The accused is brought before the tribunal and the accuser or another
prelate presents the case against him. The accused is then allowed to state
his case. The tribunal meets in private thereafter and makes its decision.
If the Sabbat is found guilty, she is punished severely. If she is found
innocent, the accuser often receives the punishment the Sabbat on trial
would have. Sabbat punishment is swift and harsh. The nature and degree of
the punishment is based upon the actual crime. The Code of Milan is used as
the basis for Sabbat law.
A tribunal will only be called upon in extreme circumstances, such as
treason and situations that cannot be worked out by one leader alone. The
decision of the tribunal will be final and all involved will agree before
the onset of the trial to abide by that decision.
Members of the Sabbat are generally free to do as they please, as long as
their actions have no adverse effect upon the sect as a whole, but as it can
be clearly seen, the Sabbat is not at all lenient to those who act in a
disloyal fashion.


Sabbat Structure


Regent - The highest title in the Sabbat is that of Regent, who is the
absolute leader of the Sabbat and (according to Sabbat doctrine) is merely
overseeing the sons and daughters of Caine until Caine returns to lead his
children himself. The Regent is the president, so to speak, of this vampire
sect. The Regent does not have absolute authority, but her directives are
usually carried out.

The Regents responsibilities include:

Oversee all matters of the Pack
Handle all disputes that cannot be resolved by the Cardinals/Prisci
Has the authority to make/break alliances and declare enemies
Has all powers regarding promotion and demotion of those within the Pack
May bring others in to Unlife or give them Final Death
Member of the Inner Circle with full voting power


Cardinals - Assisting the Regent are the Cardinals of the Sabbat. This lot
has managed to gain control over large geographical regions, similar to how
the Tremere Inner Circle have large assigned territories.The Cardinals
seldom answer to the Regent or the Prisci unless their activities have a
detrimental effect on the Sabbat as a whole. The Cardinals are responsible
for all that happens within their regions, and for planning and delegating
all Sabbat activities within their respective regions.

The Cardinals responsibilities include:

Assist and advise the Regent
Handle all disputes involving more than one Clan that cannot be resolved by
the ArchBishops/Bishops
Has the authority to make/break alliances and declare enemies
Can promote or demote those of a lessor rank
May bring others in to Unlife or give them Final Death
Members of the Inner Circle with full voting power


Prisci - Below the Cardinals in power are the Prisci. The Prisci act as a
board of directors for the Regent, similar to a Camarilla city's Primogen
and advising the Regent and the Cardinals about the affairs of the sect.
Atthought they report to the Cardinals, they serve the Regent directly. Most
are Elders or powerful Ancillae. One member from each clan is chosen, for a
total of 13. The most prestigious of the clan members generally hold the
rank of Prisci .

The Prisci's responsibilities include:

Advise the Regent and Cardinals of the Pack
Members of the Inner Circle with full voting power
Unable to bring others into Unlife, give them Final Death,
promote or demote, or make/break alliances and declare enemies
Together the Cardinals and the Prisci form the Inner Circle. No one with
status less then 4 could ever see the Inner Circle to meet with them, unless
they summoned you for whatever reason.


Arch-Bishop - Serving each Cardinal of the Sabbat are ArchBishops.
Arch-Bishops serve their territory's Cardinal, holding sway over a smaller
region, similar to a Camarilla Prince ruling a city. These vampires usually
rise through the ranks, serving lengthy tenures as priests and bishops of
the sect. Each Cardinal has the power to appoint whomever he wishes to the
position of ArchBishop. Some accept bribes, but vampires who gain their
positions in this manner often mysteriously disappear. Multiple Arch-Bishops
preside over these smaller domains, all contained within a single Cardinal's

The ArchBishop's responsibilities include:

Oversee all matters of a clan within the Pack and lead that Clan Assist and
advise the Cardinals
Handle all disputes involving members of their Clan
May bring others into Unlife


Bishop - Below the ArchBishops are the Bishops. The Bishops serve the Arch
Bishops and are given domains in a city to control as a vassal for the

The Bishop's responsibilities include:
Advise the ArchBishops of the Clan
Assist ArchBishops in Clan matters when necessary
Unable to bring others into Unlife, give them Final Death,
promote or demote, or make/break alliances and declare enemies


Priest - Serving the Bishops are Priests, who serve as the religious leaders
of Sabbat Packs, of which there is one Priest per pack. The Priests are
responsible for leading the Sabbat rituals and ceremonies for the Pack. They
may be any ranking or non-ranking member of the Pack and are often the Pack
Leader as well. The Priest is the only member of the Pack that may directly
speak to the Bishop about a subject. You may have any status to speak to the
Priest, but Status:2 to the Bishop, Status:3 for Arch Bishop, and Status:4
for the Prisci/Cardinal. Status:6 or greater is required to meet the Regent
personally. Going against these norms are deemed very deadly, as the Status
game is followed by the assassination game.


Paladins - Also called Templars. The protectors of the Sabbat. Originally
formed as a response to the fears concerning the loyalty of the Black Hand.
The Leaders of the Sabbat may call upon the Paladins, or Templars, of the
Sabbat as protectors. From the Rank of Bishop on up, have at least one
Templar bodyguard. Many have whole packs of them. The Regent has the largest
at 30 members who follow her every whim. The Templars are more loyal to the
people they protect then to the Sabbat.


Sabbat Rituals

The Sabbat has established may rituals to strengthen its bonds of loyalty
and fraternity. Some rituals, called the Auctoritas Ritae, are practiced by
the entire sect. Other rituals, called the Ignoblis Ritae, vary in manner
and observation among the packs. Auctoritas Ritae The entire sect practices
Auctoritas Ritae because of long-standing tradition, as well as their
significance in Sabbat beliefs. The rituals are usually led by the clergy
(the priests) of the Sabbat. The following are the rituals that will be
observed on a regular basis:


The Blood Bath:
The Blood Bath is held whenever sect leaders recognize a Sabbat Vampire as
having rightful claim to a title. All the Sabbat who will be under the
leadership of the vampire are invited to attend the ceremony. Each
subservient vampire is brought before her superior. The superior recognizes
the vampire and proceeds to give praise and advice. The titled vampire then
shares in the Vaulderie with all present. After this, the vampire is
actually led to a pool of fresh and blood bathes in it. All ranking vampires
(Regent, Cardinals, Prisci, ArchBishops, and Bishops) will be treated to
this ritual upon their taking upon their rank. It will be attending by all
vampires who are able to be in attendance, whether they will be subservient
to that vampire or not.


The Blood Feast:
The Blood Feast is held at almost all important gatherings. Humans, and
possibly an enemy Kindred, are chained and hung from the ceiling upside
down. The Sabbat at the gathering are allowed to bite open the victim and
fill their glasses with blood. It is customary to lick the wound closed when
finished, so as not to waste any vitae. The Blood Feast is blood on tap.


The Creation Rites:
This ritual is used when recruiting new members for the sect. In it, all
those chosen to become Sabbat are drained of their blood and then given a
small amount of vitae from their sires. The Sabbat then bludgeon the chosen
unconscious and bury them. Those who claw their way to the surface are
knocked out again. They are taken to the secret haven of the pack, where
they are awakened and their new status explained.


The Vaulderie:
Of all the Auctoritas Ritae, the Vaulderie constitutes the most important
ritual the Sabbat practices, for it is the source of their freedom and
solidarity. In fact, it is essential to what the sect is, the foundation for
Sabbat society and success. It is a ceremony of Blood Bonding with all other
Sabbat present. The Vaulderie breaks all other Blood Bonds and establishes a
Vinculum (bond) between all Sabbat taking part in the ritual. The feeling
the Vaulderie creates is one of fellowship, comfort and intense loyalty. It
raises the morale of the participants and gives them a tremendous rush. The
loyalty created by this bond is far beyond any human emotion and therefore,
much more profound.


Games of Instinct:
Sabbat believe the strong alone survive. The Games of Instinct test vampires
to see who among them are the strongest. The games are meant as competitions
and many place bets on who will win. There are many types of games, and
Sabbat are always inventing new ones. The games test such things as hunting
ability, resistance to pain, fighting ability, bravery and wit. The Games of
Instinct are like sport for the undead.


Monomacy is the method for handling grievances among Sabbat vampires through
combat. It allows vampires to challenge each other in duels to settle their


Sermons of Caine:
All vampires in the Sabbat know the story of their origins from the Book of
Nod. The Sabbat often gather to hear sermons on their history to remind them
of who and what they are. The sermons are used to strengthen Sabbat loyalty
and ideology. Sermons of Caine are usually carried out by Sabbat priests
following the Path of Caine, and by higher-level leaders during other
rituals. Sermons of Caine are always followed by the Vaulderie.


The Wild Hunt:
Sabbat vampires seldom turn traitor, but those who do rarely survive. The
Sabbat is a sect which protects its secrets. If a member reveals something
to the enemy that could harm the sect, she is punished severely. Should the
enemy ever manage to gain something of vital importance from a Sabbat
vampire, the Wild Hunt is called. The Wild Hunt is much like a Blood Hunt,
except the Wild Hunt targets all those who may possess the secret knowledge.
The hunt is truly wild. The Sabbat stop at nothing to destroy all who
possess their secrets, especially the Sabbat traitor who revealed the
secrets in the first place.

Other rituals may be observed on special occasions, such as the Festivo
dello Estinto, Palla Grande, or Danse Macabre. In addition, all vampires
must swear to the Oath of Loyalty. There will be a Pack Symbol and a Test of
Verification that each vampire will be made aware of upon completion of all
necessary requirements to reach the rank of Cainite. Any time a ritual is to
be observed, all members will be given advance notice of the coming
festivities. The eldest and highest ranking priest will be responsible for
determining which other rituals will be observed and when. If someone would
like to see a ritual held they must contact this person to set it up.


Code of Milan

In addition to the Commandments of The Sabbat, the Code of Milan will be
followed at all times, by all members of the Sect. These are the statutes
comprising the Code of Milan:

I. The Sabbat shall remain united in its support of the sect's Regent. If
necessary, a new Regent shall be elected. The Regent shall support relief
from tyranny, granting all Sabbat freedom.

II. All Sabbat shall do their best to serve their leaders as long as said
leaders serve the will of the Regent.

III. All Sabbat shall faithfully observe all the Auctoritas Ritae.

IV. All Sabbat shall keep their word of honor to one another.

V. All Sabbat shall treat their peers fairly and equally, upholding the
strength and unity of the Sabbat. If necessary, they shall provide for the
needs of their brethren.

VI. All Sabbat must put the good of the sect before their own personal
needs, despite all costs.

VII. Those who are not honorable under this code will be considered less
than equal and therefore unworthy of assistance.

VIII. As it has always been, so it shall always be. The Lextalionis shall be
the model for immortal justice by which all Sabbat shall abide.

IX. All Sabbat shall protect one another from the enemies of the Sect.
Personal enemies shall remain personal responsibility, unless they undermine
Sect security.

X. All sect members shall protect Sabbat territory from all other powers.

XI. The spirit of freedom shall be the fundamental principle of the Sect.
All Sabbat shall expect and demand freedom from their leaders.

XII. The Rights of Monomacy shall be used to settle disputes among all

XIII. All Sabbat shall support the Black Hand.

XIV. All Sabbat have the right to monitor the behavior and activities of
their fellow Sect members in order to maintain freedom and security.

XV. All Sabbat possess the right to call a council of their peers and their
immediate leaders.

XVI. All Sabbat shall act against Sect members who use the powers and
authority the Sabbat has given them for personal gain at the expense of the
Sabbat. Action shall be taken only through accepted means, approved by a
quorum of the Inner Circle.

Sabbat Games

Sabbat Games:

Car Racing: The Sabbat often steal cars and race each other around town. If
they run into a police officer, so what? They either Dominate or kill him.
They usually end up crashing the cars and causing others to wreck.

Cowboys and Indians: The Sabbat dress as cowboys and Indians and hunt each
other in public areas. They shoot at each other with real bullets, often
hitting innocent bystanders. They never really hurt each other because they
do not mind calling a time out for wounded vampire to drink some blood and
heal herself.

Demolition Derby: Similar to car racing, the demolition derby is a game in
which the Sabbat use stolen cars to intentionally see how many wrecks they
can cause, especially involving other pack members.

Dueling with the Enemy: A single Sabbat vampire will often approach an
anarch and challenge her to a duel. The duel is seldom to the death, but the
Sabbat usually tries to get the Camarilla Kindred in trouble.

Football: This is just a game of football. The Sabbat play it all the time
among themselves. The problems start when they play tackle football in the
park or some other open area. The Sabbat version can draw attention with the
massive brutality it causes, especially when the Sabbat play against mortals
and the carnage really mounts.

Fox Hunt: The Sabbat hunt down a single Lupine, bring him into the city and
turn him loose. They give the Lupine a few minutes' headstart and then
proceed to hunt him down and kill him.

Freeplay: Certain packs capture humans and Dominate them into believing they
are monsters in a fantasy world. They often use sewers to make the game more
believable. The humans are given weapons and sent away to hide. Then a group
of Sabbat pretend they are the heroes exploring a dungeon. The humans are
treated like monsters and slaughtered by the Sabbat "heroes."

Gangbanging: The Sabbat ride past Camarilla Kindred and fill them full of
lead. Seldom do they kill the enemy vampires, but this game stirs up a lot
of trouble among mortals, especially when the guys they supposedly killed
get up and stumble away.

Headbanging: The pack members go into the mosh pits of clubs, work
themselves into a frenzy and begin tearing people up and drinking blood. The
only reason any mortals survive this is that the frenzied Kindred often
attack each other. This is a terrible game to play in one's own town, but it
can lead to wonderful escapades when played in a Camarilla Rack.

Horse Racing: The Sabbat will often race horses just as they race cars,
except they can take the horses places cars cannot go -- shopping malls,
hospitals and grocery stores, for example.

Human Gladiators: The Sabbat often capture a few humans, equip them with
knives, clubs and chains, and make them battle each other. The Sabbat tell
them the survivor gets to keep his life. Whether this is true is up to the
pack, but most are enjoyed as post-game meals.

Spirit Games: A Sabbat pack with Thaumaturgists who know the proper magic
summons a spirit and asks it questions. This is similar to using a Ouija
board, but much more spectacular and dangerous.

Torture Games: Sabbat often find the suffering of others most amusing. They
take kine and Kindred "performers" to their communal haven, where they test
the individual's pain resistance.

Trick or Treat: Sabbat often go door to door trick or treating, even when it
is not close to Halloween. If they are not given candy by the people inside,
they usually "trick" them by sneaking in and drinking their blood. Sometimes
they play silly pranks instead.

Trip to the Zoo: The "trip to the zoo" is the Sabbat's name for the process
of capturing a Camarilla vampire and turning her loose in Lupine territory.
Gee, how awful. The only problem is finding a safe seat from which to watch
the game.
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smurfus rex plagiarist.

you fucked up the page.

mearly me... hmmm.... try 040516
hurt the hearts bitter pale skin
flesh to the bones
beauty of blood
intellectual sort of being
sensual darkness
a passion for the human
no refelection of self
hidden depression
blank streets of horror
lovely vampire
Tribion 041228
peyton i've seen suckers lose themselves in the games they learn to play
children love to sing but then their voices slowly fade away
people always take a step away from what is true
that's why i like you around

i want you
yeah you do,
you make me want you

an open invitation to the dance
happenstance set the vibe that we are in
no apology because my urge is genuine
and the mystery of your rhythm is so feminine
here i am and i want to take a hit
of your scent and it bit
so deep into my soul

i want you
yeah you do,
you make me want you

send me all your vampires
i want you

and i can't get enough
oh i can't get enough
and i can't get enough

the village church yard is filled with
bones weeping in the grave
the silver lining of clouds shines
on people jesus couldn't save
you want to know how deeply my soul goes
deeper than bones
deeper than bones

and i can't get enough
oh i can't get enough
oh i can't get enough
oh i can't get enough

after we did it by the window sill
smoke rings drift into the midnight sky
presently in the quilt that your mother made
and a candle burns to fight off the gloom

i said to live in this way is not for the meek
but you talk real soft and kiss me on the cheek
and like a jazz dj you talk me into sleep
there will be no regrets when the worms come
and they will surely come

you do, you do
you make me want you
send me all your vampires

you do, you do
you make me want you
send me all your vampires

i want you
send me all your vampires
i want you
send me all your vampires

there will be no regrets when the worms come
send me all your vampires
minnesota_chris You kids think think that being a vampire is about living forever, parties and biting. Really, it means waiting forever to die.

Dying, something that any fool can do, is eternally outside your grasp.

It's truly odious to be a vampire. So boring and irritating.
The grocery stores cater to macrobiotics and even Somalis, but they won't carry a pint of blood. Oh no, they consider that obscene.
Which is quite unfair, if you think about it.
And those automatic doors which open for everyone else, sometimes they ignore you.
You flail your arms before them to no effect.
And you stand there, impotent, waiting to follow some other customer through the doors, some red blooded hotdog-eater who has no curse of insubstantiality.

Everyone knows that the mirror will not render the likeness of a vampire.
We who are vampires know that there's no point to our looking in a mirror. We have the same face every day, and that face looks bad.

The worst part of being a vampire is not that, one day, some random do-gooder might ram a stake through your heart. Oh no. What's far worse is the loneliness, the waiting, the days and years spent sitting and waiting like some insect. Waiting for someone on whom to feed. A new person, full of life and vigor and smells. Everyone thinks that vampires are these lively energetic powerful creatures, but no one realizes that we are only made so out of excitement for something new, something zesty, something alive.
syringe Draculya or Dracula means "born of a dragon." 060226
(_) blood, salty on the skin
just a little twinge
of pain.
slight stain
on fingernail, arm.
continue, muttering "no harm,"
to rip open flesh---
hurt and wonder mesh.
red fluid rises,
[beauty, insane disguises!]
spills over.
move with mouth to cover
this jewel of wounds.
red iron, as if spooned
onto teeth. suck out ache
again, again, mistake.
then, it is done---
let it be won.

. . . love_like_pain
as a crazy refrain
until i scratch
and eat myself again.
tail-devouring snake you took from me
i lost with you

what's it to you?
who go