zzzzzz I am stomach. Hear me roar. 000114
tnt i am roar. hear me. fear me. but know me first. 000114
Mazzadahr Live wihtout it and you die. 000614
Splinken I'm always hungry. Food is just a substitute for something else. The something else is somehow related to jumping out of swings when I was little. 000614
birdmad for a good catastrophe 000711
shinya onna Your handwritten screams
To tell ? or not to?
Menacing, confirming what I already know
Not a comfort to be found
A slow Perish of my passion
A slow starvation of my love
A slow starvation of yourself
Your prolonged sucide
tourist I try to experience a little hunger every day, to deny myself sustainence
for a short time anyway. It lets me exercise my will power. It puts me in touch with the mind allowing me to realise that the body is like a spoiled child sometimes, and if you let it have it's way exclusively it would weigh you down till you couldn't move any more.
But in the end it won't, but I will.
Im Afraid of Americans The Hunger was an awesome 80s Vampyre flick, it rocked, and most importantly it had David Bowie in it 001214
like rain. insatiable, the way you touch me...

a yearning that fills my soul...

i am sated by desire.
blindforyou i am never truly hungry
a cry for help,
an empty head,
no longer an empty belly.
Tiny void spaces
filled to the brim
popping at the seams
and suddenly its become
too hard to burst
too hard to release
too hard to feel
blindforyou insatiable eyes
fruitless engulfment
i am the second and third time
i am the sleepyness after
i am the hunger i will never feel
i am the fake fufillment
i am the disease
and the denial that says
"not me"
Toxic_Kisses "Oh, my love, my darling,
I've hungered for your touch
a long, lonely time" - Unchained Melody
squint starving to live
starving to die.

just starving in general.I can't decide what it is to live.
Mahayana Hunger: the foremost illness. 020713
Mahayana see: unbinding 020713
starved like a tattered alley cat round a stranger's doorstep === no one feeds the strays so eventually they move on === 020713
yes pains me 021202
jezabel it is not my nature
to wait, to dream, to hunger
with such narrow intent.

but my first taste of life should be
full and ripe and supple and scarlet,
should dance as i dance,
moan as i moan,
and such is not found in simple prey.

with each deceptively languid moment,
i spin another thread of you, for you,
to draw you in and drink you.

i will not, can not believe that
such maddening thirst will go unslaked;
i am not a creature that can concieve of defeat.

that patient need is my only strength
against such boiling seas,
and i my illusion is shattered,
i will paint the walls with the blood of a lesser creature
in your name.
jezabel dream spun flesh
draws me, tempts me
with such elusive cruelty;

that hunger is half my meal,
but spirit without meat
does nothing to sustain.
endless desire is my favourite meal. 030905
misstree makes me mean. 030905
huh huh 040504
vituperus The Trainer of a Pugilist consulted a Physician regarding the champion's diet.

"Beef-steaks are too tender," said the Physician; "have his meat cut from the neck of a bull."

"I thought the steaks more digestible," the Trainer explained.

"That is very true," said the Physician; "but they do not sufficiently exercise the chin."
me for life 071107
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